Monster Paradise
966 The Gravel World’s Dangerous Situation
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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966 The Gravel World’s Dangerous Situation

Huang Chenyu hid carefully in the branch of a big tree. He leaned closer to the branch and stopped breathing entirely. His heartbeat was so weak that it almost came to a halt.

It was a disguise ability that he had mastered, giving him the ability to blend in with the environment rapidly so that nobody could sense his presence. With his current imperial-level crimson gold-rank combat strength, he could even hide being detected from imperial-level yellow gold-rank powerhouses' Territory skill.

He assassinated three local convicts throughout the day with the same ability. One of them was an imperial-level black gold-rank and two were imperial-level crimson gold-ranks.

However, as the Second Prince of Dynasty, he was not hunting. Instead, he was avoiding himself from being killed.

He hid on top of the tree for over ten minutes without moving. Midair, the search teams went by one after another. He was relieved to sense the aura of the two teams getting further and further away.

"What exactly happened? It was fine during the day. Why did these convicts become so hardworking with their large-scale search for participants before the sky turned dark?" mumbled Huang Chenyu softly.

"That's because the three chiefs ordered them to hunt." A voice came from above Huang Chenyu.

Stunned, Huang Chenyu did not look at the person at all as he hurried on tip-toe rapidly into the dense jungle.

A skeletal gray silhouette followed closely behind him. He was getting closer and closer. Soon, his voice went into Huang Chenyu's ears clearly.

"This stealthy disguise ability of yours isn't too shabby. You might be able to hide from me if your combat strength is a rank higher, but now you're like a firefly in the dark. You can't hide no matter where you go. Instead of wasting your strength running away, why don't you just fight me? At least, you could die with dignity."

Huang Chenyu said nothing as if he had not heard what the person said. He traveled through the dense jungle, twisting and turning in an attempt to get rid of the person.

Both of them tore through the dense jungle for a couple of minutes. One was running away while the other was in pursuit. The gray silhouette seemed to be afraid of attracting attention and did not attack.

However, a black gleam flashed diagonally at his front all of a sudden. Huang Chenyu was shocked, but it was too late when he tried to avoid it. The black gleam pierced through his chest and his heart burst into pieces.

Huang Chenyu's aura disappeared on the spot while he fell onto the ground.

They gray silhouette behind halted immediately and revealed a tall, skinny man. He condemned in rage, "Who dares to take my prey? Come out now!"

At the moment, a skinny silhouette walked out of the dense jungle slowly. He wore a white robe with disheveled long hair. He lifted his head and looked at the tall, skinny man as a challenge. "Do you have any comment on this?"

"N-No comment." The tall, skinny man waved his hand immediately as cold, dense sweat dripped down his forehead.

"I found this meat first. Get out," said the white-robed man casually as if he was telling the truth.

"Yes, yes, yes… I didn't see anything!" The tall, skinny man turned around and immediately fled. He only stopped running when he was tens of kilometers away. He wiped the sweat on his forehead away. "Scared the sh*t out of me! Even the white-robed lunatic is participating in the hunt this time. Isn't this fella a lone wolf whereby even the regional chief means nothing to him?"

At the same time that Huang Chenyu was killed, a large-scale hunt for the participants took off everywhere.

Many participants could not understand it until the final seconds when death loomed in front of them. Why did all of the convicts in the trial space go nuts and began seeking and killing participants when they had just skimmed the surface by killing two to three convicts?

What they had no idea about was that someone had the entire space figured out while the rest were combing the trial space carefully. This person was the culprit who drove all the convicts nuts.

As the hunt for the participants got heated out there, as a participant himself, Lin Huang was sitting on the couch in Chief Liu Hong's home, studying the memory Bloody had selectively sent him.

"Ahh, the so-called Virtual God and True God are just how the Protoss addresses them…"

According to the great world, virtual god-level was called destiny-level and was the level to consolidate Life Columns. There would be nine transformations in the Life Columns. Each transformation would be called a rotation, so there would be a total of nine rotations on destiny-level.

In this level, a territory that was initially invisible would form a mini world because of the Life Columns. It was called a God Territory, which the Protoss called "Kingdom".

After the nine rotations in the Life Columns were completed while the Divine Fire was lit, one would reach god order-level when they learned the orders and sequences, which was what they called true god-level. There were nine sequences in the god order-level. One would master a level of the order of the world every time they broke through a sequence.

A complete sequence chain would be formed once the person mastered the order up to the ninth sequence. A powerhouse who achieved Supreme Godly Right covering the entire God Territory would be said to have achieved god sequence-level. Since the Godly Right could not be rebelled against and was formidable, the Protoss called the level heavenly god-level. The ranks were divided into five titles according to the intensity of the Godly Right and the God Territory which were duke-rank, marquess-rank, earl-rank, viscount-rank, and baron-rank.

Moving up, Absolute Godly Right would be formed when one consolidated nine or more god sequence chains. A powerhouse who elevated his God Territory to Supreme Kingdom would be on what they called supreme god-level, which the Protoss called lord-level. Strictly speaking, only the God Territory of a supreme god-level could be called a real Kingdom. Even though a powerhouse had just entered supreme god-level, the Kingdom would already be fully opened and contain up to 1,000 mini-worlds. On this level, he could build an enormous Kingdom of his own easily.

However, that was all the chiefs understood about the combat strength.

Liang Hao and the rest had no idea how supreme god-level or lord-level were divided exactly, let alone the existence of other levels above supreme god-level.

Nevertheless, the current information was sufficient for Lin Huang. He had yet to reach imperial-level now, so virtual god-level was far away from him, let alone the higher levels.

Apart from learning about combat strength, Lin Huang had a rough idea about the tribes and the distribution of the organizations now.

In the great world, the most powerful tribe would be the Protoss. The second would be the Bug Tribe and the third would be the Immortal Tribe. The fourth would be the foreign Abyssal Tribe and the fifth was the Dragon Tribe. Humans ranked No. 6, which was the lowest among all.

The Dragon Tribe which ranked No. 5 was the only tribe in the top six that was not a prominent tribe. In reality, the ability of their top powerhouse was no less than a Protoss'.

Just like the Dragon Tribe, the other tribes were less in quantity compared to the great tribes. Overall, they were not as powerful as the Dragon Tribe so they ranked after human. However, that did not mean they had no powerhouses.

"Looking at the situation of the gravel world that we're in, our world's most probably within the range of power under the Protoss's organization. Those that have been invading our world has always been the Protoss and the God Servants!" Out of the blue, Lin Huang noticed that after having a rough idea of the distribution of the tribes.

"I think it's more possible for us to be at the intersection of the Protoss and the Abyssal Tribe's territories," Bloody added, "Many abyssal living things in the Abyss Brink should come from the Abyssal Tribe's territory."

"What you said makes it sound like the situation's actually worse now." Lin Huang shook his head while forcing a smile.

"It's pretty bad. It's usually just a copy for the Protoss to gain experience whereby they'd leave after they're done with it. As soon as the Protoss and the Abyssal Tribe go to war, it won't be just a one-off incident. The entire gravel world might even be destroyed."

"Waiting for the Protoss to come and defend them then won't be a solution. Even if the defense works in the end, it doesn't solve the root problem." Lin Huang scowled to hear what Bloody said. "We must find ways outside of gravel world to solve it completely!"

"I'm planning to break through to imperial level as soon as I can after I leave this trial space. I'll leave the gravel world after settling some stuff!"


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