Monster Paradise
1003 A War Has Begun!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1003 A War Has Begun!

When the Crow God asked for the young man's name, Yan Ping and the rest of the demigods knew very well that the Crow God had basically decided on the Crow Spirit.

However, Lu Dong and the rest were a little confused.

Among the ten candidates, the Crow God had gone for the one with the lowest combat strength. Furthermore, he went for the most inconspicuous person.

Almost everyone thought the young man who had just broken through to white flame-level recently was just a stand-in for the Crow Spirit candidate.

Even Xiao Mo himself thought the same too. However, never had he thought that the Crow God would select him right away.

The black silhouette which was the incarnation of Crow God asked in a deep voice, "Xiao Mo… Are you willing to be my Crow Spirit?" His voice remained overlapping.

"I do!" The young man nodded vigorously.

"The deal is done!"

As soon as the Crow God was done speaking, crimson beams of light shot out of the 108 pupils at the same time. It was as if a bloody sun was shining with an endless glow, causing everyone to shut their eyes.

The red glow only went off for a second. As soon as their vision recovered, they saw Xiao Mo hanging mid-air and the Crow God's black silhouette entering his body at a high speed by turning into a black fog and entering through his mouth and nose.

Xiao Mo's body hovered into the air without him controlling it. His flesh and bones were disintegrating. Subsequently, his body was reforming at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye.

However, the process was clearly an unpleasant one. While Xiao Mo's flesh was flying all over in the air, the remaining nine candidates were frowning slightly as they witnessed the horrible scene while hearing his devastating shriek.


In a droplet disguised beneath the Tranquil Ocean, Commander Feng Li put on a golden mask and ordered without hesitation upon seeing Xiao Mo being wrapped within the Crow God, "Let's go!"

As soon as the order was issued, Shen Yu and the other three demigods who wore their masks got out of the droplet space.

A thousand-meter high wave rumbled on the peaceful the Tranquil Ocean, advancing toward the airship.

Four white silhouettes were riding on top of the massive wave.

The four had a majestic aura, clearly exhibiting their demigod status. Furthermore, one of them even had the same combat strength as Yang Ping which was perfect-stage demigod-level.

The Crow Leader Yan Ping narrowed his eyes as he watched the wave coming. "Lu Dong, bring the nine candidates with you! Leave the imperial monsters behind!"

Lu Dong had no objection upon hearing the order. He was different from Lin Huang whereby he was purely an Imperial Censor, and his combat ability lagged far behind compared to his imperial monsters. Although he was a demigod, he might lose if he encountered an imperial-level who was experienced in combat.

"All candidates, follow me!" Lu Dong knew he would be a burden if he stayed, so he obeyed the order directly.

The nine of them stood up immediately. They did not even take the white robe lying on the ground and ran toward Lu Dong with their naked bodies.

They had rehearsed such a crisis multiple times before. They followed Lu Dong into the elevator without saying anything.

On the massive platform, only 13 demigods, two demigod-level imperial monsters and Xiao Mo, who hovered in the air taking in the Crow God's transformation above the altar, were left.

The giant wave collided with the giant airship's defenses almost at the same time that Lu Dong brought the nine candidates away in the elevator.

Shen Yu and the other three demigods attacked at the same time as the collision.

Shen Yu held a demigod battle saber and swung it across the sky. A crescent-shaped black glow charged out and collided with the defensive layer.

Li Qing held a blue sword weapon in his hand. A dazzling white glow shone when the tip of the sword struck the shield.

Meanwhile, the female demigod held a silver sword in her hand. The tip of the sword also smashed into the defenses as she swung it across, and a silver glow exploded like fireworks.

However, the one who had the most powerful combat strength was the tall and big fatty. Just like Yan Ping, he had perfect-stage demigod-level combat strength and he held a giant dark blue spear in his hand.

The giant spear was five meters long and the body was in a spiral form.

When the fatty laid his palms at the bottom of the spear handle, the giant spear shot out into the air. Everywhere the tip of the spear passed by became distorted, including the air.

Yan Ping and the other Purple Crow demigods had a dramatic change of expression when they saw the power coming from the spear.

"Is that a god relic?!"

Meanwhile, Lin Huang who was hiding in the dark was shocked. "Is that the Ba Huang spear?!"

The Ba Huang spear was the god relic spear that Lin Huang had auctioned off at the Wanbao Auction earlier which turned out to be a bought-in. Someone bought it with three God Figurines and two demigod soul crystals later on. Never had he thought it would end up with God Bless.

Soon, the Ba Huang spear tip hit the defensive shield formed by the four demigod airships.

An endless golden light exploded from the collision while strong winds spread from the center. A tsunami was set off on the peaceful Tranquil Ocean.

The four Midnight God airships went through a slight tremor as a result of the hit, and they even sank close to a meter lower. Finally, a spider web-like crack appeared on the defensive shield formed from the Divine Power coming from the Divine Stone above the airships.

Yan Ping and the rest of the Purple Crow demigods were frowning as they watched. They knew very well that the defenses would not last any longer.

"Such a tough tortoise shell!" The fatty smirked. He was a little worried that the defensive layer might not have any damages from the attack. If that was the case, they would have to spend a lot of time breaking the shield and might miss the opportunity to capture the Crow Spirit. Now, it seemed like the concern was unnecessary.

Soon, the fatty swung the spear for the second time, and the third time… After-shadows were drawn in the sky one after another.

Meanwhile, the two demigod imperial monsters above the airships and the other two in the ocean attempted to stop the fatty from breaking the defensive layer. However, they were hindered by the other three demigods.

The airships' defenses finally collapsed when the tip of the spear struck the same spot for the third time. It broke like a piece of glass, collapsing and fading away.

Finally, everything on the platform was clearly exposed to the outside world.

Lin Huang could finally see how the young man who was selected as the Crow Spirit looked like.

In the alternate dimension, he was clearly stunned when he saw the face of the young man who was hovering above the altar.

"Isn't that… Xiao Mo?!"

The person had been his roommate back at the Purple Crow training camp. Lin Huang almost forgot his name. Never had he thought he would see him again at such an occasion.

Xiao Mo had had few changes to his appearance. He was slightly taller now, but his skin remained tanned. What made Lin Huang recognize him right away was the bunch of complicated sigils on the left of his chest.

That was not some tattoo, but the mark of the Descendants of the Sin. Nobody would get a slave mark as a tattoo at their own will.

As Xiao Mo hovered above the altar, not only were his flesh and bones reforming, but even his combat strength was elevating at a terrifying speed.

He elevated a rank almost every few seconds.

White flame-level!

Crimson flame-level!

Blue flame-level!

In a short burst of time, his combat strength broke through to immortal-level directly.

At the same time, Yan Ping and the rest charged toward Shen Yu and the other three on the platform.


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