Monster Paradise
996 The Crow God’s Eye
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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996 The Crow God’s Eye

Shen Yu brought the people back to the hotel when the sky was turning dark.

The man with the buzz-cut and the short, buff man wanted to ask him something, but they decided to keep quiet upon noticing his extremely grim expression.

Shen Yu walked past the living room directly to the balcony. After taking a few deep breaths in, he turned around and headed back to the living room. He asked the few of them, "Tell me, which part of me, Shen Yu, is less than that person surnamed Feng? I've been with God Bless longer than he has and I've gone for more missions than he has. If he didn't obtain a massive amount of God Bloods by kissing as*, I would've beaten him up to the point his mother can't even recognize him!"

The four imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses dared not speak. All they did was listen while standing. Even the man with the buzz-cut hid the beer bottle in his hand behind his back secretly.

"F*ck! He made my team bait while his team went for the loot. Who the hell does this Feng Li think he is?! He's just good at kissing as*! They even asked him to lead the mission this time!"

The four of them listened to Shen Yu vent for over ten minutes without saying anything. Until he had released everything and returned to his room, the long-haired man who came back with Shen Yu asked the man with the buzz-cut and the short, buff man, "Old Lei, Old Cui, have you guys had dinner?"

"Not yet, we were waiting for you guys to come back," The man with the buzz-cut who was addressed as Old Lei took another sip of beer.

"Let's order take-out. I'm sure Boss doesn't want to eat out." The long-haired man glanced at the remaining three of them. "What do you guys feel like eating?"

The few of them named what they craved. He walked to Shen Yu's room after jotting them down.

Old Lei then waved at the bald man who came back with Shen Yu. He asked while lowering his voice, "What exactly happened, Old Wei?"

Old Cui came closer after hearing Lei An's question.

Old Wei peeped at Shen Yu's room. Noticing that Shen Yu did not stop them with the question, he spoke quietly, "Boss Feng is the captain of the mission this time."

A cough came from Shen Yu's room as soon as he spoke. It clearly came from the long-haired man.

Old Wei changed what he was going to say immediately. "As the captain of the mission this time, Feng has three demigods and 20 imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses in his team. He asked our team and Master Li's team to be the bait to get the Purple Crow's attention. As the third team, they'll be hiding in the dark all this time and will only show themselves to get the target in the very last moment. Moreover, he asked both of our teams to be their backups."

"In other words, we're just the bait and they'll take the credit." Old Cui raised his brow.

"There's nothing that we can do. Feng has a good relationship with higher management. They made him the captain of this mission." Old Wei spread his arms while feeling helpless. "Furthermore, we're not the only bait. I'm guessing except himself, everyone else, including the team that he's leading, are the bait too."

"Don't worry about it. Him wanting to go for the target himself is a good thing for us. Believe me. That thing is a curse as soon as you touch it." Old Lei took another sip of his beer.

At the moment, Shen Yu flung the door open all of a sudden. "Lei An, what exactly do you know about the Crow God's Eye?"

"I've already reported whatever I know to the headquarters, but the higher management only sees the benefit and ignored the risk of the item. I emphasized the risk on purpose, but they said I'm just being an alarmist and they ignored me completely!" Lei An had helplessness written all over his face.

"Tell me everything you know." Shen Yu took a step out and appeared before Lei An.

"Sure," Lei An nodded, "I'll give you guys a rough explanation."

"The Crow God of the Purple Crow is a true Protoss. He's on a completely different level from the fake Protoss that attacked us 800 years ago. His combat strength is at least True God-level or even higher."

"Legend has it that the Crow God has a total of 108 eyes with different abilities in each of them. The one that the Purple Crow has is called the Detective Eye. It can see through lies and reveal the truth. It's an extremely rare god item.

"To the Purple Crow, the main function of the Detective Eye is to pick out the Crow Spirit. At other times, it's hardly used apart from in special situations. Only the No. 1 Crow Leader in the Purple Crow's headquarters has the authorization to use it. The rest have very limited knowledge about this god item.

"The reason I said it'll be a curse to the person who takes this item is that the Detective Eye isn't a stand-alone god item. It's connected to the Crow God's will. Although this item isn't necessary the Crow God's eye, it's tightly connected to the Crow God. Cutting off such a connection might trigger the Crow God himself. That's what has been bothering me recently.

"Although it's impossible for the Crow God to come himself, the fury of a True God or higher existence isn't something that we can handle. Nobody knows if the Crow God has an attack tactic that could cross to another realm among the over 100 abilities he possesses.

"Apart from the Crow God's Eye, the Crow Spirit is a gravely dangerous existence too.

"Each Crow Spirit that's been selected from the candidates using the Crow God's Eye will be transformed by the Crow God in an extremely short time. The Crow Spirit will possess a body and spirit that's as powerful as complete-stage demigod-level as well as the Crow God's inheritance. The transformation only takes a few mere minutes.

"The transformed Crow Spirit will possess complete-stage demigod-level abilities. They can even unleash virtual god-level ability when necessary."

"Therefore, if we're still going for the second target which is the Crow Spirit, the only time to do it is the few minutes when the Crow Spirit is being transformed. If we're too early, the Crow Spirit might not be elected yet. If we get there late, the Crow Spirit will become a great obstacle in our mission.

"If we really can't do it, we can only give up the second target. The first target which is the Detective Eye is our first priority," Shen Yu said without thinking twice.

"If we only focus on the first target, indeed, the difficulty of the mission will drop by heaps." Lei An looked at Shen Yu while frowning. "But would Feng agree to this? Judging by his character, I guess it's pretty impossible for him to give up the second target."

"That dumbas*, he might be killed by the Crow God's hand in this mission," Shen Yu condemned, "I really don't understand which part of him does the God's Messenger like."

In Room No. 188021 on the 188th floor, Lin Huang watched the entire discussion the few God Bless members had while sitting on the couch. He heard everything the five members said without missing anything.

"So, the Purple Crow's electing the Crow Spirit…" Lin Huang only found out about the reason why God Bless came to Bronze Crow City. He also found out that God Bless had more than two teams. There were three teams in total while one team was in hiding.

"If I'm not mistaken, Yang Ling and Hong Zhuang must be coming for the Detective Eye too!" Soon, Lin Huang recalled Yang Ling telling him that there was something that could help Hong Zhuang find her brother. Looking at the current information he had, the Detective Eye was most probably it.


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