Monster Paradise
980 Python-belly Poison Frog
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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980 Python-belly Poison Frog

It was midnight in the underground of some luxurious mansion in Division 1.

A big, muscular man watched a naked man whose limbs and neck was bound with thick shackles in a room through a transparent window.

If anyone from the Heaven Alliance was there, they should be able to recognize this person who was tied up in one glance. He was the chief of the Heaven Alliance who was attacked and had gone missing earlier, Chan Dou.

He was fully naked and almost every inch of his skin was wounded. It was clear that he had been tortured in an unimaginable way recently.

There was a black gooey monster clinging to his head at the moment. It looked like a pile of swamp mud that had come alive. Nobody knew what it was doing to Chan Dou. No matter what, it was stuck to Chan Dou's head and could not be get rid of.

Chan Dou was struggling with all his might in the room. The veins on his neck and forehead were bulging and he was shrieking in devastation as if he was suffering extreme pain that was unbearable for humans.

The big man had no change of expression on his face as he watched Chan Dou struggling in pain. He turned his head to look at the old gray-haired man that was working on a device aside.

"I've given you guys half a month. How much more time do you need to fully purify him?"

"We've used up all the techniques that we have, but this fella has an extremely strong will. Moreover, there's a god that's clinging onto his will in his body. There are only two ways to destroy his will completely. One is to wear his will out slowly while the other is to destroy that god."

"I asked how much more time do you need?" A ferocious gleam flashed through the big man's eyes.

"Three months. Looking at the current progress, we'll need at least three months." The gray-haired old man gave a time limit immediately.

"Three months, that's what you said." The big man glared at the old man. "If you haven't done it in three months, all of you will be sacrificed." He then turned around and left right after he was done speaking.

Just when he walked out of the room, the Emperor's Heart Ring on his left middle finger vibrated. He saw a message when he opened the communication page.

"Someone saw Lin Xie in the second layer of the Abyss Brink. Should we do it?"

The big man grinned slightly and replied with six words: "Find him and bring him back!"

Lin Huang had no idea that his whereabouts had been exposed and that he was being targeted.

However, he had stepped into the third layer of the Abyss Brink at the moment.

"There are too many monsters with a combat strength above imperial-level yellow gold-rank in this layer. My Leech Pods will be discovered easily. There's no way that I could use the map here," Bloody voiced its helplessness once they stepped into the third layer of the Abyss Brink. "But we could hunt for imperial-level monsters first. The local imperial-level monsters should know which area has demigods."

Lin Huang nodded and sensed what kind of monsters were available with his Territory.

Ever since he elevated to immortal-level rank-10, the range of his Territory had expanded to 10 kilometers. However, he found nothing after a while of sensing.

Feeling helpless, Lin Huang summoned Lancelot.

Ever since Lancelot had elevated to imperial-level yellow gold-rank, the range of his Territory had expanded further to 80kilometers now. Since he was on pseudo-mythical-level, the range of his Territory was on par with other imperial-level white gold-rank monsters.

Lancelot soon found a few targets as he heard the commotion after sensing around for a while.

"There are three monsters in the range of my Territory. Two imperial-level crimson gold-ranks and one imperial-level yellow gold-rank."

"Where's the imperial-level yellow gold-rank?" Lin Huang asked, ignoring the presence of the two imperial-level crimson gold-ranks.

"In our 11 o'clock. It's approximately 60 kilometers away from us."

"Let's go!"

Lin Huang moved toward the target as soon as Lancelot reported the location.

Lancelot caught up to him right away.

In less than half a minute, Lin Huang arrived before the imperial-level yellow gold-rank monster Lancelot mentioned.

It was a Crimson Scorpiodemon. Its body was at least 100 meters long and was completely maroon in color. The monster exhibited a mysterious beauty under the radiance of the moonlight.

"Looks like food sent themselves here." The Crimson Scorpiodemon was drooling upon sensing humans invading its territory.

However, its mind went blank while its eyes turned black in the next second.

In less than three seconds, Bloody cast its parasite on this gigantic Crimson Scorpiodemon and turned it into a puppet.

Bloody spoke leisurely after spending a few minutes reading everything in the Crimson Scorpiodemon's head, "There's a demigod monster in the swamp approximately 2,000 kilometers from here in the southeastern direction. It's a Python-belly Poisonous Frog."

Lin Huang had seen the Python-belly Poisonous Frog in the monster guide before.

Such a monster was usually only imperial-level whilst its most powerful two abilities were poison and devouring.

Their poison could easily kill all monsters on the same level. Moreover, they ate almost everything and could digest anything. Almost anything that went into this monster's belly would be washed with poison and turned into liquid in a short period of time.

Apart from that, the attack speed of their tongue was pretty terrifying. It could pierce through most bodies of monsters on the same level.

Naturally, such monsters would have even a more powerful ability if it elevated to imperial-level.

However, Lin Huang smirked when he heard about the Python-belly Poisonous Frog. "It seems like we're in luck."

If it were anyone else encountering such a monster, even though the person was a demigod-level powerhouse, they would run as far as they could. It was very possible for the demigod-level powerhouse to be attacked and eaten by the Python-belly Poisonous Frog as soon as he was poisoned as his ability would be weakened.

In reality, the Python-belly Poisonous Frog was considered the overlord in the third layer of the Abyss Brink. Although it was not as powerful if it were to be compared with other demigod monsters' abilities alone, the outcome of the battle was outstanding given that its ability was combined with poison.

Three human demigods had been killed by it throughout the hundreds of years while two had run away. Two demigod-level monsters that attempted to fight for its territory eventually became its food. Another one ran away alive but died halfway due to the poisonous attack while only one that managed to escape and survived.

That was the reason why almost no human demigod was willing to offend it while the other demigod monsters allowed it to occupy the third layer of the Abyss Brink's southeastern region.

However, Lin Huang had no idea about all that. He did not even look at the information about the third layer of the Abyss Brink. It was also his first time entering the third layer of the Abyss Brink. Otherwise, he would just look at the map for demigods as soon as he entered. The territory of each demigod-level monster was marked clearly on the map of the third layer of the Abyss Brink.

The reason why Lin Huang said that he was fortunate to encounter the Python-belly Poisonous Frog was that the God Figurine's Combat Soul's body was on par with a Protoss. Neither could they be poisoned, nor would the poison enter their bodies. It was perfect to challenge the Python-belly Poisonous Frog's two most powerful abilities.

After recalling Lancelot back into card form, Lin Huang took Bloody along towards the Python-belly Poisonous Frog's territory.


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