Monster Paradise
967 Number of Remaining Trialists: 1
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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967 Number of Remaining Trialists: 1

It was midnight. A silhouette dashed at high speed in the dense jungle. Up to a hundred skinny silhouettes followed closely behind him

Huang Wuji was running for his life like a mad man. Before entering this trial space more than ten hours ago, he had never imagined that such a thing would happen to him.

As the Fifth Prince, he was well-prepared before coming to the trial. He even hired an Imperial Censor to sign a contract with three imperial-level monsters for him to bring them into this trial space. He obtained a Life Base as soon as he entered the trial space and elevated all the way to imperial-level yellow gold-rank.

Initially, he thought elevating to imperial-level yellow gold-rank would give him the ability to fight most imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses head-on, making him the overlord in this trial space. Never had he thought that he would break the beehive after killing a few convicts and end up being chased by a bunch of local convicts who had lost their minds like he was a dog.

'Seriously? All I did was killing a few of you and up to a hundred people are chasing me for more than 5,000 kilometers. Plus, there are more and more people! Could one of the people I killed come from a powerful background? Am I that ill-fated?'

Huang Wuji sensed a few powerful aurae advancing toward him swiftly as he was thinking to himself. There were four of them and their combat strength was clearly on imperial-level purple gold-rank. Their aura was much more powerful than the usual imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouse.

"Sh*t! These four must be the regional chiefs and the deputy chiefs of this region. Are people of such a level out hunting too?" Huang Wuji was hesitating as to whether to leave the trial now.

He tried deviating his direction a little, but the people that were approaching him changed their flight trajectory immediately and headed toward him.

"I've been targeted!" There were obstructions before him and people chasing behind him while he was surrounded on both sides too.

Knowing that it was impossible for him to escape, Huang Wuji did not choose to give in. He went forward to the few imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses before him, clenching his teeth.

Soon, both parties met.

Huang Wuji glanced at the four of them. Instead of targeting the one who had the weakest aura, he had his eyes fixed on the one who had the most powerful aura. His intention to battle was skyrocketing.

"If I'm not mistaken, you should be the regional chief. Do you dare to take my challenge?"

"Boss, this kid's interesting," said a shorty standing next to him while grinning.

"You have excellent eyes." The man with facial paralysis, who was challenged, smirked. "Let's play then."

Huang Wuji tossed the golden combat spear in his hand as soon as the man was done speaking. The spear spun rapidly like an arrow in the air and a golden line reflecting the moonlight arrived before the man's face. At the same time, he raced towards the man.

The man with facial paralysis had no expression. He pointed his right hand in the air as he lifted an eyelid, pointing at the tip of the golden spear.

The golden gleam at the tip of the spear disappeared. It expanded rapidly and exploded. Countless golden rays shot out everywhere as if a sun had just exploded. The blast sounded like tens of millions of thunders rumbling at the same time and the area within a radius of tens of kilometers turned into ruins.

In the next second, the man with facial paralysis pointed in the air again as his eyelid twitched.

A silhouette went from being invisible to turning visible. His body shot out like a cannonball as he spat a mouthful of blood out.

"You're worthy of being called the regional chief! You sure are compelling!" Huang Wuji realized how far apart his ability was from the person in that instant. The regional chief should have been a supreme genius even before he elevated to imperial-level.

"Eh, he's still alive?" The man with facial paralysis raised his brow faintly. Just when he lifted his hand in an attempt to attack again, he did not expect to hear the participant across him.

"I'll surrender since I'm not a match for you. You guys don't have to send me off." Huang Wuji crushed the trial token without hesitation as soon as he finished speaking. His body was covered in a golden glow in an instant and it turned into a golden sphere. He then shot into the sky at the speed of light and disappeared in the clouds in the blink of an eye.

Some seed players from other organizations who were sent in experienced a similar encounter with Huang Wuji.

All of them came in with full confidence with the expectation of showcasing their abilities to win themselves a place in Royal. However, they were treated like dogs not even a day into the trial. Those who were slightly lucky like Huang Wuji managed to escape by crushing the trial token in time. Those who were unlucky could not even escape and were killed by a bunch of convicts who collaborated.

