Monster Paradise
981 A Demigod Has Fallen!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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981 A Demigod Has Fallen!

Lin Huang only spent just over ten minutes to cross more than 2,000 kilometers.

Apart from being attacked by an imperial-level white gold-rank monster not long into their journey, no other monsters attacked them since then.

The reason being that he summoned the Destructive Divine Mammoth right away. Its terrifying imperial-level purple gold-rank combat strength and True Spirit aura echoed across the land. All the monsters trembled wherever the Destructive Divine Mammoth passed, including monsters on the same level. None of them dared to come looking for trouble.

The Python-belly Poisonous Frog sensed the Destructive Divine Mammoth coming into its territory from a distance. The aura that alarmed it also faintly sent a thrill down its spine.

"This terrifying aura must be that of a mythical-level quadruple mutated monster! It trembles deep in my soul even when it's hundreds of kilometers away!" Fear did not provide the Python-belly Poisonous Frog reason to retreat at all. Instead, it boosted its battle will. "There's a high possibility that I could break through to quadruple mutation as soon as I eat it and elevate to mythical-level! My combat strength might even break through and I might become a Virtual God!"

Sensing the Destructive Divine Mammoth advancing at a high speed, the Python-belly Poisonous Frog glared viciously at the silhouette that was moving rapidly in the range of its territory while drooling. Meanwhile, Lin Huang, who was next to the Destructive Divine Mammoth, was completely ignored.

Approximately two to three minutes later, Lin Huang and the Destructive Divine Mammoth finally arrived above the swamp where the Python-belly Poisonous Frog was.

Before Lin Huang could figure where the amphibian monster was, a bloody glow shot into the sky at a high speed, aiming at the Destructive Divine Mammoth's heart.

Even Lin Huang's eyes could not detect such an abrupt attack. All he saw was a red shadow that flashed through the sky and heard a rumble that sounded like thunder coming from where the Destructive Divine Mammoth was. The Destructive Divine Mammoth shot out like a cannon and went right through a few large mountains tens of kilometers away.

The attack that hit the spot made the Python-belly Poisonous Frog realize that its opponent's defense was more powerful than it imagined even before it could get excited. It was surprised that its attack did not break through the opponent's defenses. It just realized that its current opponent was much more impressive than it thought.

"It's worthy of being called a mythical-level monster!" Not only did the Python-belly Poisonous Frog not have any sense of failure, but it also became more enthusiastic now. The more powerful its opponent was, the more benefits it would obtain from devouring it.

It had never imagined what the consequences were if it were no match for its opponent since it had never lost any battle throughout centuries.

The Destructive Divine Mammoth had always been a defensive alpha among the True Spirits. It was hard for one to break through its defenses even if other True Spirits of the same level were to attack it, let alone a mere demigod-level Python-belly Poisonous Frog.

Any other imperial-level purple gold-rank or even mythical-level monsters would be killed or severely injured by the Python-belly Poisonous Frog's attack. However, to the Destructive Divine Mammoth, it was no different from an itch. It could not feel any pain, let alone be harmed by it.

Still, such a great impact pissed him off a little.

The Destructive Divine Mammoth stared at the Python-belly Poisonous Frog's direction as he stood up from the fallen gravel and shook the soil on his body off. His eyes were a little red with fury.

He was furious now!

The Destructive Divine Mammoth released a long shriek tens of kilometers away. He slammed its long trunk, and charcoal gray Life Power echoed like a whip, shooting across the sky towards the Python-belly Poisonous Frog.

Although the Destructive Divine Mammoth was not a monster built for speed, that did not mean that it had no speed-related technique.

The trunk whip was the fastest attack that would go furthest in his inherited memory.

Its attack speed was no slower than the Python-belly Poisonous Frog's attack earlier.

The Python-belly Poisonous Frog did not seem to expect its opponent to have such a quick reaction from so far away. It only snapped back to its senses when the charcoal gray trunk whip was coming near it. It hopped on both its rear legs and dodged the attack.

