Monster Paradise
982 The Cultivation System’s Fatal Flaw
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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982 The Cultivation System’s Fatal Flaw

"Congratulations, you've killed the Python-belly Poisonous Frog (Demigod-level). You've obtained Mythical-level Python-belly Poisonous Frog Monster Card Pieces x2"

Lin Huang only found out that the Python-belly Poisonous Frog was dead after hearing the notification from Xiao Hei.

"It's settled so soon?" Lin Huang came out of the alternate dimension and hovered above the deep collapsed pit. He retrieved the Python-belly Poisonous Frog's carcass that was smashed into a mush deep in the underground with his telekinetic threads.

Xiao Hei's notification came again just when he saw the tragic carcass.

"The system has detected a demigod's soul and a Godhead (broken). Would you like to retrieve them?"

"Retrieve them," Lin Huang confirmed.

Obtaining the demigod's soul was the main purpose of his hunting demigods this time. As for the broken demigod's Godhead, he had no idea what he could do with it after retrieving it.

Looking at the memories he read from all the mini-worlds and the great worlds, it was possible to merge a Godhead, but Gods who elevated from the merging of the Godhead might not be able to elevate his combat strength forever. Therefore, not many people would want to merge others' Godheads, let alone a demigod's broken Godhead.

In less than half a minute, Lin Huang held two cards in his hand: a demigod's soul and a broken Godhead.

Putting the demigod's soul card away into his body, Lin Huang crushed the broken Godhead's card.

An irregular, thumb-sized, charcoal gray crystal appeared in his palm. He looked at the crystal with his face pinched. "What does such a broken Godhead do?"

"Perhaps this thing is useless to others, but it's useful stuff for you," said the stone tablet, smiling all of a sudden.

"Useful stuff? I don't want to merge someone else's Godhead, let alone merge this broken Godhead." Lin Huang was very confident about elevating to Virtual God, but merging someone else's Godhead was out of the picture.

"I'm not asking you to merge it but to refine it," explained the stone tablet while smiling.

"Refine it? What does this thing do after refinement?" Lin Huang was even more puzzled now.

"Do you think you can elevate to imperial-level successfully with your cultivation system?" The stone tablet did not answer Lin Huang's question. It asked him another question instead.

Lin Huang was stunned to hear the stone tablet's question.

He had never thought about that before. The reason being he would need over a month to visualize the three remaining God Figurines' Combat Souls before elevating to imperial-level. He needed time to cultivate the God Figurines too, so it would be at least two months later when he really elevated to imperial-level.

However, now that the stone tablet raised such a question, it made Lin Huang began to think hard about how he should elevate to imperial-level. He was frowning more and more as he thought about it.

"I can't inherit the Divine Fire if I take the imperial-level monster's Life Base… Which means I can't elevate to imperial-level with the current cultivation system."

Lin Huang began sweating upon realizing the issue and he asked the stone tablet immediately, "Do you have a solution to this?"

"In reality, the biggest crux of the problem with elevating to virtual god-level in your world's cultivation system is the imperial-level. It's actually a good thing that you can't elevate with the current system."

"I thought the incomplete world order that we have is the reason for lesser people elevating to Virtual Gods?"Lin Huang asked rather confusedly.

"An incomplete world order will only cause the failure to elevate to True Gods. The number of Virtual Gods is restricted to a certain level, but it's possible to elevate to Virtual Gods. Moreover, it's not that there are few people elevating to Virtual Gods in the current world that you're in. There are none at all," corrected the stone tablet.

"What's wrong with imperial-level? From what I know, most cultivation systems in other mini worlds and great worlds go through the forging of Life Palaces. They just have different names. But they can elevate to virtual god-level and true god-level, so they don't have any problem at all."

"Think about it properly. When do other cultivation systems forge Life Palaces?" asked the stone tablet while smiling.

Lin Huang thought about it carefully and frowned even deeper a moment later. "It's rather odd. Basically, all cultivation systems forge Life Palaces in the beginning stage of cultivation. Do you mean our cultivation system has gotten the sequence of forging Life Palaces wrong?"

"Indeed, the wrong sequence is the main reason." Noticing that Lin Huang figured out the problem, the stone tablet proceeded to explain, "The so-called Life Palace of yours is called a Life Base in the great world. The reason it's called a Life Base is that it's the foundation of the entire cultivation. Only with a sturdy foundation will your house be stable when it's built.

"In the great worlds, there was once an era called the Cultivation Era. During that era, humans were the most powerful race in the entire great world. Furthermore, the first step of almost all human cultivation in that era was to forge a Life Base. The first cultivation level was called the base building-level.

"The reason why humans in that era were powerful was that they forged a sturdy foundation as their first step. Since then, the cultivation system that was built later on grew more and more powerful. In the end, it cultivated countless powerhouses and conquered the entire great world."

"So, why did that cultivation system not become the main system in that era later on?" Lin Huang asked rather confusedly.

"Because there's a fatal flaw in that cultivation system, it took too long. A person would need at least millions or even tens of millions of years to grow to the top combat strength in the great world." The stone tablet's tone became a little awkward all of a sudden.

"What I'm trying to say is that most cultivation system nowadays place forging of the Life Base in the early stage because they were influenced by the Cultivation Era. Basically, all cultivation systems hardly rely on foreign items when it comes to forging the Life Base. Instead, they cultivate it slowly with their own ability. The Life Base that's forged that way is many times more powerful no matter the compatibility or growth compared to the Life Base that you take from others. Moreover, their Life Base will elevate following their level whereby it'll grow and evolve continuously. Eventually, it can be cultivated through divine force and transform from there.

"Your cultivation system has an ordinary quality since it's taken from other monsters. It's not even achieved a tenth of the growth and compatibility compared to other cultivation systems. Furthermore, it's too late to forge the Life Base. The lack of cultivation makes the consolidation of the Life Base into the Godhead impossible. Most importantly, the transformation of the Life Base is simply not there.

"It's possible to elevate successfully if the imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses in your world are willing to spend thousands or tens of thousands of years to absorb the divine force slowly and cultivate the Life Base, then break through when it's on the verge of transformation.

"However, you guys have gotten used to the cultivation method of taking whereby you kill demigod monsters and break through forcefully, relying on the Divine Power in the demigod monsters' bodies. This won't work at all! The Divine Power in the demigod's body is insufficient to consolidate into a complete Godhead. Plus, a Life Base that hasn't gone through sufficient cultivation can't take the impact of the Divine Power."

"So, are you suggesting that I consolidate the Life Base myself instead of taking the available Life Base in imperial-level monsters' bodies?" Lin Huang finally grasped what the stone tablet meant. "But what does that have to do with this broken Godhead that I have?"

"Let me ask you… Where did you get this broken Godhead?" The stone tablet asked while grinning.

"It's formed from those demigod monsters that failed to elevate to Virtual God."

"What is a broken Godhead converted from?"

"A Life Palace…" Lin Huang understood what the stone tablet meant right after he said that. "Are you saying that I can consolidate a Life Base with this broken Godhead as the material?"

"Not one, but a massive amount of broken Godheads. Use as many as your inner world can handle!" The stone tablet chortled out loud. "You could consolidate an invincible Life Base that's even more powerful than a Godhead!"


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