Monster Paradise
985 Secret Skill - Stealthy Snake
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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985 Secret Skill - Stealthy Snake

Lin Huang was rather surprised to see Xiao Hei's notification about acquiring a complete Titan Boa Monster Card.

Under normal circumstances, the chances of obtaining a complete Monster Card from killing a monster was extremely low.

According to Lin Huang's past experience, the chances of it occurring was definitely much lower than 1%. Sometimes, he might only obtain a few hundred complete Monster Cards after killing millions of monsters.

However, he obtained a complete card after killing the second monster.

"Seems like my luck's great today!" Lin Huang put away the gigantic monster carcass into his storage space after retrieving the demigod soul and Godhead.

On the other hand, the Nightmare Tapir shared the memory it had retrieved with Bloody.

"How is it going? Do we have the other demigod monsters' coordinates?" Lin Huang only asked Bloody when he saw the Nightmare Tapir detach its elephant trunk from Bloody's head.

Bloody nodded in confirmation. "Almost there. Apart from the two that we've killed, there should be another 14 demigod-level monsters on this layer. The one that's closest to us is the Ghastly Spider Lady that I told you about earlier. It's approximately 3,500 kilometers from us in the southwest. Apart from that, there's a Ghoul Lynx at least 5,000 kilometers north."

The Ghoul Lynx was a spirit monster. There were not many recordings of it in the monster guide because most people who saw such a monster were dead.

This monster was immune to most physical attacks. One could only harm it on a spiritual level. However, it was an expert in soul-type of attack techniques, illusions, and hypnotization.

"They're hard to handle no matter if it's the Ghastly Spider Lady or the Ghoul Lynx." Lin Huang fell into silence for a moment. "Let's go for the one that's closest to us. Plan the route, Bloody."

"Alright." Bloody soon plotted the route. "We're heading west now. After killing the Ghastly Spider Lady, we'll head northwest, then go north. If we follow this route, the Ghoul Lynx will be our last prey."

"Sure!" Lin Huang had no objection. To him, there was no difference whoever they killed first.

After all, he did not plan to spare any of the remaining 14 demigod-level monsters. 

After putting the demigod soul and the Godhead away as well as recalling the Nightmare Tapir into his head, Lin Huang made his way to the Ghastly Spider Lady's territory with Bloody.

Approximately 20 minutes later, they arrived at the Ghastly Spider Lady's territory. Lin Huang crushed a Lucky Card and summoned his chosen fighter to go against the Ghastly Spider Lady — the Ninetails Lynx.

He only had three imperial-level purple gold-rank monsters with him at the moment. They were the Destructive Divine Mammoth, the Ninetails Lynx, and the Nightmare Tapir. The rest of them were on imperial-level white gold-rank and while they might be able to fight demigods, they could not suppress them easily. As for the three God Figurines that he had just obtained, he had yet to visualize them until now since their Combat Souls had yet to be consolidated.

The Destructive Divine Mammoth, the Ninetails Lynx, and the Nightmare Tapir were the only ones that he could use at the moment.

Theoretically, among the three God Figurines' Combat Souls, the Nightmare Tapir should be the most suitable to fight a monster like the Ghastly Spider Lady.

The Nightmare Tapir was the best expert in dragging his opponent into dreamland without them realizing and draining him to death there.

No matter how intricate the Ghastly Spider Lady's ability was, she would be controlled by the Nightmare Tapir in the dreamland. There was no way that she could turn the tables.

One reason Lin Huang chose the Ninetails Lynx was that the latter was eager to fight after watching the Destructive Divine Mammoth and the Nightmare Tapir's battles earlier. On the other hand, he wanted to watch the fight against the demigod-level powerhouse himself. He had not witnessed the fight between the Nightmare Tapir and the Titan Boa earlier.

What he had no idea about was that the Nightmare Tapir could actually pull him into dreamland to watch the fight. Since he did not mention it, the Nightmare Tapir did not know that he intended to watch it.

The Ghastly Spider Lady locked her sights on Lin Huang who was coming at her at a rapid speed. In reality, she noticed this human who intruded her territory when he was hundreds of kilometers away.

Her hunting instinct taught her patience, so she waited for her opponent to reveal his flaws in order for her to kill it in one blow.

However, what puzzled her was that this human, whose combat strength was obviously only immortal-level, did not show any flaws at all. Even though he was moving at a high speed, he still maintained his high alertness, ready to take any attack from all directions at any time.

"This human's an expert. It's too bad his combat strength is too weak. If he has the same combat strength as I do, I'm afraid he'll be a difficult opponent." That was the first impression the Ghastly Spider Lady had of Lin Huang.

She smirked when she noticed Lin Huang advancing to her soon.

A couple of strands of hair were waving like they were living things. Gradually, they faded and turned invisible. They were like poisonous snakes hiding in the dark, slithering their way to Lin Huang.

There was no sound or trace left behind everywhere they passed.

That was her assassination secret skill, the Stealthy Snake.

Such a secret skill attack was not only invisible, but it also blocked out the ability to sense one's territory.

The Ghastly Spider Lady had killed countless preys with this secret skill. Up until the moment they were dead, many preys had no idea what attacked them.

Lin Huang frowned suddenly when he was still more than 20 kilometers away from the Ghastly Spider Lady.

Using his Divine Telekinesis, he found out that there were over 30 strands of hair that could not be seen with the naked eye coming toward his direction rapidly. What surprised him was that even his Territory skill did not sense the hair. It did not sense anything out of the ordinary.

"It seems like this is a powerful one. Without my Divine Telekinesis, I'm afraid I'd have been dead right now." Lin Huang summoned the Ninetails Lynx right away. He knew he could not go up against such a demigod-level attack without having his trump card to boost his combat strength.

"Do you sense the invisible hair?" Lin Huang asked through voice transmission.

The Ninetails Lynx nodded. "This stealthy technique isn't too shabby. There's a unique shield layer on the surface of the hair that blocks out a large chunk of the sensing ability of the Territory skill. Unfortunately, the hair occupies space no matter how small it is. In the range of my territory, anything in the material world that occupies space can't escape from me."

It saw through the structure of the shield on the hair in one glance.

Lin Huang was completely relieved when he heard what the Ninetails Lynx said. He was thinking of getting the Nightmare Tapir to fight again if the Ninetails Lynx could not sense the hair. The Nightmare Tapir could pull the opponent into dreamland so that there was no way it could fight at all.

At least 30 strands of hair slithered less than 100 meters from Lin Huang using the Stealthy Snake when the human and cat were just done talking.

The little cat returned to Lin Huang's shoulder, seeming like a white shadow that flashed in the air.

At that moment, Lin Huang's Divine Telekinesis just sensed that the 36 strands of hair that were attempting to attack him were now sliced into pieces.

The Ghastly Spider Lady that was 20 kilometers away let out a deep groan. The pair of eyes on her pale face shifted slowly. She was now staring at the little white cat on Lin Huang's shoulder 20 kilometers away.

She flashed her white teeth with a devilish smile. "So, he has an assistant."


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