Monster Paradise
965 The Clearing Plan Takes Off
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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965 The Clearing Plan Takes Off

Lin Huang got the Nightmare Tapir to go easy on the hypnotizing so that although Pang Bing and the rest were now semi-hypnotized, it seemed nothing out of the ordinary to outsiders. After that, Lin Huang left Sky Pillar Mountain and headed toward where Chief Liang Hao lived.

Liang Hao was one of the three chiefs in the current Royal prison who actually had a secret identity. He was Pang Bing's nephew.

Liang Hao had a formidable ability and was worthy of being called a supreme genius before elevating to imperial-level. In the great world, he was considered a person with extraordinary talent. Unfortunately, he did not come from a powerful family and had rather bad luck. He grew up in a minor organization that Pang Bing had founded. However, someone attacked the organization when Liang Hao was still on immortal-level and the organization was completely destroyed.

Since then, he had been following Pang Bing, living a life full of swindle.

Ever since Liang Hao elevated to imperial-level, both of them founded a minor organization in the great world to con the rookies in the main city. They even killed the rookies after conning them to prevent from being exposed.

Relying on those immoral resources, Liang Hao and Pang Bing cultivated their skills all the way to imperial-level purple gold-rank.

However, the good old days did not last long. They eventually offended a Royalty one day. While the organization was destroyed, Liang Hao and Pang Bing were thrown into this prison.

Ever since they arrived in the prison, Liang Hao soon realized that his ability made him a dominator in this space. He challenged the previous chief and killed him. Naturally, he became the new chief since then.

Lin Huang learned about that information from Pang Bing's memory.

Lin Huang did not doubt Liang Hao's ability. Liang Hao used to be a supreme genius after all. Perhaps his ability was nothing less than a pseudo-mythical-level monster since he elevated to imperial-level. His ability should be even more powerful now ever since he became the new chief. Besides having a full set of demigod relic equipment, he even got himself a god sword relic.

However, Lin Huang did not think Liang Hao had the upper hand if he were to fight his God Figurine's Combat Souls of the same combat strength.

After spending more than half an hour, Lin Huang arrived where Liang Hao lived — Dragon Pond Mountain.

He sensed the aura of more than 100 imperial-level powerhouses in the Dragon Pond Mountain area when he was far away midair. Most of them were on imperial-level yellow gold-rank while a minority of them were on imperial-level white gold-rank. The latter should be the guards.

He also saw a gigantic building on top of Dragon Pond Mountain. It was clearly another demigod relic palace.

The aura inside the palace was blocked entirely, so he could not sense anything inside at all. However, he knew that everyone in the palace sensed his presence since the beginning.

Apart from the people in the palace, even all the guards on Dragon Pond Mountain lifted their heads and pointed at the sky cautiously.

Liang Hao, who was sitting on a brass throne, raised his head slightly. "A participant?"

"Boss, do we catch him alive?"

There were four other people in the palace hall, three men and one woman whose aura was clearly on imperial-level purple gold-rank. The four of them were Liang Hao's personal bodyguards.

"He's only on immortal-level rank-7… Has Royal lowered its standards in the trial?" mumbled Liang Hao softly and shook his head, smiling. "Ignore him. The guards out there will take care of him."

Before he was even done speaking, he faltered and soon looked aghast.

The reason being was the young man, who appeared below 20 years old, summoned a monster which attacked all the guards on Dragon Pond Mountain until they slumped to the ground. They seemed to have been attacked by an invisible curse.

In the next second, the young man grabbed the token hanging on the waist of an entrance guard and opened the palace door.

Lin Huang and the Nightmare Tapir walked into the palace hall as soon as the door opened. He had a faint smile on his face while he glanced past the five of them present and his eyes eventually stopped on Liang Hao.

"Who are you?" Although Liang Hao was asking Lin Huang, he had his eyes trained on the Nightmare Tapir. His instinct told him that this little beast that appeared rather small was life-threatening to him.

"Hi, Chief Liang," Lin Huang introduced himself while grinning, "It's your humble servant, Lin Huang, the participant. The reason I'm here is to let you have a good sleep."

"Go!" Liang Hao shouted all of a sudden before Lin Huang could finish.

The five of them left their seats almost at the same time, racing toward Lin Huang and the Nightmare Tapir like an arrow leaving its bow.

At the moment, the Nightmare Tapir lifted its snout up high while releasing a loud roar from its muzzle. The sound wave spread almost 100 times faster than the speed of sound, and the five of them stopped moving.

The four of them had their eyes looking blank while Liang Hao managed to struggle for less than 0.1 seconds before he became a hypnotized puppet too.

After it was done reading their minds, the Nightmare Tapir sent the information to Bloody again.

The Nightmare Tapir put all five of them into a semi-hypnotized mode once the searching of the loot was done. Lin Huang then headed toward where the second chief lived.

It was close to four in the afternoon after spending close to an hour and a half hypnotizing the second and third chiefs as well as completing the search for the loot.

Lin Huang stopped moving around. Instead, he stayed in the house of the third chief, Liu Hong.

"We can commence our plan now that all three chiefs have been hypnotized."

"Yes, we can get the Nightmare Tapir to make the three chiefs announce the hunting of the participants at the same time now," Bloody confirmed.

"The notice must make the hunting rule clear. Those who manage to find the participants and provide accurate information will be given 10% of the prey. Those who manage to kill the participants will be given 50% of the prey.

"Among the 35 regions, all of the members in the top three regions will be given 30%, 20% and 10% of the prey they hunt respectively as a reward. Regions that rank from No. 4 to No. 10 will have a 5% reward on the prey that they hunt. The regions that rank No. 33, No. 34 and No. 35 will have 10%, 20% and 30% of the prey that they hunt taken away respectively.

"In the top three major zones, everyone in the major zone that ranks No. 1 will have 10% reward of the prey that they hunt while the No. 3 region will have 10% of the prey that they hunt taken away. The region that ranks No. 2 won't have any reward or punishment."

The notice was sent to the talismans of all the convicts in the prison around four in the afternoon simultaneously.

They were excited and could not wait to commence the hunt as soon as they saw the notice.

Under normal circumstances, the convicts would have to submit 50% of the preys that they hunted. 20% would go to the chiefs while 30% would go to the regional chief and regional deputy chief. The convict could only keep half of their prey.

However, they would be given 10% as soon as they found the participants. Together with the 50% that they obtained from killing the participants, they would be given 60% of the harvest. If their region and major zone ranked No. 1, they would be given another 40%. That would be mean that they would get 100% of the harvest.

Naturally, the regional chiefs were displeased to see the notice because their benefits would be taken away because of the new rule.

Just when the regional chiefs were complaining, another notice was sent to all of the regional chiefs and deputy chiefs.

"For the remaining bodies in this hunt, the three chiefs will only be given 5% while the remaining 95% will be given to the top 10 regional chiefs and deputy chiefs. The region that ranks No. 1 will be given 30%, No. 2 20%, and No. 3 10% while No. 4 to No. 10 will be given 5%."

Everyone shut up as soon as the notice went out.

The regional chiefs and deputy chiefs from the 35 regions gathered people to hunt for the participants immediately.


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