Monster Paradise
997 I Bet You’ve Never Seen An Immortal-level Who Managed to Kill Demigods
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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997 I Bet You’ve Never Seen An Immortal-level Who Managed to Kill Demigods

Lin Huang heard quite a number of secrets through the fish monsters in the hotel room.

He thought he just happened to bump into people from God Bless and was curious about what they were up to. Never had he thought that it would have something to do with the Purple Crow and even involved Yang Ling and Hong Zhuang.

"So, do we stick our noses in this?" Bloody turned its head to ask Lin Huang after they were done eavesdropping on the God Bless members.

"I'm not interested in the Purple Crow's Crow Spirit and that Detective Eye. It doesn't hurt for me to stay to watch the show if time permits." Lin Huang's purpose of going to Bronze Crow City was just to look for Yang Ling to unlock the storage equipment. He planned to return to Wanbao City as soon as he collected the unlocked items so that he could perform closed-door cultivation to visualize the last three True Spirits.

However, he never thought that he would encounter such a matter during his trip to Bronze Crow City.

Lin Huang did not mind staying just to watch if the election of the Purple Crow's Crow Spirit was just a few days away from Yang Ling completing the unlocking. Witnessing a demigod battle was rare. Furthermore, he wanted to know what exactly Yang Ling and Hong Zhuang possessed in order to be fighting for the same target with an organization that was guarded by demigods. Apart from that, he wanted to confirm whether the Crow God, the existence which combat strength was at least as powerful as true god-level, could really attack by crossing realms.

However, if the Purple Crow delayed their election of the Crow Spirit, he did not plan to waste his time there. He was eager to elevate his combat strength and ability since he found out about the condition of the gravel world in the great world as well as the existence of God Bless. No matter how excellent the show was going to be, it would serve no purpose to the elevation of his ability.

"On the other hand, I'm pretty interested in the Detective Eye," Bloody said while smiling, "I've been thinking how it'll work theoretically when the man with the buzz-cut was describing the Detective Eye earlier. The more I listened to him, the more I thought that the thing is more like a medium instead of a god item that comes with detecting functions."

"What do you mean?" Lin Huang's interest was piqued after hearing what Bloody said.

"God items usually form naturally and usually come with only one ability. Even if it contains various abilities, the nature of the abilities are in-line."

"According to that man with the buzz-cut who fit Lei An's initial description, the function of the Detective Eye should be exposing lies and revealing the truth. It makes sense to use this to elect the Crow Spirit.

"However, he mentioned later on that the Crow Spirit that's been elected through the Detective Eye will be transformed by the Crow God. The Crow Spirit will even obtain the Crow God's inheritance. That's strange because the Detective Eye will now become the medium connecting the Crow God and the Crow Spirit.

"This medium function has nothing to do with the detection ability at all. It's two different abilities on the other side of the spectrum."

"It's impossible for a natural god item to possess two completely different abilities. Therefore, I'm suspecting that the so-called Detective Eye doesn't possess detective ability but rather a medium item."

'So, you're saying it's the Crow God who is electing the Crow Spirit instead of the Detective Eye? The Detective Eye's real ability is just a disguised medium?' Lin Huang thought to himself carefully and figured it might be possible. 'So, the Crow God's transformation of the Crow Spirit and the passing on of the inheritance by crossing realms is made possible with this medium too?!'

"The so-called Crow God's Eye should be a gimmick the Purple Crow came up with to disguise the Detective Eye's real function." Bloody nodded. "If I got it right, God Bless's motive of taking this Detective Eye is valid."

"They want to use this medium to connect the great world organization behind them!" Lin Huang declared the motive out loud.

The entire thing went through a painstaking analysis. The more Lin Huang thought about it, the more he thought that Bloody's speculation might really be the truth.

"So, Yang Ling and Hong Zhuang…"

Now that he basically confirmed the Detective Eye had no detection function, Hong Zhuang would not be able to find her brother even if Yang Ling and she were to obtain the god item.

Lin Huang could not help but frown a little when he thought about this.

Bloody's voice came through voice transmission at the moment. "I'm not sure about Yang Ling, but I think Hong Zhuang most probably knew about the truth about the Detective Eye. That lady Hong Zhuang was a core member of the Purple Crow. She escaped from the Purple Crow because she found out about the truth of the Crow Spirit. It's highly possible that she knows the real function of the Detective Eye."

"So, are you saying she's just messing with Yang Ling when she told him that she's looking for her brother so that she could earn his sympathy?" Lin Huang was stunned when he heard that. He thought he was becoming more and more clueless about Hong Zhuang now.

"It's possible, but maybe she's a team with Yang Ling. I can't figure that out at the moment," said Bloody, "But I suggest that it's best you don't trust Yang Ling entirely. He has most probably been to the great world and other mini-worlds."

Lin Huang frowned even deeper now.

When Yang Ling recognized the age of the storage equipment from the other worlds, Lin Huang figured he must have been to the great world and the other mini-worlds. Although Yang Ling had zero cultivator's aura from him and seemed like a completely ordinary person, Lin Huang knew very well that Yang Ling was a traveler who possessed a Goldfinger like he did.

Since Yang Ling came from Earth just like he did, he always felt close to Yang Ling since they came from the same hometown. Though he had his guard up, he never thought that they would be enemies.

Lin Huang was even more puzzled now. He was not even sure if Yang Ling was with Hong Zhuang out of love or if both of them had intentions of their own and were just acting.

"Also, whether Yang Ling knew about the real function of the Detective Eye or not, he's in the same boat with Hong Zhuang now. Knowing the truth or not doesn't change this fact."

Lin Huang thought the entire thing was getting more and more complicated as he delved deeper into it.

In Room 081023 of the Phoenix Hotel more than 100 kilometers away, a couple was having a chat.

"That client of yours with the surname Lin who came earlier looks familiar. I wonder if I've seen him before." Hong Zhuang stood at the reading room and chatted with Yang Ling, pretending to be casual.

"It's not odd that you find him familiar. His name is Lin Xie and he's the No. 1 supreme genius on the Genius Union leaderboard for two years consecutively." Yang Ling gave a short response while working.

"That name… It's a fake identity you made for him, isn't it?"

"Yes," Yang Ling confirmed. He seemed like he was unwilling to reveal his client's confidential information.

"Have you seen his real face before?"

"I haven't. He looked like that since we first met." Yang Ling lifted his head to look at Hong Zhuang while speaking in a rather jealous tone, "Are you interested in him?"

"Stop overthinking. I just find him a little familiar. I'm worried that he's from the Purple Crow," Hong Zhuang explained while smiling.

"Don't worry about it. The Purple Crow won't be able to train such an outstanding guy like him." Yang Ling felt relieved and shook his head with a smile.

"He's just on immortal-level no matter how powerful he is." Hong Zhuang pouted. Clearly, Yang Ling included her in his earlier reference.

Yang Ling raised his brow and thought to himself secretly, 'I bet you've never seen an immortal-level who has managed to kill demigods.'

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot about this. The Crow God Ceremony of the Purple Crow will officially take place at 12 a.m. in three days. Are you ready?"

"I'm all set."


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