Monster Paradise
962 He’s A Manstress
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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962 He’s A Manstress

He's A Manstress

There was a palace perched on top of Hat Mountain that reached the clouds. It looked like the tip of a giant hat.

Lin Huang patted Thunder's neck. "Get down there."

Thunder withdrew its wings and fell rapidly. It spread its wings again when they were about to land and hovered in the air. They landed at the entrance of the palace safe and sound.

Lin Huang got off its back and recalled Thunder. He then summoned the Nightmare Tapir and pushed open the palace doors.

He saw a steamy scene as soon as the door was pushed opened for a second.

Six naked women surrounded a man who was also bare, licking the man everywhere.

In a glance, Lin Huang saw the thing between the strong man's thighs who lay reclining on the chair. He could not help but comment while smiling, "No wonder he could marry six wives. This fella can afford to do that."

Bloody's voice came into Lin Huang's ears at that moment. "He's not Pang Bing. He's the regional deputy chief, Wang Xing."

"Ugh…" Lin Huang suddenly thought that the greenery in this Hat Mountain was perfect for the situation. 1

Wang Xing stood up immediately upon seeing the door open all of a sudden. He widened his eyes and looked at the newcomers.

The six women screamed as they hurriedly picked up their bras that were scattered all over the floor and covered their lady bits.

Wang Xing had sensed Thunder's existence earlier, but he did not care. Since Thunder's imperial-level crimson gold-rank aura masked Lin Huang's immortal-level aura completely, he did not notice that there was a human on Thunder's back.

In this prison, there were initially many local monsters. Since a supply of never-ending convicts was added in, most of the local monsters almost went extinct as a result of the convicts eating them.

The chief back then noticed the severe food shortage and prohibited the hunting of local monsters. For the sake of maintaining the food source in the long run, they allowed those monsters to move around and breed. They would only hunt once a year. Although they would hunt annually, the hunting of baby monsters was prohibited.

Therefore, Wang Xing did not care when he sensed Thunder's existence. He thought it was just an ordinary monster passing by. How could he have guessed that Thunder would dash down directly when it arrived above Hat Mountain? It only took less than one second when Lin Huang opened the palace door.

It was too late when he reacted as he was distracted, enjoying the six women's attention.

Compared to the women's panic, Wang Xin soon calmed down upon sensing Lin Huang and the Nightmare Tapir's aura. He did not even bother to look for clothes to cover his body as he stood up and shouted at Lin Huang, "Are you seeking death, candidate?!"

"I'm sorry to interrupt your interesting activity." Lin Huang spread his arms wide. "I'd be happy to wait until you guys were done if I weren't in such a hurry."

"Don't be sorry. Just suffer the death penalty." A sword aura shot out from Wang Xing's hand that was lifted as soon as he was done speaking. It arrived in front of Lin Huang's face directly.

However, his eyes turned blank right away while the sword aura that shot out faded in the air. The attack stopped and his body could not move at all as if he was a puppet that was being controlled.

At the same time, the six women, who were putting on their clothes in a panic, fell onto the ground. They seemed to be have fallen into a deep sleep.

"Put on your clothes." Lin Huang lay on the chair and waited for Wang Xing to put his undergarments on before he began the interrogation.

"Who are you?"

"My name's Wang Xing. I'm the regional deputy chief of Zone 17."

"Why are you in Pang Bing's home?"

"The Royal Trials commenced today. The regional chiefs are holding a meeting. He's not home, so his six wives invited me here."

"Don't you have to join such a meeting since you're a regional deputy chief?" Lin Huang asked rather confusedly.

"We only need to get our clone to go to most meetings. My clone went to the meeting this time as well."

"Now that he's being hypnotized, will his clone be affected?" Lin Huang asked the Nightmare Tapir.

The Nightmare Tapir shook its head and sent a thought into Lin Huang's head. He understood the Nightmare Tapir's explanation right away.

When a person was hypnotized, he would be in a kind of slumber while the clone was moving independently. Even if the person himself was in sleeping mode, it would not affect the clone. Furthermore, the clone would not sense whatever that was happening to the person. On the contrary, the person would be aware of whatever that was happening to the clone.

Lin Huang was finally relieved after confirming that and proceeded with the interrogation.

"Does Pang Bing know about your relationship with his six wives?"

"He doesn't. The six wives and I know his whereabouts very well, so we're not afraid of being busted."

"How long have you guys maintained this... relationship?"

"It's been 23 years."

"It's fine if you're with one or two of his wives, but why do you do this with all six wives?" Lin Huang could not understand that.

"Wife No. 6 is actually the spy that I asked to be with Pang Bing. Realizing that Pang Bing's terrible in bed, she connected all of us together and it slowly developed into the relationship that we have now."

"This female spy's powerful. Not only did she give him five women for free, but she also threw herself into his embrace as well," Lin Huang mumbled softly.

"Maybe this female spy has liked him since the beginning." Bloody's voice came out of his sleeve.

After some gossip, Lin Huang finally came to the serious stuff.

"Where's Pang Bing now?"

"He's at Sky Pillar Mountain, hosting the trial meeting."

"Apart from you, who else is at the meeting?"

"Another two regional deputy chiefs."

"Are they using clones too?"

"No, they went as themselves this time."

"When does the meeting end?"

"Looking at the current progress, I'm afraid it'll only end at 1 p.m. or after 1.30 p.m. if it takes longer."

"So, that means I can kill all of them this time without having to look for them one by one!" Lin Huang was elated to hear that.

After asking a couple of questions, Lin Huang got the Nightmare Tapir to retrieve the memories of all seven of them directly and share the information with Bloody.

Soon, Bloody came up with the detailed plan that they should carry out next.

"There's no need to keep these six women around, but we can't kill Wang Xing just yet. His clone will disappear as soon as he's dead. Pang Bing and the rest will know something's off right away."

"Moreover, there are many defensive measures at Sky Pillar Mountain. We'll alert the enemy if we get in with Thunder by force. It'll be much easier to get Wang Xing to go with us."

"However, I'm afraid it's hard to bring someone in since this is a meeting that's strictly for regional chiefs." Lin Huang thought he might be suspected even if he followed Wang Xing.

After all, Bloody's initial plan was to invade the abodes of the regional chief and the deputies to kill them one by one. That would not be happening now.

Bloody grinned to hear Lin Huang's doubts.

"Don't worry. I have my way. Not only will Pang Bing and the rest not suspect your identity, but they'll also get Wang Xing to invite you to the meeting!" The author is describing 被戴绿帽 (literal meaning: someone put a green hat on his head), meaning a person whose wife cheated on him. 绿 means green, hence the 'greenery is perfect for the situation'.


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