Monster Paradise
984 Die, Titan Boa!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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984 Die, Titan Boa!

The Titan Boa was slightly stunned when its spiritual suppression did nothing to the immortal-level human before it. Although it was not a monster expert in spiritual skills, even an imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouse among demigods could not ignore its spiritual suppression. It had killed imperial-level white gold-rank humans in the past in the same way.

However, it could clearly sense that the human before it ignored its spiritual suppression completely. He hovered into the sky like a tough coral in the wave of its spiritual suppression. He could not be affected at all.

In the next second, it saw Lin Huang summon a monster with an elephant trunk and the body of a leopard. The Titan Boa was shocked to sense the monster's aura.

It could sense that the monster's combat strength was only on imperial-level purple gold-rank, but there was an odd aura that caused it to be instinctively fearsome.

"The chill that strikes my spirit…" Soon, the Titan Boa noticed that the chill was a form of suppression that came from its opponent's level. "This fella is on mythical-level!"

Its eyes were filled with fear when it looked at the Nightmare Tapir.

Compared to the Python-belly Poisonous Frog, it dared not underestimate its mythical-level opponent.

The Nightmare Tapir with an elephant trunk and the body of a leopard was only less than three meters long. It was like a mere ant before it.

However, at that very moment, it treated the Nightmare Tapir as its deadly rival that it had never encountered before.

Thousands of meters away, the Nightmare Tapir's eyes turned completely black all of a sudden.

The Titan Boa jolted before it attacked without thinking twice.

Its body that was lying down shot out of nowhere. Its tail that was like a gigantic mountain range whipped through the air and appeared where the human and beast were in the blink of an eye, drowning the both of them.

The strong wind and energy wave coming from the end of its tail plowed a fan-shaped area which radius exceeded 800 kilometers on the ground. The trees and flowers within the entire area turned into dust.

The attack was practically the most powerful attack the Titan Boa could launch without using its Divine Power.

However, it was not elated at all despite having released all it had. Instead, it had a slight change of expression because it clearly sensed that its attack had landed on nothing.

"Where is he?" The Titan Boa sensed all the surrounding areas within its range of its territory with all its might in an attempt to detect Lin Huang's whereabouts.

Just when it sensed something, it jolted again and shot forward all of a sudden.

However, a sharp claw mauled its neck at the moment, leaving a few massive wounds that were at least 20 meters long on its neck.

Its scales with powerful defensive abilities seemed to have zero defenses against the opponent's sharp claws.

Bearing the pain, the Titan Boa turned its head to look at the Nightmare Tapir. Its initial shock calmed down a little.

If it were to dodge the attack earlier a millisecond later, its head might have been torn off and smashed into mush.

"You won't be that lucky next time," said the Nightmare Tapir through voice transmission while grinning coldly.

"I admit that you're powerful, but there's something that I have that you can't compare to." The Titan Boa released a deafening sound. "You have no Divine Power in you!"

"I can still kill you without Divine Power!" The Nightmare Tapir raised its head and whipped its elephant trunk as soon as it was done speaking.

The elephant trunk swept through the air like a whip. As if it were a giant scimitar that sliced through the air, everything it passed by was sliced into half.

The long whip arrived before the Titan Boa in a flash, going straight to its vital point.

The Titan Boa lashed its tail madly again without thinking twice. This time, it inserted almost half of its Divine Power into it.

The massive mountain-like snake tail collided with the long elephant trunk which diameter was less than 15 centimeters long.

At the moment, a golden flare that was as glaring as the sun lit up the collision point.

The golden flare was growing brighter just as its size was growing rapidly too. It grew into a sphere that was thousands of meters in diameter within a few breaths.

Eventually, the golden sphere did not seem to be able to withstand the rapidly expanding speed and exploded entirely. White light shot out all over the place.

In that second, the entire night sky was lit up. The area within thousands of kilometers turned into day.

Endless energy waves and wind pressure swept towards all directions with the collision point as the epicenter.

The area within 2,000 kilometers turned into ruins. All the plants turned into dust while most imperial-level monsters were either injured or killed. Only a minority of them managed to escape with their injured bodies away from the energy waves like rabid animals.

From a distance, Lin Huang, who hovered mid-air, saw that the Titan Boa's eyes had turned completely black long ago. The Divine Power in its body experienced a tremor, and its aura fell away a while later.

He could not help but swivel his head to look at the Nightmare Tapir next to him. "What exactly did he dream about?"

"Fighting me," replied the Nightmare Tapir, turning its head and smiling.

"Close-distance combat?'


"Aren't you lousy at close-distance combat?" Lin Huang asked in confusion.

"It thought I'm good at it, so I made it think so on purpose. I made my close-distance combat ability super powerful." The Nightmare Tapir could not help but chuckle out loud. "Not only do I have the Ninetails Lynx's speed and claws, but I also have a defensive ability on par with the Destructive Divine Mammoth. It was beaten up real good."

"Oh wow, that's so powerful!" Even Lin Huang could not help himself and gave the Nightmare Tapir a thumbs-up.

He could only wonder if he would be invincible if the Nightmare Tapir integrated all nine True Spirits' most powerful abilities into his body in his dream.

The remaining Divine Power in the Titan Boa's body went through another tremor when the duo was chatting. A moment later, its aura dropped rapidly and it was soon dying.

The Titan Boa looked devastating in the dream world.

It laid in the ruins while its body had hundreds of thousands of wounds like it had been cut with a sharp blade. There was no flesh in pristine condition from its head to its tail as if it went through slow slicing execution.

Its scales and tough flesh did not seem to be able to defend it at all. Each wound on its body was at least tens of meters long. Its red flesh could almost be seen from its scales that were torn open. Some wounds were so deep that they went into its organs.

The cuts were bleeding continuously with no sign of healing. Blood spilled from the Titan Boa's mouth like a stream.

"I lost…" There was no yielding in its voice.

"This is the toughest battle I've ever had in my life. It's also the battle in which I was suppressed entirely. The power and defensive ability that I'm proud of were like babies to you. Even my most powerful ability, the Star Engulf, can't do anything to you.

"Although I never underestimated you since the beginning, never had I thought that a mythical-level would be so much more terrifying than I imagined!"

"I think there's something that I must tell you." The Nightmare Tapir that was hovering mid-air looked at the Titan Boa in a condescending way. It finally spoke, "I'm not on mythical-level. I'm on a level that's even higher than mythical-level!"

However, the Nightmare Tapir kept something a secret. It was still a child now.

"Is that so? I didn't lose in vain then…" The very last wisp of breath in the Titan Boa finally faded when it learned the 'truth'.

"Congratulations, you've obtained a complete Titan Boa Card (Legendary-level) x2!"

"The system has detected a demigod soul and Godhead (broken). Would you like to retrieve them?"


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