Monster Paradise
1005 Yang Ling’s Trump Card
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1005 Yang Ling’s Trump Card

Lin Huang really did not want to stick his nose in the bickering the Purple Crow and God Bless were in.

He came here this time to see the fight between demigods. After all, it was hard for such a level of battle to come by. Apart from that, he was rather curious about what God Bless was trying to do. On the other hand, he wanted to know what Hong Zhuang was up to.

Never had he thought that he would be forced out of the alternate dimension by the Crow God's projection.

"Lin Xie?" Among the God Bless members, Li Qing and the rest soon recognized him.

The division that Li Qing was in had issued the order to capture Lin Xie. That was how they identified him as soon as they saw him.

Although not many demigods from the Purple Crow knew him, they had heard his name before. After all, he was the young supreme genius who ranked No. 1 on the Genius Union leaderboard for two years consecutively. Everyone more or less heard about him.

Lin Huang was calm despite realizing that he had been recognized. He waved while smiling. "I just happened to pass by, so I thought I'd stay to watch. Please proceed. Just pretend that I'm not here."

The demigods were rather speechless.

However, noticing that his combat strength was only on immortal-level and figuring that he was not a threat, they shifted their focus.

They clearly had a greater threat on the other side with ten demigods including Yang Ling and Hong Zhuang.

Even Lin Huang was a little surprised to see the ten demigods behind the duo.

"Smart Puppets? Interesting…" The stone tablet's voice came out of the blue. "I suppose this guy who helped you unlock those stuff is a traveler too?"

"How could you tell?" Lin Huang thought it was rather peculiar. "Also, what's a Smart Puppet? Are you talking about those demigods?"

"It's simple. What he's doing isn't something that someone is capable of doing in this world," the stone tablet explained, "The genetic technology in this world is advanced, but the artificial intelligence technology is almost non-existent. The modification he made to those demigod bodies can't be found in this world."

"Demigod bodies?" Lin Huang took a closer look but did not see anything off. "How come they don't look like dead bodies to me? They look quite real."

"They look real, but in reality, he used artificial intelligence to replace the vanished souls in these bodies. Only very few people in the great world can do this. Since he managed to come up with these products, it only proves that he's an expert in this field."

"So, how're these demigods different from dead puppets?" Lin Huang asked again.

"It's a major difference!" The stone tablet laughed. "Dead puppets only have the remnant of battle will whereby they depend mainly on their battle instincts or require a master to control them. Their abilities are far behind what they possessed when they were alive. However, these Smart Puppets that he made have bodies of a demigod with battle data installed. The puppets can perform calculations on the spot during the battle and the speed of their calculation surpasses the human brain by heaps. If I'm not mistaken, these ten puppets' abilities should be much more powerful than when they were still alive."

"Look, the puppets all have god relics in their hands. We can tell who's going to the biggest winner of this battle," the stone table spoke while smiling.

"But I think the Crow God's projection is scarier." In comparison, Lin Huang was more afraid of the Crow God's projection. He figured that the projection's capacity was on at least virtual god-level.

"Although the Crow God's projection is powerful, the medium, which is the Detective Eye, has been contaminated by the Demon Curse. When the medium is completely contaminated, that will be when the Crow God loses contact with this world. By then, the Crow God's projection will fade automatically." However, the stone tablet disagreed with the notion that the Crow God's projection was a threat.

"Lin Xie, you came after all." Yang Ling let out a soft sigh when he saw Lin Huang. "Must you interfere with this?"

"I said that I'm just here to watch. Just go ahead and ignore me. Just pretend that I'm not here." Lin Huang smiled while spreading his arms.

Standing aside while observing Lin Huang, Hong Zhuang asked all of a sudden, "Did we meet somewhere before?"

"The last time, I went looking for Yang Ling to unlock the stuff at the hotel. It was you who opened the door," Lin Huang replied naturally, "Don't you remember that?"

"That's not it. I mean before that. Did we meet somewhere else?" Hong Zhuang proceeded to ask.

"I don't think so. I'd definitely remember you if we had met before," Lin Huang denied directly. He did not want to have any association with Hong Zhuang at all.

Just when Hong Zhuang wanted to say something, she was interrupted by the Crow God's projection.

The 108 crimson pupils on the gigantic black projection stared at Hong Zhuang and the rest.

"I'll keep your dead bodies in one piece if you give me the anecdote!" The overlapping voice was as if 100 men and women were talking at the same time through everyone's ears.

"I'm sorry. I'd like to live, so I'll reject your offer." Yang Ling took a step back.

Lin Huang sensed no cultivation aura on Yang Ling, but he had no idea why he seemed like he was standing on the ground when in reality, he was standing in the air.

"Go to hell then!"

As soon as the Crow God's projection was done speaking, a black thread stretched from its projected body at a terrifying speed hundreds of times faster than the speed of sound. It pierced through Yang Ling's body in the next second.

The hit was so fleet that even Lin Huang did not manage to react in time. He saw Yang Ling's body being stabbed by a black thread and he was pitched high into the air.

"Yang Ling…" Lin Huang frowned but soon something shocking happened.

Yang Ling's body that was tossed into the air like a ragdoll disintegrated into cubes rapidly and soon vanished. However, countless cubes reformed next to Hong Zhuang in the next second. To Lin Huang's fascination, Yang Ling's body seemed completely unharmed.

"Crow God, you can't kill me with your projection alone." Yang Ling seemed like he was narrating a fact expressionlessly.

"Hmph!" Another black thread stretched out after the scoff, piercing through Yang Ling's body again.

As his body disintegrated into cubes, more black threads extended from the Crow God's projection to attack the thousands of cubes.

However, the cubes that were attacked merely broke into smaller cubes instead of being destroyed completely.

Just like that, the thousands of cubes broke into smaller cubes again and again. Eventually, they broke into millions of tiny cubes that were almost invisible to the naked eye. By then, the Crow God recalled the black threads grudgingly.

In the next second, Yang Ling's body consolidated next to Hong Zhuang again. This time, it took slightly longer than before.

"No wonder you're so arrogant before me. It seems that you've mastered the Rule Bending Power," the Crow God's projection spoke calmly. It clearly knew what Yang Ling was doing.

"You're worthy of being called the Crow God." Yang Ling grinned. "Let's make a deal."


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