Monster Paradise
1006 Rich is the Word
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1006 Rich is the Word

Lim Huang was dumbstruck as he watched Yang Ling, who he thought had zero cultivation, remain unharmed after being attacked by the Crow God's projection twice.

He was even more shocked when he heard the conversation between the Crow God and Yang Ling.

"The Rule Bending Power? Isn't that something that can only be mastered by a True God? Could Yang Ling be a True God? Has he been hiding his aura? Is this why I can't sense it?"

"He didn't hide his aura. He really has zero cultivation." The stone tablet's voice soon came into Lin Huang's ears.

"Then, why did the Crow God say he mastered Rule Bending Power?"

Hearing the question, the stone tablet fell into a moment of silence before answering, "Maybe he used to be a True God or even a more powerful being."

The stone tablet's answer made Lin Huang stare at Yang Ling in awe.

At that moment, Yang Ling began talking to the Crow God. He showed no respect to the Crow God, using a tone that he usually spoke to the neighbors with.

"Let's make a deal. I'll remove the curse on your eye and let you complete the Crow Spirit transformation. The condition is that you'll give us the eye."

"Who do you think you are? It was you who cast the curse but you're using that against me now?" The Crow God's projection rejected the condition directly. He was clearly disgruntled judging by his tone.

Yang Ling fell into silence for a moment with his head down. He then lifted his head to look at the Crow God's projection. "I'll owe you a favor. I can do one thing for you when I get to the great world as long as it's something that doesn't cross the line."

Yang Ling's offer made the Crow God fall into silence. He seemed to be thinking about whether the deal was worthy or not.

He seemed to have come to a final decision a moment later.

"I decline. Although you might be a True God or even a more powerful existence before, you have zero cultivation now. It's simple to determine from your aura that you've been staying in this broken world for a long time, but you've remained cultivation-less. It proves that something is very wrong with your body or maybe something is wrong with your cultivation base.

"No matter what's wrong with your body, judging from your current condition, the probability of you getting back to your initial combat strength is almost zero. I'd accept the deal you made without hesitation if you were at your peak, but now, your favor means nothing to me."

"Hundred-eyed Dark Crow, think carefully. If you reject my suggestion now, you might not have the opportunity to come to this gravel world again in the future." Yang Ling called out the Crow God's tribe name directly. He clearly knew about the tribe very well.

"Are you threatening me now?" The Crow God knew that his projection would be destroyed as soon as the medium was completely contaminated. Furthermore, if Yang Ling obtained the medium, he would definitely disconnect the eye with the Crow God's consciousness. It would be almost impossible for the Crow God to project himself into the world in the future unless the people from Purple Crow managed to find another god item to connect him from the other realm.

"I'm just hoping that you can think this through." Yang Ling's tone remained calm.

"I've thought it through." The Crow God's projection looked ferocious. "All of you, go to hell!"

Hundreds of black threads shot out of the projection in a frenzy immediately. They were flying toward Lin Huang and Yang Ling.

Before Lin Huang could react, the Ninetails Lynx pulled him into the alternate dimension.

Two black threads shot like an arrow where Lin Huang and the Ninetails Lynx were initially standing almost the moment when the human and cat disappeared.

Lin Huang looked gloomy as he watched this in the alternate dimension. "Why did he attack me? I'm not in the same team as them!"

"Maybe he just did it for the convenience. Looking at the overall direction, we were in the same direction as Yang Ling and Hong Zhuang." Bloody that was in Lin Huang's sleeve explained, "Look, he didn't attack the other direction where God Bless was."

"Yang Ling and Hong Zhuang are such burdens." Lin Huang was not sure to laugh or cry when he realized the Crow God certainly did not attack the people from God Bless.

One must know that the people from God Bless initiated the fight. However, the Crow God ignored them completely. Yang Ling's words earlier clearly crossed the line and caused Lin Huang to get into trouble.

While Lin Huang managed to dodge the Crow God's attack, Yang Ling and the rest did not.

They seemed to have no plan of evading since the beginning. The ten demigods stepped forward to protect Yang Ling and Hong Zhuang behind them. They charged their Divine Power directly. Ten god relics lit up with the divine glow of various colors at the same time, going after the black threads. What ignited at the same time were the battle armors on them.

Lin Huang was completely shocked to witness that because he just realized that all ten demigods had perfect-stage demigod-level combat strength.

"Damn, Yang Ling is so rich! His ten perfect-stage demigod-level puppets have 20 god relics! He's indeed a whale!"

Naturally, Yang Ling did not hear Lin Huang teasing him in the alternate dimension.

The black threads soon collided with the god relics in the hands of the ten perfect-stage demigod-level puppets above the Tranquil Ocean.

The dark night sky seemed to have lit up with hundreds of mini-suns coming from the impact. The area within thousands of kilometers looked like it turned into day for a second.

The impact of the Divine Power spread out after the red glow came. The entire Tranquil Ocean seemed to have endless boiling waves rumbling.

Within 10,000 meters from the sea level, countless monsters were crushed directly from the tremor. Only a minority of them that had a combat strength above imperial-level were harmed but they survived as they ran for their lives deep into the sea.

Soon, the Tranquil Ocean was dyed red. The entire ocean seemed to have turned into a bloody sea in the blink of an eye.

Even the four demigod-level giant airships a couple of kilometers away began rocking as if they had been hit by an earthquake. The platform at the back of the giant airships seemed like it had been drowned in countless bloody waves like a waterfall. It turned into a swamp right after that.

The demigods from the Purple Crow and God Bless had to put their fight into a halt. They held up their own defenses to fight the impact of the Divine Power coming from the Crow God and Yang Ling.

"So, this is how a virtual god-level collision looks like!" Lin Huang could not help but exclaim as he watched the force. " How terrifying!"

"I'd like to see how many blows the Divine Power all of you have can take!" The Crow God's projection's voice soon spread out.

Lin Huang did not see what happened to the fight under the glaring red glow caused by the collision. However, judging from what the Crow God said, the latter did not get what he wanted from the first strike.

Hundreds of black threads shot out of the black silhouette. Not only were there more threads this time, but the attack speed was also much faster now.

However, the Crow God ignored Lin Huang and the Ninetails Lynx that were hiding in the alternate dimension this time. He clearly made Yang Ling and the rest of the team his main killing target.

The black threads danced around the ten demigods just when the Crow God was done speaking.

The Divine Power in the ten demigods' bodies went through a tremor again. They held their god relics and charged fearlessly.


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