Monster Paradise
975 Heaven Alliance’s Meeting
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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975 Heaven Alliance’s Meeting

Although he was not 100% sure that he could elevate to immortal-level rank-10, Lin Huang thought it was 80% possible after comparing the cultivation system from other worlds in his memory.

After confirming that, he regretted not using a few more Life Wheel Storage Cards when he had reached life wheel-level back then. If he had done that back then, he could have obtained a few more Life Wheels with Flawless Cards and he might have been able to elevate to immortal-level rank-20 now.

Recalling that he would be joining the Heaven Alliance meeting tomorrow, Lin Huang put aside his urge to place God Figurines into his Life Wheel at the moment, he put away all three God Figurines.

He quieted his mind down and began practicing his sword skills.

The next morning, Lin Huang only logged onto the Genius Union when it was almost 9.20 a.m. after breakfast and short sword practice.

He was at the Heaven Alliance foothold the last time he logged out, and he now arrived the same place this time. It only took a couple of steps to get him to the meeting room.

Jian Fei was already there when he went into the meeting room. There were six Heaven Alliance higher management members and a lady whose combat strength was only immortal-level rank-8.

Lin Huang nodded to Jian Fei and the rest, but he had his eyes on the lady. It was clear that the lady was the deputy chief candidate that Chan Dou had recommended, Gu Fei.

To be honest, Gu Fei did not look as pretty as Lin Huang imagined. He thought that Chan Dou would recommend a beauty but Gu Fei could not consider a beauty.

Her body looked like a man. She was at least 1.85 meters tall and her frame was slightly bigger than Lin Huang's. She was practically the most muscular one among all nine of them in the meeting room at that moment. Her face was not considered ugly, but it was squarish. If that face had been on a man, it looked pretty charming, but when it was on a lady, it was a little too manly. Most importantly, she shaved her hair so short that one could see her scalp.

If not for her stunning breasts, Lin Huang might not have recognized her as a lady at once.

Noticing that Lin Huang was observing her, Gu Fei stood up to greet him immediately, "Chief Lin, my name's Gu Fei."

"Hi." Lin Huang extended his hand to shake hers. "You can sit down. There's no need for such courtesy."

Jian Fei did not take the main seat. Instead, he sat on the left of the main seat while Lin Huang sat across him directly.

As he took his seat, the remaining two higher management came in.

Since everyone had taken their seats in the meeting room, Jian Fei did not beat around the bush and went right into the subject.

"We hold this meeting today mainly is to solve two issues."

"The first issue would be that some matters that require decision in Heaven Alliance are put aside since the chief went missing. They come to a halt at the moment, the entire Heaven Alliance might be affected if this goes on."

"The second issue would be deputy chief Jiang Rui's elevation to imperial-level. His position's vacant now, we must find someone to take the position as soon as possible. It's something that could affect the organization's operation as well."

"Voice out your opinions right away if you have any."

A young man in the white shirt was the first to speak as soon as Jian Fei was done speaking.

"The chief's just missing, his death isn't confirmed yet. I personally think his position should be vacant. If there are matters that require a decision, the three deputy chiefs would take responsibility by then."

"Xiao Fan, your suggestion's just a short-term solution. It wouldn't work if there's no news of the chief for a long time while his position is vacant. Many organization are watching us Heaven Alliance. My suggestion would be picking an acting chief. If we do that, at least we would have someone in charge," A tanned skin middle-age man voiced a different opinion.

"I agree on Old Xia's opinion. Pick an acting chief doesn't mean that the person would replace the chief. If the chief is back, the acting chief would just resign from his position."

"I understand your point Xiao Fan but you have to consider how realistic the issues are. If the chief's just missing for a short time, indeed, Heaven Alliance could maintain its usual operation with your suggestion but that's not a solution to the issue. What if the chief's away for a long time? Wouldn't this issue be dragged and not solved?"

The fatty sitting next to Lin Huang raised comments on the two people's suggestions.

The man in the white shirt frowned slightly but he did not object further.

"I agree with Old Zhang's suggestion. Looking at Heaven Alliance's current condition, it's necessary that we pick an acting chief to take over," It was the short-haired lady next to the fatty who spoke. She was the only lady among the eight higher management.

The rest remained silent and said nothing.

"Is there anyone else who has a third solution?" Jian Fei asked seeing nobody spoke.

It was silence that responded him.

"Then let's vote on the two proposals. The first proposal would be three deputy chiefs taking the acting chief's responsibility. The second proposal would be picking an acting chief."

"Now those who support the first proposal please raise your hand."

The man in the white shirt was the first to raise his hand as soon as Jian Fei was done speaking. Although he could not convince others, he was firm on his choice.

However, nobody raised their hand apart from him.

"Alright then, those who support the second proposal please raise your hand."

Jian Fei was the first to raise his hand. Later on, six out of the eight higher management raised their hands. Lin Huang was the last to raise his hand.

Jian Fei looked at the man in glasses who did not raise his hand both times.

"I pass." The man in glasses shrugged.

"Gu Fei, are you giving it a pass too?" Jian Fei turned his head and looked at Gu Fei who sat at the far end of the long table.

"Do I have the right to vote?" Gu Fei asked rather surprisedly.

"Of course you do since you're sitting here." Jian Fei nodded.

"Then, I'll choose the first one."

"Alright, it's 2 versus 10. The second proposal wins!" Jian Fei announced the final result.

Among the 11 people present, the two deputy chiefs had two votes while the rest only had one. Gu Fei only had one vote since she had yet to become a deputy chief yet.

"Deputy chief Lin, we'll put the acting chief matter aside at the moment. Let's decide on the third deputy chief so that's it's fairer for the newly appointed deputy chief." Jian Fei skipped to the second issue of the meeting directly and looked at Lin Huang.

Lin Huang nodded to show his agreement.

Jian Fei turned his head to look at everyone and spoke leisurely, "Our previous deputy chief Jiang Rui has elevated to imperial-level, so his position's vacant now. Following the usual procedure, we should submit the list of eligible deputy chief candidates on checkpoint 63, wait for a review and eventually vote.

"However, Chief Chan Dou recommended Gu Fei as Jiang Rui's replacement since the very beginning and Jiang Rui has agreed to it. Therefore, after discussing with deputy chief Lin, we've decided to skip the usual procedure and carry out the chief's order.

"Since Gu Fei's the only deputy chief candidate now, let's vote whether she should take this position. She will pass if the votes surpass half. If the votes are less than half, the third deputy chief's position will only be vacant temporarily. We will recruit other candidates publicly later on for them to go up against Gu Fei for this position.

"Let me make this clear. You have no right to vote this time, Gu Fei," Jiang Fei emphasized intentionally.

Gu Fei nodded without any expression on her face, so Lin Huang could not tell whether she desired the position or not.

"Now, let's vote. Those who agree, please raise your hand!"


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