Early the next morning, since the trial began, 90% of the 10,000 participants were disqualified, so only less than 1,000 remained.

Looking at the calculated data the trial system conveyed, Lin Huang could not help but admire the convicts' terrifying hunting efficiency.

"It's only been a day and 9,081 people have been disqualified. Including me, there are only 919 participants left now. Looking at the progress, they'll clear all of the participants within one or two days."

"I don't think it'll be that quick." However, Bloody gave a different opinion. "The reason the first hunt had a high efficiency is that the participants were caught off-guard since they didn't expect the convicts to be hunting them. They had no upper hand since they're unfamiliar with the terrain.

"Those who managed to survive the first hunt should have top-notch abilities among those participants. Furthermore, after a night of escaping, they should've gained a certain understanding of the terrain. Although the number of convicts has the absolute upper hand, it'd take at least a week to kill all of the participants."

"What you said makes sense." Lin Huang figured that he was thinking too shallowly after hearing Bloody's explanation. "Seems like we can only wait patiently."

Lin Huang spent the next few days practicing his swordsmanship.

Time flashed by and a week had passed. Among the 10,000 participants, three people survived.

Apart from Lin Huang, the other two had been playing hide-and-seek of all sorts with the convict army.

According to the messages the convict army sent back, the two participants were imperial-level white gold-rank powerhouses. The ordinary imperial-level purple gold-rank could do nothing for them since they would only be afraid of masters such as the regional chief.

Just when Lin Huang was cracking his head, pondering how to kill the two people, the number of remaining participants dropped to 2 all of a sudden. It was clear that someone had either been killed or disqualified.

"There's this one last man left. The Royalty quota will be mine as soon as he's dead," Lin Huang muttered softly at the number 2.

Soon, two days had passed and the number of remaining participants stayed unchanged at 2.

Even Lin Huang was considering if he should hunt the person himself.

After lunch, a maidservant walked toward Lin Huang with a plate of fruits. She turned her head after placing the plate on the coffee table and realized that Lin Huang was looking at her smiling.

"Don't go since you're here." Lin Huang grabbed the lady's wrist.

"Are you sure about that, Master?" The lady leaned in while smiling sweetly.

"Of course I am." Lin Huang released her arm and pulled her into his embrace.

At the moment, the lady grinned and grabbed a short blade from her sleeve. She shoved it rapidly and pierced it through Lin Huang's head.

However, the lady had a slight change of expression at the same time. She stepped back quickly because she saw Lin Huang's penetrated head being crushed into pieces and fading away.

"There are two things that I didn't expect. One is that you'd be a lady and secondly, I didn't expect you to come to my doorstep." Lin Huang stood at the entrance of the palace and looked at the lady in a maid's uniform as he leered. "Perhaps I couldn't do anything to you if you were to hide properly for a short period of time, but now…"

"I didn't expect it to be an immortal-level who managed to create such a stir in Royal's trial space and get everyone disqualified." The lady's body gradually transformed into her original body. She was a beauty, much prettier than the maidservant that she had disguised as earlier.

"Can I ask you a question? How did you find out about me? I thought I disguised myself perfectly as this maidservant. There shouldn't be any flaws at all."

"I hypnotized everyone in this palace, but you're the only one who isn't under the spell." Lin Huang knew this lady was the last participant that he was looking for as soon as he laid his eyes on her.

"Since you're done asking, do you want to leave by yourself or should I send you out?" Lin Huang asked while smirking.

"Aren't I the one who has the upper hand in such a situation?" It was clear that the lady did not want to give up on the member quota of Royal that was just right there.

"Some things can't be seen by the naked eye." Lin Huang smiled while raising his brow.

Just when the lady was attempting to launch an attack, she felt a searing pain that spread from her neck out of nowhere. In the next second, her head tumbled from her neck as fresh blood spurted out of her neck like a fountain.

Lin Huang's silhouette was reflected in the eyes of the head on the ground. Without any realizing it, a tiny little cat had appeared on his shoulder.

A notification from the trial system popped up before Lin Huang all of a sudden.

"Number of remaining participants: 1"


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