Monster Paradise
983 Hunting Demigods
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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983 Hunting Demigods

Lin Huang peeped at the Destructive Divine Mammoth, not sure whether to laugh or cry after putting the Python-belly Poisonous Frog's tragic carcass away. He then put the Destructive Divine Mammoth back into his body.

To him, the poisonous frog's carcass that was now mush had no use to him other than getting Mr. Fu to turn it into food.

Lin Huang looked around the area that had completely turned into ruins. He hovered into the sky and flew north.

Xiao Hei retrieved the Python-belly Poisonous Frog's demigod soul and made it into a card. Naturally, Lin Huang could not read the memory in its head. All he could do was to find another imperial-level monster to acquire the other demigods' coordinates.

Lin Huang flew more than 2,000 kilometers north from the southeastern corner on the third layer of the Abyss Brink. It was still a burnt ruin in his field of vision. He did not even sense a single living thing's aura along the way.

It was his first time learning how powerful a demigod really was then.

"The impact of the battle collision alone destroyed everything within 3,000 kilometers. I don't see any imperial-level monsters that survived. A demigod's power is really terrifying!

"The collision of the Divine Power is the main reason for such great destruction. If that poisonous frog didn't use its Divine Power, the destruction as a result of the collision would only cover an area within 1,000 kilometers at the most. Also, not all monsters were killed by the battle impact. Many of the injured had fled. After all, they had no idea if another collision that was similar would occur again. Those that survived fled the impacted area as soon as they could," explained the stone tablet.

Until he flew 3,000 kilometers out, Lin Huang finally saw the border of the destroyed battleground. A scorched line extended towards the east and the west so far that Lin Huang could not see it with his eyes. The entire land looked like a painting that was half-burned and half-green.

Finally, Lin Huang sensed a living being's aura when he proceeded 1,000 kilometers up north.

At the same time he sensed the aura, the monster attacked.

A green gleam flashed through the sky like a whip coming at him.

Before Lin Huang could do anything, a white light shot through the sky. A little white cat appeared on Lin Huang's shoulder in the next second.

Lin Huang looked down and saw the imperial-level white gold-rank Jasper Boa that was attacking him with its tail sliced into pieces. It was now dead.

He shook his head and landed on the ground slowly.

Bloody came out of his sleeve and connected a tentacle to the Jasper Boa's head that was severed. After a while, all the information in the Jasper Boa's head that was still active was retrieved.

"A thousand kilometers to the north is the demigod-level monster, the Titan Boa's territory. The Ghastly Spider Lady's territory is approximately 3,000 kilometers west."

Lin Huang was familiar with the two monsters since they were in the monster guide.

The Titan Boa was a supreme giant monster. It had a colossal body and possessed imperial-level combat strength. When it turned into an adult, it would be at least tens of thousands meter long. This one in the Abyss Brink with demigod-level combat strength might be at least 50,000 meters long. Its body was even bigger than Tyrant's complete form.

The Titan Boa's gigantic form did not only mean that it had a terrifying ability, but it also had a scary defensive ability. Its combat technique was similar to the Destructive Divine Mammoth whereby they both suppressed their opponents with force.

However, this monster had a petrifying ability, the Star Engulf.

As soon as the ability was charged, there would be a scary engulfing force that surged from its mouth, sucking its opponents into an isolated space inside its body.

Meanwhile, the Ghastly Spider Lady had nothing to do with an arachnid monster at all. She was an undead monster that looked a bit like a female human. She had long hair with a beautiful face but appeared rather pale. The biggest difference compared to a female human was that neither did the Ghastly Spider Lady have human breasts, nor did she have genitals or hair that humans usually had. From far away, she looked like a drained dead body that had been soaked in water for a long time.

The reason the monster was called a spider lady was that her hair was her attack weapon. The attack mode was similar to how spiders hunted.

The Ghastly Spider Lady appeared countable times throughout history, but there was tons of information about her recorded in the monster guide.

Her hair had broad functions including cutting, piercing, tying, weaving webs, and setting traps. It could also be consolidated into a shield and a weapon for defense.

She also had powerful telekinetic power. Not only could she strengthen her hair with various techniques, but she could also give it an attribution ability.

Combining telekinesis and ghastly hair that she was born with, she gave them a comprehensive ability. Apart from slightly weak close-distance combat strength, she almost had no flaws.

Moreover, as she was born undead, the only way to kill her was to cut all of her hair. She would not die even if they still had a single strand of hair attached.

To Lin Huang, this monster was much more difficult to handle compared to the Python-belly Poisonous Frog due to its immensely powerful hair. Even if a strand of demigod-level Ghastly Spider Lady's hair was not as powerful as a demigod relic, it should be on par with a demigod relic when tens of them came together. One could imagine how difficult it would be to cut hundreds of thousands of such locks.

"Let's go for the Titan Boa first then." Lin Huang decided almost without hesitation after a while of comparing.

The Titan Boa was much easier to kill compared to the Ghastly Spider Lady.

After acquiring the Titan Boa's coordinates, Lin Huang continued his journey to the north.

A couple of minutes later, he saw a scary giant boa that looked like a massive mountain from far away. From guesswork, Lin Huang figured that this Titan Boa's body was at least 70,000 meters long.

"What a monster!" The monster's form was the top three biggest monsters Lin Huang had ever seen.

The Titan Boa sat there with its eyes shut, pretending to sleep. Although it did not seem to sense Lin Huang's existence, in reality, it sensed him coming when he was hundreds of kilometers away.

However, it did not take Lin Huang seriously no matter what his combat strength or form was. It did not think that this immortal-level human was coming for it. Instead, it thought Lin Huang was just passing by.

Finally, it could not take it when Lin Huang arrived 20 kilometers away and was still approaching it when he could clearly see the monster's existence. It opened its eyes and looked straight at Lin Huang.

The glance alone from the Titan Boa gave Lin Huang a suppressive demigod aura.

'Seems like it looks down on me completely!' Lin Huang forced a smile while shaking his head.

If he were some other immortal-level powerhouse, the overwhelming intensity coming from the glance alone was sufficient to kill.

However, to Lin Huang who possessed Divine Fire and God Figurines in his body, the Divine Fire would extinguish such a demigod-level spiritual suppression as soon as it came within a certain distance of his consciousness. It could not threaten Lin Huang at all.

"I can't believe it's using its spirit to suppress me when it's an expert in body combat. Let me show you the master who's really skilled in this!" Lin Huang smirked cunningly. "Come on out, Nightmare Tapir!"


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