Monster Paradise
1001 Lurker
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1001 Lurker

Lin Huang hid in the alternate dimension and watched everything that was happening on the platform of the airships through the semitransparent defensive shield far away.

Despite the defensive layer through which he could not see the people's faces, he could sense each of their combat strengths clearly.

"How many demigods are there in the Purple Crow?!" The Purple Crow had 14 demigods, which shocked him. He initially thought the Purple Crow would only have four to five demigods at the most. However, the reality was three times more than he expected.

"I suppose the demigods from each zone are gathered here. Wow, they're really going all out!" Bloody said while smiling, "But the number is really so much higher than we expected."

"Seven among the 14 demigods just elevated these recent months." The stone tablet's voice came all of a sudden. "A few of them haven't even had their demigod aura stabilized completely."

Lin Huang smiled casually after hearing what the stone tablet said. "I see… I suppose they know they're short-handed since the Crow Spirit election is happening this year. They picked a few of the imperial-level purple gold-rank members who are hopeless to elevate to Virtual Gods and elevated them to demigods."

Although Bloody could not hear the stone tablet's voice transmission, it figured Lin Huang must be speaking to something inside his body and could not help but to interrupt, "What you said is highly possible. The Purple Crow's all set for the Crow God Ceremony this time, so they definitely are ready for any interference. Elevating demigods at the very last minute before the Crow God Ceremony is indeed the best way to fortify the number of members with top combat strength in the organization."

"But I can't figure out their standard of Crow Spirit candidates." Lin Huang raised another doubt. "Theoretically, the higher the combat strength is, the better it is for the Crow God's body because a high combat strength would mean a stronger flesh and soul. That should be the best Crow Spirit candidate. I think it's best for them to pick a demigod as the Crow Spirit. However, not only did they pick a couple of immortal-level candidates, but there's even a holy fire-level among them."

"What you said is merely your subjective judgment." The stone tablet could not help but point out through voice transmission again after hearing Lin Huang's observation. "The most important thing when it comes to picking the right body isn't the strength of flesh and soul but the compatibility."

"To powerhouses who are on true god-level or above, imperial- and holy fire-levels are no difference to them; they're just ants. To them, the difficulty of transforming a holy fire-level's flesh and soul is no different from transforming an imperial-level. The most would just be the slight difference in the time spent."

"What you said about demigods being the most suitable vessel is so wrong on all levels."

"Unless there's no other option, no True God would want a demigod to be their vessel. The reason being, the broken Godhead in a demigod's body would be a great limitation. Using a demigod as their vessel would mean that the maximum combat strength of the vessel can only be perfect-stage demigod-level. On the other hand, the True God could possibly train the candidate to virtual god-level or even true god-level if he picks an imperial- or immortal-level candidate with outstanding potential."

While Lin Huang was in a heated discussion with the stone tablet and Bloody in the alternate dimension, the world out there was tossed into chaos as well.

Below the sea level of the Tranquil Ocean, the people from God Bless hid in a demigod relic space a couple of kilometers away from Lin Huang's alternate dimension.

The demigod relic was disguised into a liquid droplet and rippled following the waves on the Tranquil Ocean.

The people in the droplet observed everything that was happening on the airship not far away.

Two people in the space were fighting.

"Commander Feng, I think we should give up on the second target of our mission which is the Crow Spirit. As soon as the Purple Crow takes the Detective Eye out, we'll snatch it immediately. We don't have to wait for the Crow God Ceremony to begin so that we can avoid unnecessary trouble," Shen Yu suggested directly.

"Shen Yu, Master God's Messenger gave us two missions. You're asking us to give up on one mission before we've even begun. What are you trying to do here?" Commander Feng looked at Shen Yu in contempt.

"So, let me say this to your face. Your suggestion has been rejected. I'm the commander and it's my call. I want both of the mission targets! We're not giving up on any of them!"

"Feng Li, it only takes a few minutes to transform the Crow Spirit's body. If you want to capture the Crow Spirit, you can only do that within those few short minutes. It undoubtedly raises the difficulty of the mission by heaps. If we fail to capture the Crow Spirit within the given time, we'll be fighting an opponent who is comparable to perfect-stage demigod-level or even virtual god-level when the integration of the Crow Spirit and the Crow God is completed! By then, we might not even complete any of our missions!"

"Then, we'll capture the Crow Spirit within the few minutes of transformation!" Feng Li insisted while glaring at Shen Yu.

"You mother—" A young man gripped Shen Yu's shoulder and shook his head when Shen Yu almost cursed out loud.

It was the other Division 3 captain, Li Qing.

"Shen Yu, if you insist on disobeying my order like this, I'll talk to Master God's Messenger and send you out of Division 3 when the mission is over."

"I don't need you to talk to him. I'll do it myself. You as*-kisser, I've been tolerating you for way too long! I'll report your misguidance if this mission fails!" In his rage, Shen Yu shook Li Qing's hand off from his shoulder and began screaming.

Lei An and the other three who stood aside turned pale from the scare.

Even Captain Li Qing smacked his forehead, feeling helpless about the situation.

"Shen Yu, are you asking for death?!" The intention to kill flashed in Feng Li's eyes.

"Alright, alright. Let's take a step back. We're on a mission now. Both of you can solve the conflict between you guys after the mission is over. Don't interfere with the mission." A tall and big fatty walked past Feng Li and stood between both of them. "If Master God's Messenger finds out that the mission failed because of your internal conflict, I'm sure you guys will be in grave trouble! Moreover, we'll be affected too. Please don't hurt the innocent. I'm begging the two of you. Can we do that? I don't want to be sent to God-knows-where for hundreds of years."

"Brother Fatty is right. Don't hurt the innocent." Another female demigod stood out and grabbed both of them.

The duo finally stopped fighting after hearing the fatty mention the God Messenger.

They knew very well that being benched was not the only thing that would happen to them if they really caused the mission to fail because of their internal conflict. They might even have their cultivation abolished and be asked to leave God Bless.

Just when they stopped arguing, they soon saw ten Crow Spirit candidates in white robes surrounded the altar in a circle, flanked by empty space on the airship deck.

Subsequently, the ten of them removed their white robes and revealed their naked bodies.


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