Monster Paradise
968 The Hongmen Feas
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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968 The Hongmen Feas

On the tenth day since the Royal Trials began, apart from Lin Huang, all 10,000 participants were disqualified.

By then, Lin Huang had completed a significant part of the goal of his journey in the Royal Trials.

Glancing away from the notification coming from the trial system, Lin Huang observed the headless lady's body.

A ball of black liquid appeared on the left side of him. It then turned into a black stream and headed towards the lady's headless body and her decapitated head.

Approximately ten seconds later, the black liquid vanished completely. The lady's severed head was reconnected with black threads. As if she had merely faked her death, the lady stood up from the ground. Her aura was still the initial imperial-level white gold-rank aura. Apart from her eyes that were now all black without any white irises, nobody could tell there was anything off about her.

"Master." The lady bowed respectfully to Lin Huang slightly as she fixed her eyes on him.

Lin Huang raised his brow. The ball of black liquid was his God Figurine's Combat Soul, the Undead Styx. He roughly knew that it could resurrect the dead. Furthermore, the person who was resurrected would be immortal.

Because the lady before him had a terrifying ability when she was alive, he suddenly had an idea of trying the Undead Styx's resurrection ability.

"Does this resurrection preserve her ability and memory from when she was alive?"

"Yes. As long as the soul's intact, complete preservation is possible," replied the lady with a nod.

"Even if the brain's been destroyed?" Lin Huang asked rather surprisedly.

"That doesn't matter. It won't affect anything whether it's destroyed or rotting because I retrieve information from their soul."

"How many people can you control at once?" Lin Huang asked again.

"According to my inherited memory, there shouldn't be a limit on the quantity." The Undead Styx's answer was rather out of Lin Huang's expectations. "Wouldn't it burden you if the number is too high?"

"No. The soul and body I devour will become part of my body, so it'll only strengthen me."

"What about the limit to the resurrection combat strength?"

"The highest I can resurrect will be imperial-level purple gold-rank. I can't resurrect people on demigod-level and above due to the Divine Power in their bodies. However, since my combat strength's only on imperial-level white gold-rank now, it'll take a longer time for me to resurrect an imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouse. The more powerful the soul is, the longer it'll take."

"How long does it take for you to resurrect an imperial-level purple gold-rank then?" Lin Huang asked immediately.

"Usually around three minutes. I'll need at least ten minutes for those who've elevated from supreme genius. If the person's comparable to a quadruple mutated monster, it'll take at least two hours. Due to the combat strength restriction, I can't resurrect many imperial-level purple gold-ranks at once currently. I can only resurrect one at a time. I won't have this problem if my combat strength is elevated to imperial-level purple gold-rank. Then, the speed of my resurrection will experience a boost by tenfolds too."

Lin Huang asked a couple more questions and achieved a better understanding of the Undead Styx's abilities.

After recalling the Undead Styx, he realized that the resurrected lady had disappeared as well.

"With the Undead Styx's ability, it won't take long for us to build an undead army," Bloody declared while smiling in envy.

"You don't have to be envious of its ability. All it does is resurrect dead beings while you can cast parasites and control all living things," Lin Huang comforted.

Bloody did not dwell on the topic. It then focused on the important thing at hand.

"Now that all of the participants have been cleared, we'll have to clear the convicts next."

"Do you have any idea how to gather these convicts together?" Lin Huang had been thinking about it for these past few days, but he could not come up with a solid plan.

"It's simple. We'll organize a Hongmen feast!" Bloody told him how to carry out the next plan in detail.

Both of them discussed until late at night until they had nailed down all the details of the Hongmen Feast.

When it was almost 10 p.m., Lin Huang got the Nightmare Tapir to issue the order to the three chiefs. They announced a new notice together when it was 10 p.m. sharp.

"The participant-clearing collaboration has officially ended!"

"Congratulations, everyone! It's the first time we've cleared all the Dynasty participants in our territory."

"The three chiefs are officially inviting all regional chiefs, regional deputy chiefs and all members in this prison to have a feast tomorrow at 10 a.m. at the foot of Tongtian Peak."

"By then, please submit all the meat that everyone has hunted this time. We will calculate and rank the three zones and regions based on the number of prey. After the ranking is done, we will distribute the meat according to the rule that was set earlier."

"The three chiefs will come to your doorstep if anyone doesn't attend the feast at the said time and if you hide the meat. All the meat will be confiscated and you won't be given any food and water for a hundred years. Those who refuse to surrender the meat when the three chiefs visit will be killed on the spot!"

Those who were planning on playing tricks eliminated their plan as soon as the notice went out. Nobody wanted the three chiefs to come to them and they were far from willing to give up on a hundred years of food and water.

Although the notice was filled with harsh words and it was rather odd to demand everyone to be there, not many people suspected the authenticity of the notice.

A similar incident had happened before; it was not the first time the three chiefs were doing such a challenge. Besides that, the trio had announced the notice together, proving that they had discussed this before, so the probability of it being fake was almost zero. Nobody would be able to figure that the three chiefs were being controlled without them even realizing it.

Since the notice went out, many of them departed directly to Tongtian Peak.

A minority of powerhouses who were not in the organization under the three chiefs frowned slightly when they saw the notice. They communicated with each other immediately.

"I'm sure you guys saw the notice Liang Hao and the rest sent, didn't you?"

"Yes, it's obvious that they're pointing at us."

"Didn't we just got a few bodies when we followed the crowd? It's so petty for them to want us to submit all the bodies."

"It has nothing to do with the meat. The trio is just seizing the opportunity to flaunt their power."

"Do we go? I'm guessing they might really come to us if we don't. Since they've already announced that, they wouldn't want to look bad."

"Of course we're going. They'll have something to hold against us if we don't. We'll just play by their rules. If they ask for trouble even if we obey, we'll kill them together. Let's see who'll die then!"

"Let's see what kind of trick they're pulling off."

Clearly, this notice had extremely high oppressive power. Even those who were usually rebellious did not dare to say anything this time.

Even a minority of them, whose abilities were comparable with Liang Hao and the rest, chose to compromise. After all, they would not be able to take Liang Hao and the rest on since they had more people on their side no matter how powerful their personal ability was. If they really were to fight, the upper hand was not theirs.

Lin Huang and Bloody waited patiently for the next day to come after sending the notice out.


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