Monster Paradise
995 Infected
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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995 Infected

In the staff toilet at the Homing Hotel, a middle-aged man lit up a cigarette for himself at the urinal. He unzipped his pants slowly and began peeing.

At the moment, a young man walked in. It was the plumber who had just left Lin Huang's room not long ago.

"Brother Wang, you're smoking in the toilet again." The plumber greeted him with a wry smile and stood at the urinal on the right of the middle-aged man.

"Well, I can't smoke anywhere else," the middle-aged man responded unclearly while dragging on the cigarette.

"Give me a puff," said the plumber who turned his head while smiling.

"Didn't you quit?" Although the middle-aged man asked that, he passed the cigarette from his mouth anyway.

"I told Xiao Wen that I quit, but how could I ever quit?" The plumber took the cigarette and accidentally touched the person's finger…

The security officer walked out of the toilet and walked toward the security room.

A bunch of young men in the security room projected the pages of their Emperor's Heart Rings. Some were playing games, some were watching videos while some were binging on dramas.

They shut their Emperor's Heart Ring pages in panic when Old Wang entered.

"You bunch of bastards sure are lazy. It's working hours, yet all you guys care about is having fun!" Old Wang slapped their heads lightly one after another.

A young security guard walked toward the front desk in the hotel lobby while a female attendant was flushed upon seeing him walking over.

The rest of the female attendants were waiting for a good show to begin.

"Why did you come? It's working hours now," said the female attendant softly when she saw the security guard arrive before her.

"They've just started to sell red plums on the market. I got you some and I've already washed them." The security guard took a box of red plums out from under his shirt and handed it to the female attendant. "I wanted to pass it to you after work, but I remembered you didn't really eat at lunch. I brought it to you, figuring you might be hungry later."

"I have snacks here. I can eat them to fill my stomach if I'm really hungry. Don't come here during working hours again. It's inappropriate if the manager sees us." Flustered, the female attendant accepted the fruit box.

The security guard pinched her hand mischievously and only let go a moment later.

At the front desk, the female attendant Xiao Li watched her security guard boyfriend leave while blushing.

"Xiao Li, I bought you red plums and they're washed," a female attendant ridiculed her by imitating the security guard boyfriend's tone earlier.

"You're showing off much earlier than usual today," the other female attendant teased while smiling.

"I want a boyfriend too. I want one who'd send me food every day," whined a female attendant with a puffy face while looking envious.

"Let's try how these fresh red plums taste." Xiao Li opened the box and grabbed a few for everyone. She passed them around by wrapping the red plums in serviettes.

In the hotel room No. 188021, Bloody nodded to Lin Huang half an hour after sending the plumber out. "Over 90% of the staff are infected now. We've completed the preliminary work, so we can go on with the next step now."

"Let's do it." Lin Huang nodded.

A moment later, Xiao Li the female attendant called a number using the hotel line at the front desk.

The Emperor's Heart Ring of a God Bless man with a buzz-cut began vibrating all of a sudden. He tapped the communication page open and picked the call up, seeming a little puzzled after realizing that it was the hotel front desk calling.

"Hi, this is the front desk. May I know if you're the guest from Room No. 100003?"

"What's up?" asked the man while frowning a little.

"Oh, it's just a small matter. Today is the day we do our monthly aquarium cleaning for the king suites. Our staff will go to your room later to change the water in the aquarium. The process might take approximately 20 minutes. I hope that it won't disturb you. If you're not okay with this, we can transfer you to another room with a clean aquarium."

"What's wrong?" asked the short, buff man next to him.

"The front desk said they're coming to change the aquarium water. It's the official aquarium-cleaning day today," replied the man with the buzz-cut.

"Oh, no wonder I sensed staff going into a couple of rooms on this floor earlier."

The man with the buzz-cut recalled sensing something like that within the range of his territory earlier. He said to the front desk, "We don't need to change rooms, but please be quick with the cleaning."

"Sure, we'll make the arrangements right away. It's our pleasure to be at your service."

Approximately two minutes later, the doorbell of Room 100003 rang.

The man with the buzz-cut only let his guard down when he opened the door and sensed no cultivator's energy wave from the two young hotel staff in uniform.

"Please clean the aquarium quickly. My boss has a bad temper. He doesn't like being disturbed. It's best that you get it done by seizing the opportunity since he's not here."

"Sure, we'll get it done as soon as we can."

The man with the buzz-cut closed the door and walked to the balcony for a puff. However, he was facing the living room to watch the two young men work.

The staff used a net and another used his hand to scoop the fishes out one after another before putting them into a temporary tank.

These fish monsters seemed to have gotten used to such a routine, so they did not struggle at all.

After scooping all the fishes out, the duo removed the plug at the bottom to release the water. Later on, they began cleaning the inside of the tank with tools such as the water gun.

The man with the buzz-cut lost his interest when he watched them to this point. He turned around and looked outside the hotel.

Approximately 15 or 16 minutes later, the aquarium was filled with water again as the fishes were slipped back in one after another.

The duo put the tools away and wiped the floor completely dry. They then informed the man with the buzz-cut that they were done and left.

"There's nothing to be nervous about. The two of them are just ordinary people. They were just doing their job all the way and they did not do anything else," reported the short, buff man as he walked into the living room with a grin. "Look, the water in the aquarium is so much cleaner now."

"I wasn't nervous. I was just being cautious." The man with the buzz-cut snubbed the cigarette out with his fingers and walked straight into the living room. He shuffled into the kitchen, took out a bottle of beer from the refrigerator and popped it open with his thumb. Then, he took a big gulp with his head up.

"Old Lei, we've known each other for say, over 20 years. Don't you think I can't tell whether you're cautious or nervous?" teased the short, buff man while smiling.

The man with the buzz-cut was quiet.

"You escaped from the Purple Crow. The Boss brought you here on purpose. This is a mission against the Purple Crow. He's giving you an opportunity to prove yourself, so don't do anything foolish," the buff man proceeded.

"I've told you countless times. I didn't escape. I went in as God Bless's spy since the beginning," explained the man with the buzz-cut while frowning. "The reason why I was unwilling to come isn't that I still have feelings for them, but I know how scary the Crow God is…"

In Room No. 188021 on the top floor of the hotel, Lin Huang was smirking as he sat on the couch while Bloody projected what was happening in Room No. 100003. In the projection, the conversation between the man with the buzz-cut and the short, buff man was crystal clear.


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