Monster Paradise
998 Exposed Ability
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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998 Exposed Ability

It was the second day since Lin Huang arrived in the Bronze Crow City.

"I've unlocked all of the storage equipment. Are you coming to get them now or are you coming over tomorrow?"

It was past 11 at night and Lin Huang had just finished practicing his sword skills and was planning to go to bed. A message popped up on his Emperor's Heart Ring all of a sudden. Naturally, it was Yang Ling who had helped him to unlock the storage equipment and sent him the message.

"I'll be there right away." Lin Huang summoned a dimensional portal as soon as he replied to the message. He then stepped into it.

As he walked out of the dimensional portal a moment later, he arrived at the entrance of Yang Ling's hotel room.

He rang the doorbell and Yang Ling, who was dressed in pajamas, opened the door a while later.

He was surprised to see Lin Huang standing at his doorstep. "How did you come so quickly?"

"I set the coordinates of your hotel room the last time I came."

"Come in then." Yang Ling gestured him to enter.

Lin Huang did not see Hong Zhuang when he entered. However, he sensed someone lying in the bedroom within the range of his territory. He thought to himself, 'She has such a healthy lifestyle!'

"Hong Zhuang is already sleeping. Let's talk in the reading room," Yang Ling lowered his voice and led Lin Huang straight to the reading room.

The reading room was a little messy, but it was clearly much better than where Yang Ling used to work.

Lin Huang glanced through the room without missing anything. He thought Yang Ling had undergone a significant change compared to the past. No matter whether it was his state of mind or personal lifestyle, it was undoubtedly much healthier now.

Looking at those details, it did not seem like he was putting on an act.

Relating to Yang Ling's messy life in the past and the changes he had made since meeting Hong Zhuang, Lin Huang was more convinced that Yang Ling had no idea about Hong Zhuang's real intentions.

Naturally, Lin Huang's guard remained up since Yang Ling hid the fact that he had been to the great world.

After closing the door to the reading room, Yang Ling passed Lin Huang the temporary storage ring he had given him earlier.

"There are a total of 413,628 storage equipment, 133,186 of which can't be unlocked although I've unlocked the rest for you.

"Why can't you unlock them?" Lin Huang asked rather confusedly.

"A minority of them are too old. A part of the storage equipment has decomposed, causing its insides to collapse. As for the rest that failed to be unlocked, it's basically because the deceased's immediate family logged out of the account and transferred the items out. The respective organizations collected the empty storage equipment back."

What Yang Ling said confirmed Lin Huang's suspicions that he had been to the great world even more. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to know about such a log-out process so clearly. However, Lin Huang did not question him any further.

"Thanks. I'll take a look at them when I get back and I'll pay your commission later."

"Lin Xie, I have a favor to ask," Yang Ling hesitated before saying all of the sudden.

"What is it?"

"There are over 300 storage rings among the pieces of storage equipment that come from the great world. I would like one, any one of them. I only want the ring. I don't want anything in it," Yang Ling finally voiced his request, "I can give you a 20% discount on the commission."

"Can you tell me the reason why you want the storage ring?" Lin Huang thought about it and asked directly.

"I can't tell you that. All I can tell you is that it's related to my privacy. It won't harm anyone." Yang Ling stared at Lin Huang as he gave him an explanation that could not really be considered a reason.

Lin Huang fell into silence for a moment and eventually nodded. "Alright then."

To him, it did not hurt to lose one of those storage rings. Furthermore, Yang Ling did not specify which one he wanted whereby Lin Huang could just pick any for them. Even if Yang Ling wanted a specific one among all of them, the probability of him having it was less than 1/300.

Lin Huang used his Divine Telekinesis to detect his temporary storage ring and casually picked a male storage ring. He handed it to Yang Ling after retrieving its contents.

Yang Ling had no objection, so he put the ring on his finger as soon as he took it. He smiled and nodded at Lin Huang. "Thanks."

"I'll make a move now if this is all." Lin Huang put the temporary storage ring away and looked at Yang Ling.

"When do you plan to leave Bronze Crow City?"

"Within these two days. What's up?"

"Nothing. It's just that it'll be chaotic in Bronze Crow City lately, so it's best if you can leave as soon as possible to prevent from yourself from getting into trouble." There was a hidden message in Yang Ling's words as he looked at Lin Huang hintingly.

"I don't usually create trouble, but I'm not afraid of trouble." Lin Huang locked eyes with Yang Ling while speaking cryptically. "If some bastard insists on coming at me, it's his bad day then."

The two of them looked into each other's eyes for a moment and smiled.

"I'm leaving!" Lin Huang waved and summoned a dimensional portal before stepping into it right away.

A moment later, the dimensional portal closed and Lin Huang disappeared. However, Yang Ling mumbled to himself with a sigh as he watched Lin Huang vanish, "I hope this guy won't stick his nose into this…"

Lin Huang sat on the couch and remained silent for a long time when he returned to the hotel room. He knew that his ability was now exposed.

What Yang Ling said earlier clearly meant to urge Lin Huang not to interfere with what was going to happen in Bronze Crow City. It also meant that Yang Ling knew Lin Huang had the ability to interfere.

"How did I expose myself?" Lin Huang took out the temporary storage ring and looked into it with his Divine Telekinesis. He looked through the storage equipment in it one after another.

He soon found out what the problem was. There was Divine Power left behind in some of the storage equipment.

Bringing out the storage equipment, he soon found out the reason of Divine Power remnant was because of the blood on them.

In reality, many storage equipment would have blood on them and Lin Huang basically would not clean them. Nobody knew how long it would take to clean hundreds of thousands of storage equipment one after another. He would usually retrieve the loots and sell the storage equipment on the black market. The black market would clean the storage equipment themselves when they received the storage equipment.

However, the blood on the storage equipment was clearly not regular monster blood. Instead, it was demigod blood, hence the remnant of the Divine Power.

"That's strange. How would these storage equipment have demigod blood? I used the temporary storage ring to keep the storage equipment temporarily. I put those demigod-level monsters carcasses that I killed in Abyss Brink away straight into my Emperor's Heart Ring." Lin Huang thought it was a little odd.

Bloody knew what happened as soon as it heard Lin Huang's soft mumble.

"You must've gotten the blood from the Emperor's Heart Rings you obtained from killing the demigod-level monsters on the third layer of the Abyss Brink. You put the hundreds of Emperor's Heart Rings away in there too. I figured there might be rings used by demigods before and Yang Ling would see through your ability, so I took the time to pick them out before sending them for unlocking. Never did I think I would've overlooked the blood." It was normal for storage equipment to have blood on them. Even Bloody overlooked it when it handled them, thus it did not think of the remnant of the Divine Power.

Such remnant from demigod blood would not last long and would vanish a month later the most. It was easy for Yang Ling to figure that the blood was left behind after killing demigod-level monsters.

"Forget it. Let it be if he finds out." Lin Huang did not want to dwell on it since it had come to this point.

"The Crow God Ceremony is beginning in two days. He must be putting all of his focus on it instead of watching me."


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