Monster Paradise
956 The Prison’s Food Source
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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956 The Prison’s Food Source

Clearly, it was not their first time doing such a thing, so they moved after exchanging looks having distributed the specific tasks.

Realizing that Lin Huang was an Imperial Censor, both of them had a simple strategy.

The big guy would take down the imperial monster Lancelot who had the same combat strength as he did, which was imperial-level crimson gold-rank, while the skinny man would attack the Imperial Censor Lin Huang whose combat strength was only immortal-level rank-7.

To them, the battle would officially end as soon as the imperial monster was held back for a moment while the Imperial Censor was destroyed within a short period of time.

Alas, dreams were always beautiful but the reality was cruel.

As they fought, the big guy and the skinny man's dreams were crushed completely.

Just when Lin Huang was going to pull his sword out, Lancelot flashed his trump card right away. Ten of thousands of black swords appeared in the air in an instant and transformed into a two-headed boa thousands of meters long. It swallowed both of them, opening its huge jaws.

"Keep one of them alive!" Lin Huang shouted immediately.

The main reason he chased the skinny man was to ask for information, not to obtain points.

Under Lancelot's Sword Manipulation attack, Lin Huang heard a brief devastating shriek in the air and soon, the entire world fell into complete silence.

As the black swords faded one after another, two bodies appeared. The skinny man had lost his life and turned into a corpse.

Although the big guy was still alive, he was unconscious. His body seemed to be torn apart.

"Bloody, go for it," Lin Huang said while looking in the big guy's direction.

Bloody hovered over to the big guy and extended two tentacles. One went for the big guy's head while another went for the skinny man who was already dead.

A moment later, the big guy opened his eyes after Bloody recalled its tentacles.

Seeing Lin Huang and Lancelot standing before him perfectly fine while the skinny man's corpse lay limply on his left, the big guy wanted to run, but he realized he could not move at all.

"Don't even try. Running is futile," Lin Huang said to the big guy while grinning.

Bloody cast its parasite on the big guy but his consciousness was not wiped. His body was in Bloody's complete control. Unable to get up to run, he would need Bloody's permission to even move a finger.

"Now, let's play a game. This game is called 'I'll ask and you'll answer'. First question, who are you?"

"I…" The big guy wanted to curse, but he realized what he said would become the answer to the person's question. "I'm the convict of this prison."

"Prison?" Lin Huang was rather puzzled.

"Yes, this enclosed space's a prison. There are convicts like me in this prison," explained the big guy against his own wishes.

On the other hand, Lin Huang raised his brow. "So, this Royal Trials made a prison its trial venue. What a great way to save money! Who put you guys in there?" Lin Huang was curious about that.

This time, the big guy answered the question willingly, "Who else? Of course, it's those people from Royal."

"What's the reason for you being captured here?" Lin Huang asked again.

"Because I love eating human bone marrow." The big guy smiled while observing Lin Huang. "Do you know what kind of bone marrow is the most delicious? It's the kind where you chop off the person's limbs when he's still alive and smash a hole in the bone after slicing the flesh away slowly. Poke a straw in and suck it directly while the human warmth is still swimming in the bones. It's like drinking tea. You've got to enjoy it slowly. After you're done with the first limb, go for the second one. Don't cut them open at once, or else, the bone marrow will turn cold…"

"Seems like you deserve to be put in prison." The big guy stopped talking as soon as Lin Huang spoke.

Bloody knew that Lin Huang did not want to hear that kind of story, so it made the big guy shut his mouth right away.

"Next question, what's with this trial?"

"Such a trial happens every decade or so. There's no fixed period for the trials to begin. It happens every 20 to 30 years if it's short, and up to 100 years if it's long," the big guy told the truth without being able to control himself. "Each trial's a joyous festival to us because we can hunt for candidates as we like for the entire month. They become our limited food source."

"Cannibalism?" Lin Huang just grasped the meaning of the way the two men had looked at him earlier.

"It's very normal to do that here. There's no food or water in this space. The people from Royal only send food and water once a year while we'll have to fight for other resources on our own. To us, the candidates are undoubtedly the best food."

Hearing what the big guy said, cannibalism was a norm, not his personal habit.

Initially, Lin Huang was hesitant to kill people who had nothing to do with him. However, now it seemed like those people in this space had completely lost their conscience.

"So, why don't you guys kill and each other? From what I know, there are a total of 10,000 people in this prison," Lin Huang pointed out.

"Because Royal has a condition whereby there have to be at least 10,000 people in this prison. Apart from this special period when they carry out such a trial, if the population dips below 10,000 people on a normal day, they'll clear everyone in this prison without any exceptions. We must guarantee the population so that we can live."

"So, everyone follows the rule just like that? What if someone loses their mind and carries out a massacre to drag everyone down?" Lin Huang raised a brow inquisitively.

"There are three chiefs in this prison who are the top among the imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses. There are more than ten regional chiefs under the three chiefs. All of them have imperial-level purple gold-rank combat strength. Together with the deputy regional chiefs, there are at least three to five imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses managing each region. A person who has lost his mind will be reported right away whichever region he's from, and he will then become food. Everyone's more than happy to report such a person because the person who's reported will be given food."

"There are chiefs and regional chiefs who take care of different regions, and there's a reporting system as well." Lin Huang was a little speechless that the convicts here had come up with such a simple social structure.

"Do you guys have the map of this prison and the distribution of population?" Lin Huang asked again.

"I don't, but the regional chiefs and chiefs should have."

"I suppose you should know the map in this region and the distribution of population."

"Yes, basically the area within 300 to 400 kilometers," confirmed the big guy.

"I've retrieved the information." Bloody took over the conversation.

"Alright, my questioning ends here." Lin Huang nodded at Bloody. He turned around. As he moved two to three steps away, the big guy's head exploded right away. He slumped on the ground as a headless body.

Bloody extended its tentacles into the two corpses and soon found two communication talismans.

"They have some Emperor's Heart Rings and ancient relics where they live. Should we go for it?"

"Of course, those are the loots!" Lin Huang exclaimed like he deserved it.


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