Monster Paradise
992 Bronze Crow City
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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992 Bronze Crow City

Lin Huang returned to Wanbao City as soon as he came out of the Abyss Brink. However, he did not stay in a hotel this time. Instead, he headed straight to the Wanbao City dimensional portal.

He had lunch and waited for almost two hours before entering the dimensional portal heading to Bronze Crow City.

No. A17 foothold, Bronze Crow City, was one of the two grade-A footholds which the underground organization Purple Crow terrorized in Division 3.

The reason he went there was that he had a massive amount of storage equipment that he needed Yang Ling to unlock for him.

Since he had storage equipment from the great world and other mini worlds, Yang Ling could not unlock them for him from a distance because he would need the storage equipment with him. As a result, Lin Huang could only make the trip to get it done.

He informed Yang Ling that he would visit when he had just gotten out of the Abyss Brink more than two hours ago.

A middle-aged man walked toward him not too far away just when Lin Huang opened the map after coming out of the dimensional portal.

"Brother, do you need accommodation?" asked the man who smirked while speaking through voice transmission, "We offer our special services."

Speechless, Lin Huang did not expect this world to have such a soliciting technique too.

"It's alright. I've already booked a hotel."

"We have everything here. Young ladies or mature women, pick anyone you like. You definitely won't have such service at those usual hotels," continued the man through voice transmission.

"Thanks, I don't need that." Lin Huang waved to reject him outright.

However, just when he was going to key in the name of the hotel on the map, the man spoke through voice transmission again, "If you don't like girls, we have men too. Young boys and old men, you can pick anyone you like. 16 to 60 years old, we have everything."

Lin Huang blocked the voice transmission speechlessly while keying the hotel name in. After setting the coordinates, he hovered into the sky directly, leaving an explosion as he took off.

The middle-aged man turned around after watching Lin Huang leave. He shook off the wretched expression on his face and walked into an alley. He dialed a number after clicking the communication page on his Emperor's Heart Ring.

"I saw Lin Xie. He's going to the Phoenix Hotel now."

A voice came behind him as soon as he was done speaking. "Are you talking about me?"

The middle-aged man turned around stiffly and realized that it was Lin Huang behind him. "You…"

"I already knew that you're not some motel owner as soon as I saw you, let alone some pimp," Lin Huang said while smiling.

The reason he said that was because the Nightmare Tapir who mastered spiritual force could clearly sense bad intention from anyone. The moment the man locked eyes with Lin Huang, the Nightmare Tapir in his body sensed his evil intentions and informed him immediately.

Subsequently, Lin Huang released the God Figurine's Combat Soul, the Nightmare Tapir, to pull the man into dreamland. Everything was just an illusion, from him speaking to Lin Huang to seeing him leave and informing his senior about Lin Huang's arrival.

In reality, the man had just taken a step toward Lin Huang's direction whereby he had yet to even speak to the latter.

Naturally, him speaking to Lin Huang at the moment was an illusion too. It was the Nightmare Tapir who projected the dreamland for Lin Huang, giving him the opportunity to participate in the dreamland.

In the dreamland, the plot went on.

"If I'm not mistaken, you must be someone from God Bless." The middle-aged man's heart jolted when he heard what Lin Huang said. He did not expect his organization to be exposed.

'No, I must send out the news about Lin Xie knowing about the organization. I'll get the higher management to kill him immediately!' He covered his sleeve with his hand while composing a message using telekinesis secretly in his sleeve.

He was relieved when he noticed that Lin Huang did not seem to realize he was sending the message out. However, he had no idea that whatever he was doing in the dreamland was futile.

"You must be a professional intel to be playing tricks before me!" Even Lin Huang admired the man's professionalism when he noticed the man's secret trick.

"So what if you've found out? I've already sent the message out. You can't change the truth even if you killed me." The middle-aged man seemed to be fearless of death at all. His eyes were filled with disdain when he stared at Lin Huang.

"Thanks for making me understand something. I can't underestimate anyone in God Bless." Lin Huang assigned the man the death penalty as soon as he was done speaking. "You may rest in peace."

A flying dagger shot out of his sleeve as soon as he concluded with that sentence. It pierced through the man's head, penetrating the air tens of times faster than the speed of sound.

The head of the middle-aged man, whose combat strength was only mid-level immortal-level, exploded like a watermelon. He did not have time to respond at all.

When he was pulled out of the dreamland back to reality, the middle-aged man collapsed onto the ground all of a sudden and he was pronounced dead.

Lin Huang walked past the body without stopping at all, as if the person's death had nothing to do with him.

However, he secretly used his Divine Telekinesis to steal the Emperor's Heart Ring on the person's finger silently.

Many people surrounded the body after he took a few steps away. He left the crowd without any reaction and walked to an alley hundreds of meters away.

The Nightmare Tapir transferred the information it had retrieved to Bloody in the alley. Bloody then shared the information to Lin Huang after it was done organizing the data.

Lin Huang could not help but frown after looking at the middle-aged man's memory.

"Why did the people from God Bless come to Bronze Crow City?"

From the middle-aged man's memory, all he could see was that most of the higher management from both God Bless branches in Division 3 came to Bronze Crow City two days ago. However, since the middle-aged man was just a normal spy with extremely low authorization, he had no idea what the two branches were doing in the city at the same time. His responsibility was just to monitor the situation around the dimensional portal.

"If I'm not mistaken, it must be something to do with the Purple Crow. You can take a look at the underground organization forum whether the Purple Crow has been up to something recently," Bloody speculated.

Lin Huang looked at the forum immediately and saw a piece of news that the Purple Crow posted a few days ago. He came to a realization after reading it.

'So, the Purple Crow is electing its Crow Spirit!'

Lin Huang was familiar with the Crow Spirit. He had learned from Hong Zhuang earlier that the Crow Spirit was the Purple Crow's Holy Son or Virgen on the surface, but in reality, they were the Crow God's vessel in the world.

Among the candidates, the Crow Spirit who was eventually selected would have his or her consciousness wiped away by the Crow God. The Crow God would take the body and make it its puppet completely.

'So, Hong Zhuang is here to elect the Purple Crow's Crow Spirit?' Lin Huang could not help but think of that possibility. He could not figure out why she would come to Bronze Crow City that was not considered a tourism city instead of any other foothold in Division 3.

'Forget it, I don't care. What that lady does has nothing to do with me. I'm just here to get Yang Ling to help me unlock those stuff. I'll leave right after that instead of causing trouble.' Lin Huang shook his head and pushed the thought out of his head. He turned off the webpage on his Emperor's Heart Ring and hovered into the air. Then, he flew toward the Phoenix Hotel.


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