Monster Paradise
957 A Plot to Bai
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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957 A Plot to Bai

"According to their memory, there are 42 convicts within 400 to 500 kilometers. There are 11 of them on imperial-level black gold-rank, 23 imperial-level crimson gold-ranks, and 8 imperial-level yellow gold-ranks. There are no imperial-level white gold or purple gold-ranks," Bloody came up with the data and spoke subsequently, "Figuring that killing them one by one would waste too much time, I thought of a way to attract them to us instead."

"I was thinking of the same issue earlier. Killing them one by one's too slow. Moreover, those fellas have high alertness. They wanted to run away as soon as they noticed something off." Lin Huang nodded. "Tell me what you have in mind."

"Aren't they lacking food? I have hundreds of immortal-level rank-9 people in my parasitical army. We could use them as bait." Lin Huang had a rough idea of what Bloody was planning as soon as he heard that.

After some detailed discussion, both of them began carrying out the baiting plot.

Bloody handed the communication talisman it had found from the skinny man over to Lin Huang. "The first target — Ge Nan."

Lin Huang took the talisman and inserted Life Power into it. Then, the script and sigils on the talisman lit up rapidly.

Bloody spoke as soon as Ge Nan picked up. Its voice sounded exactly like the skinny man's. "Boss Ge, I have a piece of excellent news."

"Be specific." A voice came soon from the other side.

"Sure, I'll tell you right away." Bloody looked at Lin Huang and smiled before proceeded to speak, "I found a team of over 20 candidates."

"Skinny Monkey, you do know the consequences if you deceive me, don't you?" said the talisman after a moment of silence.

"Boss Ge, how would I dare to deceive you? I wouldn't dare even if I have 18 guts!" Bloody was on-point with the skinny man's tone. Even Lin Huang flashed it a thumbs-up, looking rather surprised.

"It's only been less than an hour since the trial has begun and you're telling me that there are more than 20 candidates forming a team. How is that not a lie?" The voice sounded rather mad. "The candidates are sent in randomly each trial. It's been less than an hour since the trial started. Don't talk about gathering a team of 20. The chances of two candidates who know each other meeting are so low."

"Was it Tao Peng who asked you to lie to me so that he could attack me?"

"It's really not what you think. I really saw a team of candidates. There are more than 20 of them. I'm also curious about how they managed to gather so fast," Bloody proceeded to explain with the skinny man's voice, "If you don't believe me, just pretend that I never contacted you. I'll look for somebody else. I provided this piece of information because I know I can't finish all of the flesh, so I thought of sharing with someone else. It doesn't really matter who I share it with."

The person fell into a moment of silence before speaking again, "How much do you want?"

"Three of them," Bloody requested.

"No, you'll only get one."

"We'll both take a step back to meet in the middle. Give me two!"

"One and a half!"

"One and a half then." Bloody sounded a little unwilling.

"Give me the address."

"I'll send it to you right away."

"Also, this will only be a secret between you and me. I don't want a third person to know about it. If you tell someone else about it, I guarantee that you won't get anything!"

"Understood." After hanging up with Boss Ge, Bloody turned to say to Lin Huang, "Second target — Zhao Kui."

Bloody spoke using the skinny man's voice again as soon as the talisman was connected.

"Boss Zhao, I'm Skinny Monkey. I've got great news for you. I called you as soon as I got the news."

"Oh, it's Skinny Monkey. What's up?" A casual voice came from the other side of the talisman.

"I found a team of candidates with more than 20 people." Bloody lowered its voice.

"The trial has just begun. Are you sure you got it right?"

"Definitely. How could I be wrong about candidates? All of them have soft flesh like a little girl. I'm drooling just looking at them." Bloody copied the skinny man's style completely while Lin Huang, who was listening aside, was speechless.

The person fell into silence for a moment before replying, "How much do you want?"

"I want three."

"Three is too much., I'll give you two at the most," Zhao Kui bargained right away, "I'm bringing my people there. I'll need to share with them."

"Sure. You're such a straightforward man, Boss Zhao. I won't bargain with you further," Bloody said casually, "I'll send you the address later."

After ending the call with Zhao Kui, Bloody lifted its head and said to Lin Huang, "Next one — Shen Hong."

The talisman in Lin Huang's hand soon lit up once again.

Just like that, Bloody contacted six imperial-level yellow gold-rank people and spread the news about the bait. Apart from one who insisted on not believing it about the team and called Bloody a liar, the rest agreed to bring people there. After all, a team of candidates was extremely tempting. It was food that was hard to come by.

However, the five of them realized that the rest were also recruiting while they were doing so.

Ge Nan was the first to contact Bloody with the talisman to question it after finding out. Bloody gave a bunch of excuses while Ge Nan ended the call, enraged.

After Ge Nan, there were another two who questioned it. Naturally, Bloody gave the same excuses.

Although they were angry, the few of them who found out that the skinny man had spread the same news to others did not cancel their plans to come up with their hunting teams. Instead, they moved faster in the attempt to complete the hunt before everyone else.

The person, who was initially skeptical, contacted Bloody immediately to ask for the address after hearing the others arranging the hunt. He decided to believe the news eventually.

Bloody asked for two bodies, and the person agreed on one and a half after some bargaining. It then sent the address over.

"Six imperial-level yellow gold-ranks… Each of them will bring at least 10 people or even more. We'll have at least 60 convicts this round." Lin Huang's eyes lit up radiantly.

"This is the first reward. The subsequent ones will be even higher. Those imperial-level yellow gold-rank people will definitely have their ways of contacting imperial-level white gold-rank people or even ways to contact the regional chiefs. After killing the regional chiefs, our reward will be boosted even more." Bloody had already formed a complete plan of their move after this.

After spreading the news out with the communication talisman, Bloody picked 25 immortal-level rank-9 human parasitical puppets from the pet space.

Lin Huang blended in as well and did not even recall Lancelot. He wanted the convicts to think there was an Imperial Censor in the team, enhancing the authenticity of the team.

As it was done with the arrangements, Bloody hid in Lin Huang's sleeve while he moved forward, leading the team. Patiently, they waited for the fishes to be hooked.


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