Monster Paradise
972 Love Makes Us Blind
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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972 Love Makes Us Blind

After settling Jian Fei's matter, Lin Huang noticed that Tang Xu from the Wanbao Auction had called him twice on the communication page. He also sent Lin Huang two messages.

From the messages he skimmed through, Tang Xu wanted him to contact his "demigod master" for him.

He took out the Emperor's Heart Ring that he always used to contact Tang Xu while disguising himself as a demigod.

A couple of notifications chimed as soon as he took out the Emperor's Heart Ring.

He opened the communication page to see four missed calls and three messages from Tang Xu. He could not help smirking after reading them.

Two demigods went to the Wanbao Auction separately ten and eight days ago, stating their interest in the god relic Ba Huang that had been auctioned earlier. They were willing to trade that with God Figurines.

However, Tang Xu had returned the god relic to Lin Huang, so he could not sell it even if he wanted to. Feeling helpless, he called Lin Huang to get the inventory. However, he failed to contact him since he happened to be in the Royal Trials.

"I'll finally have the last two God Figurines!" Lin Huang disguised as the demigod as usual immediately and called Tang Xu after making sure that everything was fine.

"Sir, I've finally managed to contact you!" Tang Xu exclaimed in excitement as soon as the call was connected.

"I brought my disciple into the ruins, so I'm calling you back a few days late." Lin Huang nodded expressionlessly.

"No wonder I couldn't contact the both of you."

"Noted on Ba Huang. I'll get my disciple to bring it to you within two days. You can contact him directly after the deal is done."

After hanging up the call with Tang Xu, Lin Huang used Lin Xie's identity to send Tang Xu a message. "I'll bring the god relic to the Wanbao Auction tomorrow morning."

Tang Xu replied seconds after the message was sent. "Thanks, Brother Lin. I'll arrange the sale of the god relic as soon as possible and I'll contact you as soon the deal's closed."

Lin Huang was elated after talking to Tang Xu. He could not wait to get the God Figurines.

As soon as he obtained the two God Figurines, he would be able to elevate to immortal-level rank-9 and would be just one step away from achieving imperial-level.

After calming himself down a little, Lin Huang recalled that there was still one more thing he had yet to do. He opened his contact book and found a name after some browsing. It was Yang Ling. Without hesitating, he pressed the "call" button.

The video call was connected in less than a single ring.

Lin Huang was stunned to see Yang Ling who was dressed in a neat suit and looked clean-shaven. He even combed his hair which was shining.

"Yang Ling?" He asked rather unsurely.

One must know that Yang Ling always looked messy according to Lin Huang's memory whereby he did not care how he looked at all. He had seen Yang Ling butt naked in video calls more than once. He even saw him having sex with women before. He could not get used to seeing him dressed so smart and dapper.

"Don't I just look handsome?" Yang Ling asked rather proudly.

"Did you get plastic surgery?" Lin Huang teased while smiling.

"Why the f*ck would I need plastic surgery? Take a good look! These are real." Yang Ling inched closer to the screen and squeezed his chin, then his nose. "I'm an authentic, handsome man."

"Alright, alright. Which part of your body have I not seen? Don't come so close. I can see your nose hair. It hurts my eyes."

Yang Ling retreated a distance away and projected his own screen to check his nostrils out.

"Alright, stop messing around. Are you still with Ms. Hong?" Lin Huang could not help but ask. He still remembered seeing Hong Zhuang by Yang Ling's side the last time.

"Ms. Hong? You won't be calling her that for long. Ahem, you should call her Madam Yang soon." Yang Ling grinned joyfully. "I'm thinking of proposing to her next month on an auspicious day."

"You've only known her for a few months, am I right? Are you sure you want to marry her?" Lin Huang was almost speechless. He knew Hong Zhuang's past very well. Although Yang Ling was a traveler like him, he was afraid that he was no match for this woman when it came to manipulation.

"I'm sure and I guarantee it!" Yang Ling nodded vigorously. "I've never had such a certain feeling with any woman in my life. This is my first time wanting to spend the rest of my life with a woman. If I miss this opportunity, I might not have such a feeling for any other women in the future."

"But do you know enough about her? What if she has a past that nobody knows about?" Lin Huang began hinting vaguely.

However, Yang Ling did not notice that at all. "Who doesn't have a past? My past isn't clean either. We'll let whatever happened in the past pass. Why should we dwell on it? I like her now, and that's enough."

Lin Huang did not want to say more since Yang Ling was so determined to be with Hong Zhuang.

"Alright then, let's get down to business."

"Tell me how many rings do you have this time?" Yang Ling asked directly.

"The situation now's a little different…" Lin Huang lowered his voice. "I want to ask if you can unlock storage equipment from other mini worlds?"

"What?" Yang Ling was stunned and demanded immediately, "How did you get those stuff?"

"Don't ask that. I'm asking you if you can unlock them. It's okay if you can't."

"I've never done this before. I can only tell you when I see the item," replied Yang Ling after some thought. He proceeded to ask right away, "How many are there? Are there many?"

"Quite a number," Lin Huang confirmed.

"Sure, bring them to me and I'll try if I can do it when I come back the month after next."

"The month after next? Where are you now?" Lin Huang asked confusedly.

"I'm traveling with the future Madam Yang in Division 3 now. The earliest I can get back to Division 7 will be the month after next," Yang Ling said while looking proud.

"I'm in Division 3 too. Send me your address. I'll go to you in two days." Lin Huang did not expect Yang Ling to be in Division 3 too.

"That works too." Soon, Yang Ling sent his address after they hung up.

"No. A17 foothold Black Crow City? That's the Purple Crow's territory!" Reading the address Yang Ling sent, Lin Huang could not help but frown. "What's Hong Zhuang trying to do?"

Lin Huang thought of reminding Yang Ling to be careful. After all, both of them were travelers from Earth and they had known each other for more than two years now. He could not watch him just fall into trouble like that. However, he eliminated the plan after thinking about it. Now that Yang Ling was high on pheromones and had completely lost his mind, he would not listen to him no matter what he said. On the contrary, he would suspect that Lin Huang was sowing discord between him and Hong Zhuang.

Love did not only make a woman stupid; the same applied to men. They would be even more foolish than women.

In Yang Ling's eyes now, Hong Zhuang was beautiful and in the right no matter what she did. He could not see what she was hiding, or rather, he chose to ignore the existing problems she might have.

"Forget it. I'll see what to do when I meet him in two days. I'll only tell him about Hong Zhuang if it's necessary. Whether he believes or not, that's not out of my control."


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