Monster Paradise
988 God Bless
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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988 God Bless

Two white silhouettes, one tall and one short, were flying north at high speed in a dense jungle in the northeast of the second layer of the Abyss Brink.

"This is the last zone. If we can't find Lin Xie here, it means that he has either gone to the third layer or he's left the Abyss Brink," said the tall one without any expression on his face.

"I think there's one more possibility." The short one had disdain written all over his face. "That brat named Lin Xie might not even come to the Abyss Brink at all. The news that we got might be fake since the beginning."

"This possibility is low." The tall one shook his head expressionlessly.

"So, what do we do if we don't find him in the last zone?" asked the short one, "It's been two days and one night since we last rested."

"We can only search the third layer if we can't find him in this layer." The tall one could not help but frown as he spoke.

"I think this is a complete waste of time," the short one objected immediately. "He's on immortal-level. He's not stupid. How is it possible that he'd go to the third layer? Wouldn't he be looking for death if he does that? We'll forget it when we're done searching through the second layer. Why should we torture ourselves?"

"Master asked me to team up with you on purpose because he knew you'd give up fast. Don't you ever think of slacking…"

"Stop!" The short one spoke through voice transmission and interrupted the tall one from speaking further.

"What?" The tall one looked confused.

"Shh!" The short one made a shushing gesture and pointed to his right.

"Do you see something?" The tall one spoke through voice transmission this time.

"Someone set up an illusion in the canyon on the northeast side. I'm suspecting it might be Lin Xie." The short one became a little excited now.

"Let's go take a look." Both of them hid their aura immediately as soon as the tall one was done speaking. They lowered their flight and rushed toward the zone the short one detected.

Lin Huang, who was practicing his sword skills in a canyon more than 100 kilometers away, smirked all of a sudden. "They're finally here."

Yesterday, when Lin Huang returned from the third layer of the Abyss Brink, Bloody found out about these two imperial-level purple gold-rank men in white robes since its Leech Pods filled the entire the second layer of the Abyss Brink.

When Bloody informed Lin Huang about the duo's whereabouts, he connected the dots to the two people who had captured Chan Dou and were wearing white robes too. He suspected that they were the same people. How could he have known that that they would be coming for him now?

Lin Huang summoned the Nightmare Tapir. "Don't kill them yet. Remember to read their minds. Find out which organization they're from and where they brought Chan Dou to. Is he still alive? Also, find out how many demigods are there in their organization and where their headquarters is."

The Nightmare Tapir nodded. Sensing the duo approaching at high velocity, it raised its head and flipped its trunk instantly while releasing an ear-splitting shriek.

The screech spread a hundred times faster than the speed of sound. It reached the two white-robed men in the blink of an eye.

The two white-robed men slowed down all of a sudden.

"Did you hear that?" asked the short one.

"I did. I wonder what kind of monster's shriek was that?" The tall one nodded.

"It seems to be coming from that canyon." The short one seemed timid now.

"No matter what it is, the highest its combat strength will only be is imperial-level yellow gold-rank. Monsters of a higher combat strength can't enter the second layer at all." The tall one remained calm.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that." The short one was relieved now.

The duo soon passed through more than 100 kilometers and arrived deep in the canyon.

An ungulate monster with black scales all over and a horn on its head lay on the ground of a cave. It was breastfeeding two of its babies.

"It's a… Midnight Unicorn?!" The tall one raised a brow when he saw that creature.

"It seems like that fella set this illusion up. We've wasted our efforts again." Disappointment remained all over the short man's face.

"Our luck's awesome! The Midnight Unicorn is a rare spirit-type monster that's expert in illusions. It happens to have two babies, so we'll have one each." The tall one killed the mother monster quickly as he was speaking. He grabbed the two baby monsters and passed one of them to the short one.

"None for me. I'm not a fan of keeping pets," the short one rejected right away. "What do we do now? We're already done searching the last zone, but we didn't find any traces of Lin Xie."

"What else can we do? We can only go to the third layer. We can't go back without even taking a look at the third layer. Am I right? Or do you think that you can get away from Master's questioning?"

The short one fell into silence for a moment and eventually nodded unwillingly. "Let's go to the third layer then, but you'll search on your own if want to do it at night. I'm going to sleep."

"Sure, let's take a rest tonight. Let's take a look at the third layer together tomorrow," the tall one agreed directly.

Lin Huang began observing the two white-robed men when they appeared before him.

The tall one was skinny. He was at least 1.9 meters tall like a bamboo stick. His skin was rather fair. He seemed to have taken on an unhealthy pallor as if he had been staying indoors for a long time without getting any sunlight.

The short one was obviously less than 1.7 meters. Perhaps, he was only 1.6 meters at the most. He was plump and tanned while the pores on his nose were huge with many blackheads.

The white robes they were wearing were pure white without any labels. Lin Huang only found two Emperor's Heart Rings on them; they had nothing else.

After he was done observing them, the Nightmare Tapir transferred all of the information it had retrieved to Bloody.

"How is it? Are they the ones who took Chan Dou?" Lin Huang asked immediately upon seeing Bloody looking at him.

"Yes," Bloody confirmed.

"Is Chan Dou still alive?"

"He's still alive, but this is so much more complicated than we imagined!" Bloody had no idea how to put it into words. "They're from an organization called God Bless. It's not a new underground organization, but it's been hiding under the radar for over 800 years. They've even joined the organizations founded by the Union Government and the Hunter Association. Their people have penetrated the higher management of organizations including the Union Government and the Hunter Association… Apart from the Union Government organization, they've occupied almost all the major underground organizations' higher management."

"I'll transfer the memory after I've arranged them. Take a look for yourself." Bloody extended a tentacle that slithered to Lin Huang's forehead after speaking. A sea of information rushed into his head rapidly.

Lin Huang only opened his eyes a long time after Bloody recalled its tentacle. He was frowning hard.

"No wonder these people dare to capture the direct descendants of the Chan Clan who have demigods guarding their clan. They basically control all the major organizations in this world."

"It should be them who attacked Master that time! Only they could do it. They used the Union Government name to set the trap for Master and destroyed the evidence perfectly."

"Now, the most troublesome thing is that there's no way we can identify who is from God Bless and who isn't," Bloody voiced the biggest existing conundrum.

Lin Huang, who had just digested the new information in his head, looked serious now.

Making enemies with God Bless was no different from making enemies with all the organizations in the world.


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