Unfortunately, it was too late. The trunk whip brushed through its body.

Under the terrifying attack, half of its body was hit by the compelling power.

The impact made its body shoot out, and it smashed into a mountain that was even further away like a cannonball.

Lin Huang did not see the Destructive Divine Mammoth's movements clearly. All he could see was a gray shadow flashing in the sky and a silhouette shooting out. He then saw mountains collapsing far away.

He had just heard the thud coming from the trunk whip attack when the mountains collapsed. Meanwhile, the sound of the mountains collapsing only came echoing a while later.

The Python-belly Poisonous Frog that was buried deep in the gravel had shock written all over its face. It had never thought that the opponent would not only have such stunning defense techniques but also be able to launch a terrifying attack too. The one attack alone almost smashed its body to smithereens.

"A mythical-level monster really is terrifying. It seems like it's hard to kill it without some effort."

By then, the Python-belly Poisonous Frog finally took its opponent seriously, treating him a powerhouse on the same level as it was although the Destructive Divine Mammoth was only on imperial-level purple gold-rank.

The Destructive Divine Mammoth knew that the Python-belly Poisonous Frog did not die although the attack sent it flying away. He appeared above the cliff the Python-belly Poisonous Frog was on in a flash. It stomped its foot in the air without even looking.

The entire mountain seemed to be suppressed by an invisible yet invincible power and turned into dust, disappearing into the ground. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a deep underground pit which was a couple of kilometers wide as if a meteorite had struck.

At that moment, a red glow shot out from under the deep pit.

The speed was a few times faster than the Python-belly Poisonous Frog's first attack. Moreover, the red glow coming from the attack this time was as glaring as the sun.

This time, the Destructive Divine Mammoth held both its legs high and stomped in the air once again.

An elephant's leg that looked like a giant pillar appeared in the air and blasted the ground.

Unsurprisingly, the red glow and the elephant leg collided hard.

A glaring golden glow lit up the epicenter of the collision as if hundreds of nuclear bombs had gone off at the same time. In an instant, the area within thousands of kilometers looked like it had changed from night to day.

All the monsters looked at the center of the battle in fear.

Even Lin Huang who was watching the battle was dragged into Ninetails Lynx's alternate dimension that it had been hiding in.

Meanwhile, an insane heat that was billions of degree Celsius high as a result of the impact spread hundreds of kilometers away from the core of the battle between the two monsters. Everything within that radius was destroyed.

The energy wave that came from the explosions was like gallons of water washing everything within 3,000 kilometers away together with petrifying wind pressure.

Countless plants were destroyed as if they had experienced a category-18 typhoon.

All monsters below imperial-level yellow gold-rank were killed by the impact within 3,000 kilometers. The imperial-level yellow gold-rank and imperial-level white gold-rank monsters also suffered different levels of injuries, except for the imperial-level purple gold-rank monsters which were barely affected.

The Destructive Divine Mammoth that was in the center of the battle stood sturdily midair while glaring dangerously somewhere beneath.

The Python-belly Poisonous Frog was still alive, but it was dying.

It had activated the Divine Power in its body for the attack earlier in an attempt to kill. However, it did not expect its opponent to fight it with Life Power as well as suppressing its most powerful attack. It had no choice but to insert more Divine Power, but the opponent's Life Power seemed to be endless. Eventually, the Divine Power in its body was worn out and it was completely defeated.

Because the Divine Power in its body was drained, it could only use its Life Power to defend itself forcefully during the explosions. However, it could not handle the impact that came from the explosion of Divine Power even though it had drained its Life Power.

Sensing his opponent's remaining aura, the Destructive Divine Mammoth stomped again without thinking twice.

The ground that had already turned into a deep pit collapsed tens of meters further.

Within the gravel that had been crushed into dust, the Python-belly Poisonous Frog which had completely lost its defensive ability turned into a pile of mush instantly.


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