Monster Paradise
964 The Disclosure of Royal
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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964 The Disclosure of Royal

As soon as the Nightmare Tapir activated its ability, Pang Bing and the rest were hypnotized without being able to fight back at all.

After reading their minds for less than a minute, the Nightmare Tapir sent the information that it had read to Bloody.

Bloody spend three to four minutes selecting and categorizing the information before snapping back to its senses.

"So, is there any useful information?" Lin Huang, who was standing aside, asked.

"There are quite some information about this prison and something about Royal. I think you should take a look," said Bloody and extended one of its tentacles, pressing it to his forehead.

A moment later, the sea of information Bloody selected and categorized rushed into Lin Huang's head.

Lin Huang took close to half a minute to digest the information as he shut his eyes after Bloody was done with the transfer and had retrieved its tentacle. "Royal is that powerful?!" That was the first thing Lin Huang said after he opened his eyes again.

In reality, Lin Huang already got some of the killed convicts' memory from Bloody this morning. He found out quite some information about the other worlds.

He gained a rough understanding of Royal after he got Pang Bing and the rest's memory. He also had a preliminary understanding of the gravel world, the mini world, and the great world.

The gravel world was a mini world with an incomplete order. It could be a mini-world that was growing or one that had fallen.

The world that Lin Huang was currently in was a gravel world. Furthermore, judging from the current situation, it should belong to the latter category.

In a gravel world with incomplete order, it was impossible to have True Gods in it. Even elevating to Virtual God was extremely difficult.

A mini world was a complete gravel world. Such a world had complete order where True Gods could be born. There might be heavenly god-level powerhouses that surpassed True Gods who were born in a minority of powerful mini worlds due to some special reason or opportunity. Some people would call this kind of world a medium world, but in reality, the nature of such a world was still a mini world.

A great world was the ultimate version of evolution in a world. In such a world, even lord-level powerhouses could be born. They could end a mini world with the flip of a hand.

There were countable Lords even in the great world with many tribes and talented geniuses.

According to Pang Bing's memory about great world, Royal was not a tribe, but a special organization outside the great world. There was a division founded in the big world.

However, such a division had a Lord guarding them. In the great world, their combined ability ranked No. 3 in all the organizations.

Royal had an extremely high acceptance rate to be a member. Apart from the minority Bug Tribe and Abyssal Tribe, they treated almost all tribes equally without discrimination. They would recruit members from all the worlds every now and then. No matter whether the person came from a gravel world, a mini world, or a great world, they could be a Royalties as long as they passed the trial.

The biggest advantage of being a Royalty was that they could trade resources they desired in the Royal market no matter which world they were in.

Due to the massive number of Royalties in every world with the existence of many gods, one could purchase almost anything that one thought of. God relics and god items aside, one could even get methods to cultivate to become a Lord.

"It seems like Royal's a little bit like an upgraded Genius Union, but they have a higher demand for personal ability. Only one person passes in the end among the 10,000 supreme geniuses compared to Dynasty's Prince," Lin Huang could not help but exclaim. "According to Pang Bing and the rest's memory, even without me, powerhouses such as Huang Wuji of the Five Princes have less than a 10% chance of passing the trial looking at the candidates who've passed in history.

"But the fact that I can trade different resources in various worlds is worth the effort to fight to be a Royalties." Lin Huang was sure that he wanted to be a Royalty after learning a little bit more about Royal.

"Only the person who obtains the highest points in this trial will be accepted as a Royalty. Although it's easy to achieve No. 1 on the leaderboard under normal circumstances, we can't be sure about what special techniques the others have. We can't see their points after all. To be safe, I suggest that we eliminate all of the participants first." Bloody offered a bold suggestion.

Lin Huang was stunned to hear that. He had never thought Bloody would make such a suggestion.

Bloody added after noticing that Lin Huang did not speak for a while, "Judging from the memory of Pang Bing and the rest, most of them who are participating in the trial came from a mini world while some of them came from a great world. The similarity is that those people came from major organizations. Some have True Gods in their organization while some even have Heavenly Gods. The seed players those organization sent should have formidable trump cards with them. We can't rule out the possibility that they can harm you. The easiest way to eliminate those threats is to eliminate them right away."

Lin Huang could not argue with what Bloody said at all.

"So, you're saying that we won't be following our initial plan of going for the three chiefs? Instead, we're going for the participants?"

"We're still implementing our initial plan as a whole, but we're not clearing Zone 17." Bloody shook its head. "Because we need those convicts to hunt those participants."

"You're saying that we're using the local convicts' strength to eliminate all of the participants?!" Lin Huang understood what Bloody meant now.

"That's right," Bloody confirmed, wearing a smile, "The efficiency is too low if we do it ourselves. The trial is only opened for a month. It might not be sufficient for us to kill all of the participants hiding everywhere within a month. Using the convicts will be much faster. They're more familiar with the terrain and the number of them is tenfolds more than the participants. It shouldn't take too long for them to eliminate all of the participants if all of them hunt together. We can prevent the risk of the participants from attacking using their trump cards if we get the convicts to kill them for us."

"So, what do we do next?" Lin Huang asked, "Do we find the three chiefs, hypnotize them and order them to hunt for the participants?"

"Something like that, but we can't order them to hunt just like that. Those convicts aren't as obedient after all. Most of them won't be enthusiastic about carrying out the order if we ask them to hunt right away." Bloody shook its head while smiling. "They'll be more enthusiastic plotting a plan that makes them think them they'll benefit," Bloody voiced its concern after telling its plan.

"There's another thing. The three chiefs are the top among imperial-level purple gold-ranks. Looking at Pang Bing's memory, they might be supreme geniuses. The Nightmare Tapir's combat strength's only imperial-level white gold-rank, so I'm a little concerned that the hypnotizing might fail."

Lin Huang took out a demigod-level soul crystal from his storage space, smiling after hearing that. "I've been putting this aside. Now, I can finally use it."

He fed the demigod-level soul crystal to the Nightmare Tapir. After some ten minutes, it digested the soul crystal successfully and elevated from imperial-level white gold-rank to imperial-level purple gold-rank. It was Lin Huang's third imperial-level purple gold-rank God Figurine's Combat Soul!

Within the ten minutes, Lin Huang got the regional chief Pang Bing to bring out all the treasures around Sky Pillar Mountain in Zone 17.

"Shall we depart now?" Lin Huang could not wait to go ahead with the next plan after noticing that the Nightmare Tapir's elevation was completed while he had the loots in his hands.


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