Monster Paradise
961 Hat Mountain
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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961 Hat Mountain

Shi Qiang and the other two men were on imperial-level white gold-rank. Their combat strength exceeded Bloody's ability to cast its parasites on them.

However, it was no trouble for Lin Huang.

His God Figurine's Combat Soul Nightmare Tapir had a hypnotizing ability. Although the Nightmare Tapir's combat strength was only imperial-level white gold-rank, its ability was sufficient to control imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses.

As Bloody was attempting to retrieve the memories of the imperial-level powerhouses lying on the ground, Lin Huang began the hypnotizing interrogation on Shi Qiang and the other two.

"What's your name?"

"Shi Qiang."

"Why did you come to the Shadow Canyon?"

"To kill the candidates."

"Who told you about the candidates?"

"Ge Nan did."

"Who is Ge Nan? Why did you trust him?"

"Royal sent us into this prison on the same day. Maybe because we went through the same thing, we clicked as soon as we talked. We then became good friends. He's one of the very few people who I could talk to in this prison, and he's also one of the people with whom I could let my guard down."

After confirming that the hypnotization was working by asking what he already knew the answers to, Lin Huang then began cutting to the chase.

"I heard that you're close to Pang Bing, the regional chief here. Is that true?"

"We're not close. I've only seen him three times."

"Does Pang Bing value you?"

"Yes, he thinks that I can break through and he hopes to train me as his underling. He wants me to be the regional deputy chief after I break through imperial-level purple gold-rank and work for him."

"You should know where Pang Bing lives then."

"I do, I've been there once."

Lin Huang was pleased to hear that.

"Where exactly does Pang Bing live?"

"On top of Hat Mountain," Shi Qiang proceeded, "He doesn't live alone. He lives with his six wives. Two of them are on imperial-level white gold-rank while the remaining four are imperial-level yellow gold-ranks."

"What? Does he live such a happy life in prison?! Six wives?!" Lin Huang widened his eyes after hearing that.

"The regional chief is only a position surpassing the chief. The resources they obtain can't compare with ordinary imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses. These women must've gone to him for the resources. After all, resources are scarce in the Dynasty prison. They might not have food if they don't depend on a powerhouse." Bloody heard this and explained, "I'm sure that apart from the six of them in his harem, there are more women who desire to climb into his bed in this prison."

"What else do you know about Pang Bing?" Lin Huang returned to the topic after a moment of being astounded and proceeded with the interrogation.

"In reality, Pang Bing's ability is considered mediocre among the imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses. However, he has two demigod-level types of equipment with him. One is a defense armor while another is a battle saber. The reason he managed to be the regional chief is mainly because of these two items. Apart from that, I heard he's a relative of Chief Liang's and they were put into this prison together. Nobody knew how true that is."

After some interrogation, Lin Huang and Bloody gained a rough understanding of regional chief Pang Bing. Lin Huang then proceeded to question the other two.

The duo knew nothing much about Pang Bing. However, they knew another regional deputy chiefs each. As a result, Lin Huang gained information that he was not expecting about the two regional deputy chiefs.

Bloody was already done the integration after retrieving the memories way before Lin Huang was done with the interrogation.

"We're currently in Zone 17, which is Liang Jin's territory. The regional chief is Pang Bing, and there are three regional deputy chiefs who all have imperial-level purple gold-rank combat strength. Apart from these four, there are two idle imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses who didn't accept Liang Jin's recruitment. There are a total of over 3,000 convicts in the entire zone. Among them are six imperial-level purple gold-ranks, 43 imperial-level white gold-ranks, and 367 imperial-level yellow gold-ranks."

"So, what's the plan next? We already have Pang Bing's coordinates. Do we go to him directly?" asked Lin Huang, "Or do we use our old trick to bait them?"

"We can no longer use the old plan." Bloody shook its head. "In reality, there was a high probability that we might've failed when we were tricking Shi Qiang earlier. Fortunately, Shi Qiang trusted Ge Nan so much and didn't suspect a thing. Otherwise, they definitely wouldn't fall into our trap. The chances of failing are too high if we continue to use the same plan on Pang Bing."

"So, do you mean that we should kill Pang Bing immediately this time?"

"We kill Pang Bing after gathering information from him. We'll kill the three regional deputy chiefs one after another later," Bloody advised.

"Do we give up on all of the convicts?" Lin Huang raised his brow when he heard that.

"Of course not." Bloody shook its head, wearing a smile. "Killing the regional chief and the regional deputy chiefs is the first step. We can only carry out our next plan after killing them."

Bloody then shared the plan eventually and Lin Huang kept nodding while listening.

"That's such a great idea! If everything goes well, we can sweep everything in Zone 17 today." Lin Huang patted the Nightmare Tapir's head while watching Shi Qiang and the other two standing there looking lost. "You can kill them now."

The Nightmare Tapir's eyes turned black like they were dyed with ink.

A moment later, Shi Qiang and the other two fell to the ground. Life oozed out of them quickly.

The 50-odd people who fell unconscious earlier were killed as well.

However, their bodies had no wounds on their bodies at all. They did not look like they were dead. Instead, they looked more like they had fallen into a deep sleep.

"Bury them. They're human just like me after all. It's brutal to just abandon their bodies in the wild." Lin Huang had no sympathy for the convicts, but he thought he should respect the dead by burying them. It would not take too much time anyway.

Bloody summoned its hundreds of parasitical puppets and spent less than ten minutes digging holes. They then buried all of the corpses underground.

"Let's go to Hat Mountain now." Lin Huang summoned Thunder when he noticed that Bloody was done on its side and had recalled all of its parasitical puppets.

Riding on Thunder's back, they headed towards Hat Mountain.

Hat Mountain was approximately 2,000 kilometers away from Shadow Mountain. With Thunder's current speed, they arrived at the destination in less than 15 minutes.

They encountered two rounds of convicts who attacked them along the way. Thunder accelerated to dodge them and they lost the convicts like a piece of cake.

When they saw Hat Mountain in the sky, Lin Huang realized why the mountain had such a common name. The entire mountain looked like a conical hat. It resembled exactly the same as those pointed hats that witches always wore in fairytales. The only difference was that it was green. The entire mountain was covered in trees, and the sloppy tip stood tall in the sky. Compared to the mountains around it, this mountain stood out, which was how Lin Huang recognized it at first glance.

"Hat Mountain lives up to its name!" Looking at the lush green mountain, Lin Huang thought that Pang Bang had an impeccable taste for choosing to live on such a mountain.


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