Monster Paradise
970 He Took All the Corpses With Him
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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970 He Took All the Corpses With Him

The Undead Styx that had a 110,000-strong army under its wing controlled the undead army to go their old lair respectively as Lin Huang ordered. They then searched for loots in the lair.

Although most of them had no space for equipment, the Undead Styx could turn into liquid and devour all the items to store them inside its body temporarily.

Whilst the undead army was searching for loots, the Undead Styx shared the memory of its army members with Bloody. After some selecting and arranging, Bloody shared the useful bits with Lin Huang.

More than an hour later, the undead army came back when Lin Huang was still digesting the sea of memories in his head. They handed all of their stored items to Lin Huang without holding back.

Apart from their items, the treasuries of the 35 regions were emptied too. Also, the over 4,000 participants' storage equipment became Lin Huang's loots too.

Lin Huang only left each of them a set of weapon and armor equipment.

After the search of loots, Lin Huang thought about it and decided not to let go off the three convicts who did not come to the feast. He made the Undead Styx control the three chiefs to lead and form three teams consisting of the regional chiefs and deputy chiefs to kill the remaining three.

When the three convicts, who were thousands of kilometers away, died eventually, a notification from the system popped out in front of Lin Huang immediately.

"Number of Remaining Participants: 1

"Number of Remaining Convicts: 0

"All of the convicts are killed, the trial has officially ended!

"Calculating trial result…

"Participant: Lin Huang

"Gender: Male

"Age: 18

"Combat Strength: Immortal-level Rank-7 (Candidate's cultivation system is eligible for the trial)

"Qualification Assessment: Grade-A

"Basic Points: 552,831

"Reward Points (Killing Regional Chiefs): 780,000

"Reward Points (Killing Chiefs): 300,000

"Total Points: 1,632,831

"Qualification Result: Total points exceed one million points, trial result — Perfect.

"Congratulations, participant, you've obtained a Perfect qualification in the trial and won yourself a Rank-A Royalty authorization!

"The trial has officially ended!

"Do you want to be sent out of the trial space right now?"

Lin Huang selected "no" immediately.

"Reminder: Please handle the loose ends as soon as you can. The trial space will shut down automatically 24 hours later. You can leave anytime within the 24 hours. At the last minute before the trial space shuts down, you will be sent back to your world by force whether you're willing to leave or not."

No more notifications popped out from the system after the reminder.

Lin Huang stood there looking a little lost. He had yet to digest the sea of information Bloody had sent earlier and the system issued such a reminder all of a sudden. It caught him by surprise.

Theoretically, he would not obtain a million points after killing all of the convicts. However, after studying the two reward points closely, he realized that he was given 10,000 reward points for killing each regional chief and 5,000 reward points for killing each regional deputy chief. As for each chief, he was awarded 100,000 reward points. As a consequence, he accumulated a total of over 1.6 million points.

What he was even more confused about was that he was given a Rank-A Royalty authorization albeit having participated in a Rank-D trial.

"What's happening? Could the Royalty authorization have something to do with the trial points?"

"Indeed, it's related to the trial points." Although Bloody could not see the system notification Lin Huang read, it took over the subject anyway. "Liang Hao and the rest have a related memory on this. The participants will only pass if they obtain more than 1,000 points. Otherwise, it's futile even if they get first place in the trial after staying for a month in the trial space. However, the participants who pass the trial will only be given Rank-D Royalty authorization.

"As the points go up, the trial qualification will be classified 'Good' as long as the points exceed 10,000 and a Rank-C Royalty authorization will be granted. Those who obtain even higher points will qualify for 'Outstanding' as long as the points exceed 100,000 and the person will be given a Rank-B Royalty authorization.

"However, nobody knows if one would attain higher authorization if they obtain more points than that. The highest Liang Hao and the rest have in their memories is Rank-B authorization."

The related information appeared in Lin Huang's head after Bloody reminded him.

Although the three chiefs had no information about the Rank-A authorization, it was easy for him to figure the reason he had obtained the Rank-A authorization from the available information. It should be the reason he accumulated more than 1 million points and was graded Perfect.

After solving his doubt, Lin Huang put aside the Royalty authorization temporarily while proceeding to digest the information Bloody had sent.

The three chiefs returned with glory a few minutes after he was done digesting the information.

They brought back the dead bodies and loot of the three men who refused to join the feast.

"The three of them are on imperial-level purple gold-rank. Two of them have similar abilities with the regional chiefs while one has an ability that's comparable to the chiefs," reported the Undead Styx through Liang Hao.

"It's a good thing that the undead army has three more outstanding fighters now!" Lin Huang nodded while smiling and putting the loots away in his Emperor's Heart Ring.

The Undead Styx spent some time to resurrect the three imperial-level purple gold-ranks one after another.

By then, all of the convicts were dead and had become members of the undead army.

"We should've already done everything we need to in this trial space. There's nothing that we left out. Am I right?" Lin Huang held his head down and asked Bloody that was in his sleeve. He could not think of anything that had not been done.

"You're the only participant left and all the convicts have become part of the undead army." Bloody thought about it and said, "As for the plunder, we've searched through all the accommodation of the 4,000 participants and 100,000 people. We didn't leave anything behind in the treasuries of the regions and zones. Even a few mini treasuries that a few regional chiefs squirreled away didn't escape from the Undead Styx's mind-reading. We've got everything."

"If we have to look for things that we haven't searched, we're left with the hundreds of local monsters. Most of them are baby beasts with limited combat strength. Moreover, they're all carnivorous monsters with little potential to elevate." Bloody had learned about the local monsters from Liang Hao and the rest's memory. It knew every single detail of each monster.

"Which means there are no more benefits that I can gain from this place." Lin Huang pouted when he heard that. He had little interest in those monsters that had low combat strength and little potential to elevate.

"Then, there's no longer any reason for us to stay," Lin Huang declared and he recalled the Undead Styx before recalling Bloody back to card form after that.

As the crowd at Tongtian Peak foot vanished all of a sudden, Lin Huang was the only person left at the empty place.

"Send me out then."

Lin Huang's body was wrapped in a ring of golden light as soon as he said that. The golden sphere then shot into the clouds at the speed of light and vanished completely.

Not long after Lin Huang disappeared, a tremor shook the trial space out of the blue. Two silhouettes, one skinny and one plump, walked out of a crack.

The duo had a rather perplexed expression on their faces as they scanned through the entire trial space with their Divine Telekinesis.

"What's happening? Where are the convicts?"

"There's not even a single participant either."

"Is there surveillance?"

"There used to be, but it was removed later on. It was said that a female leader came to check on the trial space many years ago, and the higher management was afraid that she would see obscene things, so they removed many surveillance cameras in the prison. They didn't put it back after that."

"So, how are we supposed to find out what that participant Lin Huang did in this trial space?"

"Looking at the current situation, we can report that he killed all of the participants and convicts, then took all of the corpses with him."

"It doesn't sound credible at all…"

"Why don't you make something up then?"

"Err, let's just report what you said then."


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