Monster Paradise
977 Elevating to Immortal-level Rank-10!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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977 Elevating to Immortal-level Rank-10!

It was almost noon when Lin Huang returned to the hotel room after logging out of the Genius Union.

"Since we've solved the matter of the acting chief while Gu Fei should know the reason why I supported her very well, I shouldn't be meeting anyone from the Heaven Alliance within a short period of time." Lin Huang took three God Figurines out from his storage space as he thought about this. "It's about time I elevate my combat strength now."

Lin Huang's Divine Telekinesis turned into three tentacles and latched onto the three God Figurines. After covering the three of them completely, they were pulled into his inner body.

As soon as they were drawn in, the three God Figurines turned into three streams of light without the guidance of his Divine Telekinesis. They then entered the last three Life Wheels and went into the Divine Fire.

The giant Divine Fire mountain in the Life Wheels experienced tremors as soon as the God Figurines entered. They turned into three giant vortexes almost in the blink of an eye while the Divine Fire shrunk rapidly.

At the same time, Lin Huang's Life Power that was initially full in his Life Wheels was absorbed into the vortex. This did not only happen to the three brand new Life Wheels where the God Figurines were, but the other seven Life Wheels also had their Life Power sucked in like a dragon was drinking water greedily.

Approximately an hour passed, and all of the Life Power in Lin Huang's body was sucked dry while the three spheres of Divine Fire penetrated the three God Figurines completely.

A moment later, the three God Figurines seemed to be awoken whereby they had black Divine Fire spurting out of their opened eyes. Their bodies began growing rapidly and they grew from the size of palm to regular size. By then, the God Figurines' eyes were shut again as if they had fallen into a deep sleep.

Circles of Life Power seemed to be spreading out following the three God Figurines' breathing momentum. They began compensating the Life Wheels. After filling all ten Life Wheels up, Life Power began flowing into Lin Huang's meridians, muscles, bones, and soul…

Lin Huang could clearly feel his combat strength growing quickly.

It skyrocketed from the initial immortal-level rank-7 to immortal-level rank-8, and he elevated to immortal-level rank-9 in less than one second. When he reached the peak stage of immortal-level rank-9, he elevated again almost without any obstacle.

"Immortal-level rank-10! I can't believe I can really elevate to immortal-level rank-10!" While he was shocked to see his combat strength stepping into a level that nobody had ever reached, Lin Huang was more than a little excited.

Initially, he thought something that was theoretically possible was not necessarily practical. He was still doubting whether he could elevate to immortal-level rank-10 the very second before he achieved it.

However, it seemed like the cultivation system in this world indeed was like what the stone tablet said —flawed.

"I told you." Naturally, the stone tablet sensed Lin Huang's change in combat strength. "How are you feeling now?"

"I'm feeling great! I feel powerful like never before!" Lin Huang growled shamelessly while swinging his fists. "I knew what you told me is true."

The stone tablet was stunned for a moment before replying, "You're so shameless!"

In reality, elevating to immortal-level rank-10 was not a full elevation to Lin Huang.

He would only consider himself having completed his elevation after visualizing the last three True Spirits and consolidating them into God Figurines' Combat Souls.

However, he did not go for closed-door cultivation to visualize the True Spirits right away.

"There's no rush to visualize the True Spirits just yet. I need more than a month to visualize all three True Spirits. There are some matters that I'd like to settle before this."

After taking a shower and having lunch, Lin Huang returned to the hotel room and opened the communication page leisurely. He looked for the name Hu Lu and tapped the video call button.

Soon, the video call was connected.

A lady in her early 30's whose body was slightly voluptuous appeared in the video. She was Hu Lu from Sweep City's black market.

"How's the progress of the items that I asked for?" Lin Huang did not make any small talk with the lady while diving into the topic right away.

"Mr. Lin, the materials that you asked for are rare. Although you've made your order a few months ago, we've only collected almost half of them. There are a few items that we've no idea what they are up until now. I'm not sure if we can collect everything on your list by this year," Hu Lu admitted helplessly.

"Then, give me the list of the materials that you've already gathered. I'll drop by your place these two days to pick up the stuff." Lin Huang added, "Also, give me a list of materials that you guys think are most difficult to find. I'll find my own way."

"Sure, I'll send it to you later after sorting it out." Hu Lu nodded. She knew there were things that she could not force to happen.

After hanging up the call with Hu Lu, two message notifications came consecutively some ten minutes later.

Lin Huang opened the communication page. The two messages only had titles and attachments. There was nothing else in the messages that were both sent by Hu Lu.

Lin Huang summoned Bloody that had already elevated to imperial-level yellow gold-rank and opened the message titled 'List of Materials Collected'.

The human and monster examined at least 100 materials on the entire list thoroughly. Lin Huang could not help but ask Bloody, "Are the materials enough to make a complete set?"

"Our luck isn't that bad. There are enough materials to make two complete sets," Bloody responded while smiling. "They're for Charcoal and the Herculean King."

"Our luck isn't bad indeed." A smile was revealed at the corner of his eyes that he could not hide. "I thought we might not even be able to make one."

Apart from using five Advance Cards, some rare materials were needed for a legendary-level Monster Card to elevate to mythical-level.

Lin Huang had begun collecting those materials before the New Year, but the progress was slower than he expected since more than three months had passed.

"Is there any set that isn't lacking too many materials?" asked Lin Huang again.

"Tyrant lacks two items while Bai lacks four. The rest lack more. I'm figuring it's difficult to collect all of them within such a short period of time." Bloody knew that Lin Huang had asked so so that that he could find other ways to collect the materials.

"What do Tyrant and Bai lack?"

"Tyrant lacks a star core and a god relic ax. Bai lacks a ton of demigod's blood and ten demigod souls."

"I remember the two items that Tyrant lacks are available on the Stairway Mall of the Genius Union. Meanwhile, among the four items Bai needs, there should be three items available on the Stairway Mall too, including the demigod's blood. For the demigod's soul, I'm afraid we can only obtain that from killing demigod-level monsters." Lin Huang raised his brow as he rattled on.

After closing the first list, Lin Huang tapped open the second.

There were not many items on this list — only over 30 of them. The demigod souls Bai needed was included too.

Lin Huang thought about it and sent the list to Tang Xu from the Wanbao Auction after removing a minority of items that could be found on the Stairway Mall.

"Help me get as many of these items on this list as you can."

Tang Xu replied the message almost immediately, "Some of them are difficult to get while the rest are doable, but I need time."

"Sure, just collect as many as you can," Lin Huang replied.

Tang Xu replied with a 'no problem' emoji immediately.

The reason why Lin Huang did not send the full list to the Wanbao Auction was that the level of confidentiality at the auction was not as high as the black market. Moreover, the list Lin Huang had given the black market was not the full list to begin with. Bloody had taken a portion of the material that could be found at the market out while only listing those that were difficult to find. They only formed half of the total items needed.

The reason it did that was that Lin Huang was not sure if those materials could elevate his monsters without using the Advance Cards.

The list was sufficient to make all the organizations on the entire continent to go wild even if it could elevate legendary-level monsters to pseudo-mythical-level. That was something Lin Huang wanted to avoid the most.


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