Monster Paradise
969 We Should Be Humble Instead of Being High on Pride
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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969 We Should Be Humble Instead of Being High on Pride

Tongtian Peak was the interception of the three zones. It had also been the fixed venue for all of the collaborative activities of the three zones for tens of thousands of years.

It was past nine in the morning, but the foot of Tongtian Peak was already congested with people. Most of them made it there last night and they had been waiting at the foot for a night.

Apart from the minority of them who had been killed by the two days ago, basically 99% of the 100,000 convicts in the entire prison were here.

Lin Huang, on the other hand, arrived at the place leisurely after having some light breakfast early in the morning. However, he was hiding in the Ninetails Lynx's alternate dimension where nobody could see him.

Everyone was relaxing while chatting with people they knew since the chiefs were not there yet.

Even some of the regional chiefs were talking about the feast this time.

"Why do you guys think the three chiefs are doing this? If they're going to divide the meat according to the rules that they've set, they won't be getting much meat."

"I guess they just want to torture us since they're bored."

"What else? They just want to show off! Remember the Octodecathlon last time?"

"Don't talk about the Octodecathlon anymore. Ugh, I get so pissed whenever someone mentions this!"

"Oh yeah, your region came in last for the Octodecathlon last time. What? Are you fighting for the last place again this time?"

"F*ck! Can't you say something more auspicious? Boss Zheng will kill me if we get last again."

"Do you guys think the people in Royal will go insane since we've cleared all the participants in the Royal Trials this time?"

"I don't think so since we're only one of the tens of thousands of trial venues. Moreover, it's normal for participants to fail. It's not like there's always an implicit condition whereby the participant who gets the most points must obtain at least 1,000 points."

"I don't think so either. This is only a Rank-D trial space after all. The participants will only get a Rank-D authorization even if they pass this trial. There are at least millions of Royalties with Rank-D authorization. They wouldn't care whether they have one more or one less Rank-D member."

Liang Hao and the other two arrived at the scene when it was approximately 9.55 a.m.

Everyone who gathered at the foot of the mountain fell into a hushed silence as soon as the three showed up. They then shuffled back to their own teams.

"I won't beat around the bush. Regional chiefs, do a headcount and see who isn't here yet. Hand me the list of absentees. Cross the names of those who made it before 10 a.m. off the list. We'll handle those who arrive after 10. Their meat will be confiscated and they won't be given food and water for 100 hundred years!"

Many regional chiefs looked solemnly at the other two chiefs, Zheng Tu and Liu Hong.

Both of them nodded to the regional chiefs under their wings. "Follow what Chief Liang said."

The regional chiefs and regional deputy chiefs began working as soon as the two spoke.

Many of them who made it just on time looked guilty, they were secretly relieved that they were not late.

When it was almost 10 a.m. sharp, four imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouse whose aura was nothing less than Liang Hao and the rest arrived just in time. They way they looked at Liang Hao and the rest two was a little provocative.

However, Liang Hao and the two did not do anything about that since they were under the Nightmare Tapir's control.

Liang Hao spoke again as soon as time passed ten.

"Those who haven't arrived will be given the punishment that was set last night."

Around some ten minutes, only three among the 35 regional chiefs handed the list. Everyone in the remaining regions made it there.

There were only four names on the three lists.

Among the four names, one of them made it to Tongtian Peak but he was approximately three minutes later.

The people who knew him turned to look at him when the three chiefs read out his name. Most of them had teasing expression on their faces, only a minority of them had sympathy flashed through their eyes.

"Chief Zheng, please give me one more chance. I could've made it on time but I was chased by a monster when I was on the way. I took a big round and that's why I'm late…"

Zheng Tu, who was short and muscular, spoke without an expression on his face, "You're an adult. Adults should pay for their mistakes. There's nothing to complain about. No matter what the reason is, it's a fact that you've broken the rule that we've set. If I let you go this time, we'll set precedence. In the future, everyone will think that they can break the rule that we've set. Just accept the punishment obediently and stop complaining. I'll kill you if you continue to complain!"

The man, who still wanted to argue, shut up immediately. He dared not utter another word.

"We'll visit the remaining three who haven't made it here until now after the feast has ended." Zhang Tu glanced at everyone when he said that. Many people had goosebumps from that warning of his.

"Alright, we'll begin with the submission of the meat. All the members of each region will hand all of the meat to your regional deputy chiefs. The regional chiefs will be responsible for registering and calculating the data. Pass the data to your chief when you're done with the calculation. The three of us will confirm the number. Don't cheat. All the meat from the entire region will be confiscated if we find out that anyone has cheated on the data!"

All of the regional chiefs who were planning to cheat began the registration obediently when they heard the last sentence.

Lin Huang stayed in the alternate dimension until past noon. Seeing that everyone surrendered the thousands of participants' bodies they had hunted and put them into 35 piles, he got the Ninetails Lynx to release him.

Everyone looked puzzled when he appeared next to the three chiefs.

Many of them reacted immediately upon realizing that he was a foreign participant. However, what puzzled them was that the three chiefs seemed to be ignoring him.

"Get good sleep, all of you." Next to him, the Nightmare Tapir released a loud roar as Lin Huang snapped his fingers. The sound wave spread at a speed that was close to 100 folds faster than the speed of sound.

Many of the convicts fell onto the ground wherever the sound wave passed by.

The few imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses who had similar abilities with Liang Hao and the rest had the fastest reaction. They sped toward Lin Huang in an attempt to attack him. However, they lagged far behind the Nightmare Tapir's sound wave attack no matter how fast they were. All of them fell midair as the sound wave spread.

In less than a second, at least 100,000 convicts fell into the Nightmare Tapir's dreamland.

After spending more than an hour reading everyone's minds, the Nightmare Tapir made everyone fall asleep in the dreamland forever.

Lin Huang then summoned the Undead Styx to take over the loose ends.

The Undead Styx that was initially the size of four basketballs turned into a flowing black river. It devoured all of the convicts apart from the imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses.

In less than an hour, more than 4,000 participants and 100,000 convicts, who were deep in the dreamland, woke up again. However, their eyes were now pure black as if they were dyed with ink.

The Undead Styx spent almost a day and night to devour all the remaining over 180 imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses before resurrecting them.

The three chiefs took the longest whereby it spent more than half an hour resurrecting them.

Lin Huang was beaming with pride as he looked at his imperial-level army that was close to 110,000 people. "Such an army should be enough to clear any organizations in a gravel world."

However, Bloody soon ruined his imagination. "I'm afraid it's not sufficient yet. Even though the imperial-level powerhouses' numbers surpass any organization's, we're still lacking the peak combat strength — demigod!"

"In an organization such as the Union Government, they would have at least 15 demigods. The Hunter Association would have more than ten. I'm afraid that even Dynasty would definitely have more than five. And that's conservative speculation."

Lin Huang's pride was torn as Bloody practically splashed a bowl of cold water onto him.

"Hmm, I think we should be humble instead of being high on pride then."


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