Monster Paradise
963 A Successful Invasion
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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963 A Successful Invasion

In the meeting room at Sky Pillar Mountain, an old man with silver hair sat on the main seat. The strong Wang Xing and a fat man with small, beady eyes sat on his left while a poker-faced man who looked mediocre sat on his right.

The four of them were the regional chief and regional deputy chiefs of Zone 17.

Wang Xing, who sat on the old man's left, suddenly spoke as he waited for the old man to finish speaking, "Regional chief, my body says that he would like to discuss a deal with all of you."

"A deal?" Pang Bing raised his brow upon hearing that. "What deal is that?"

"A candidate came to my body approximately half an hour ago. He said he brought many food resources and he would like to make a deal with us," Wang Xing explained, "My body has checked the food that he's providing. Apart from meat, there are also vegetables and fruits, and even drinks like alcohol. This candidate clearly came prepared."

Food was the scarcest resource they lacked in this space. Ever since they entered this world, they were basically eating only meat. Neither was there any vegetables nor fruits around. Due to the barren land, they could not plant those at all, let alone brew drinks such as alcohol.

The other three could not help but gulp when they heard that.

"This prison's barren. What does this candidate want?" Although Pang Bing was moved, he remained rational.

"He said all he wants are that storage equipment that we can't unlock," Wang Xing announced the condition of the deal.

"He's out of his mind to be asking for storage equipment in exchange for food. Any of that storage equipment could trade food that could pile into hundreds of Sky Pillar Mountains if he unlocks them." The poker-faced man scoffed. It was clear that he was extremely discontented with the condition.

"You can't say that, Old Ning. Although the storage equipment is valuable out there, they're just a pile of trash since we can't unlock them in this prison. They're just trash even if there are god relics, god items or god-level methods since we can't retrieve them! Food is the scarcest resource this prison lacks. Exchanging a bunch of trash with scarce resources, why can't we do that?" The fatty sitting next to Wang Xing gave a different opinion.

The poker-faced man scoffed and said nothing back.

"What do you think, Old Wang?" Pang Bing turned his head to look at Wang Xing's clone.

"I agree with what Huyan said. We can't unlock that storage equipment anyway, so it's useless to keep them. Some of them have been here for thousands of years and we still can't unlock them. Even if there's something amazing in them, it's futile since we can't retrieve them. Why not just exchange them with food?" Wang Xing shared the same opinion as the fatty.

"Why didn't your body catch that fella directly and force him to hand over all of the food?" The poker-faced man asked Wang Xing.

"I thought the same too, but that fella said he has a team who wants to work with us for the long term when we met. He's the only one who brought food at this time since it's the first time. He wants to see if we can collaborate. As soon as the first collaboration goes smoothly, they'll bring in tens of members with food every time the trial opens and the amount of food will be more than tenfolds compared to this deal. Moreover, we can give them a list of the food that we need in the future," Wang Xing's clone reiterated his body's explanation.

"Collaboration, my as*! Nobody knows how long until the next Royal Trials will take place in this space. You believe him just because he said he would have a long-term collaboration with us?! Don't you know that everybody can make empty promises?!" The poker-faced man, on the other hand, had disdain written all over his face.

"Wouldn't we know if he's making empty promises after he takes Huyan's test?" Wang Xing turned his head to look at the fatty next to him.

"Sure. It's just testing an immortal-level which doesn't require much effort," said the fatty while spreading his arms.

"Then, that's set. Old Wang, ask your body to send the candidate here directly. We'll get Huyan to test him. We'll discuss further if he passes the test. If he fails, we'll kill him directly." Pang Bing eventually decided after the trio's discussion.

The poker-faced man crossed his arms and looked away with a dour expression, but he did not object any further.

Thousands of kilometers away, Wang Xing's body still seemed to have blank eyes while reiterating the clone's discussion.

"They've agreed to the deal, but before discussing it officially, they'll do a test on you to make sure that the long-term collaboration you said is true. If not, they'll kill you directly."

"Test? Something like a hypnotizing interrogation?" Lin Huang raised his brow when he heard this, roughly guessing what the test was.

"Something like that. There's a regional deputy chief called Huyan Zhuo who is an expert in illusion whereby he can easily get the answer to what he wants to know," Wang Xing added, "Apart from the collaboration, they'll seize the opportunity to ask information about the world that you're from."

"I understand now. Lead the way then." Lin Huang nodded, wearing a smile.

Pang Bing and the rest were plotting against him, so was he not too?

Approximately 15 minutes later, Lin Huang arrived at the core zone of Zone 17, Sky Pillar Mountain, with the guidance of Wang Xing.

The mountain was the highest among all of the peaks in Zone 17. It was also where Wu Bin, the first chief of this Royal prison lived. Tens of millions of years ago, this prison had four chiefs and Wu Bin was one of them. It was those four who had implemented the orders in this prison which resulted in the stable development now.

To show respect to Wu Bin, nobody ever lived in Sky Pillar Mountain. The palace that used to belong to Wu Bin slowly became the Zone 17 office.

In midair faraway, Lin Huang saw many guards around Sky Pillar Mountain. There were at least 30 to 40 of them. Most of them had imperial-level yellow gold-rank combat strength and a few were on imperial-level white gold-rank.

He was not surprised to see that since he had heard about it from Wang Xing earlier.

As they landed on Sky Pillar Mountain, Lin Huang followed behind Wang Xing and entered the palace right away. Nobody stopped him. The guards did not even bother to look at him and ignored his existence completely.

Lin Huang figured it must be Pang Bing who notified them before their arrival. Otherwise, it was impossible for him for step foot in this palace even though Wang Xing was there.

After entering the palace, Lin Huang realized the palace was a demigod relic.

The demigod relic palace looked brand new even though tens of millions of years had passed. Of course, apart from the accumulation of energy for generations, the credit must go to the people who managed it often.

As Lin Huang stepped into the palace, the door closed automatically.

In the hall, the gray-haired Pang Bing sat on the main seat while Wang Xing and the other two sat on both sides.

However, Wang Xing's clone faded immediately when Wang Xin himself arrived. He took big strides and sat where his clone had been before.

Lin Huang stepped forward slowly.

When Pang Bing was ready to ask his questions, the Nightmare Tapir had released the Ninetails Lynx from its alternate dimension.

The Nightmare Tapir's eyes turned completely black when a little white cat landed on Lin Huang's shoulder sturdily.

Pang Bing and the rest stared blankly. They could not move as they sat on the chairs.


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