Monster Paradise
955 The Skinny Man and the Big Guy
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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955 The Skinny Man and the Big Guy

After Bloody had released the Leech Pods for less than ten minutes, it then said to Lin Huang all of a sudden, "I'm afraid it's hard for the Leech Pods to get wide coverage of the place."

"What's wrong?" Lin Huang asked.

"Many of the Leech Pods are killed when they're spread less than 1,000 kilometers away. There are many living things in this space that have formidable sense and alertness," Bloody explained while feeling helpless.

It was the first time that Lin Huang could not get a complete map from Bloody. Seeing its gloomy expression, he did not panic at all. Instead, he rubbed Bloody's head affectionately. "Then, let's not try getting the map. It's unfair to other people for us to always use a map. Let's participate in the trial like everyone else and see if we can get first place."

The radius of Lin Huang's territory expanded to seven kilometers wide since he elevated to immortal-level rank-7. Using his senses, he detected no living thing within the territory coverage.

He stood where he was and thought for a moment. Instead of asking Bloody which way to go like he usually would, he summoned Lancelot instead.

Lancelot, who had elevated to imperial-level crimson gold-level, had expanded the radius of his territory to 40 kilometers. That was more than five folds of what Lin Huang possessed.

Lancelot habitually took out some dried vegetables as he was summoned. Just when he was ready to munch on it, Lin Huang snatched it away.

He turned to look at Lin Huang pitifully.

"If you do a great job, I'll give you a month's worth of extra snacks," Lin Huang offered and tossed the snack pack to Lancelot.

Hearing there was a snack reward, Lancelot nodded immediately. "What's the mission?"

"Determine which direction in your coverage has living things and how far they are."

Lancelot put away his dried vegetables unwillingly. He opened his eyes again after shutting them for merely a moment. "I see four human-form beings. They're most probably humans."

"How far away is the closest to us?" Lin Huang asked.

"Approximately 19 kilometers. He's at our 2 o'clock," Lancelot spoke and turned his body toward the direction where the human was.

"Lead the way. Let's check it out."

Lancelot nodded and dashed while Lin Huang followed close behind him.

However, as they were halfway there, Lancelot said to Lin Huang through voice transmission out of the blue, "He noticed us and is running away!"

"Is he that alert?!" Lin Huang raised his brow, feeling surprised. "Go after him!"

Lancelot charged at his top speed upon hearing that order and dashed toward their target.

Lin Huang used the pseudo-mythical-level Wander God flying method, following close behind Lancelot. He did not lose sight of him at all.

A silhouette was racing the tree branches at high speed.

It was a skinny man who seemed sick. The skin on his face was so shriveled that he looked like a corpse with sunken cheeks. His slender arms were all bones and were half the size of a normal adult's.

One would wonder how long since he had last washed the torn clothes he was wearing which were a mottled color. His obvious ribs and sunken abdomen could be seen through his shredded clothes clearly.

One could barely tell what he was wearing on his bottom. It was a pair of jeans which was completely covered in soil and dirt. The lower part of his jeans was heavily damaged. It had been chopped off so much that it looked more like a pair of capri pants now.

Further down was a pair of bare feet. There were no socks or shoes on those bony feet.

Although he looked like a refugee who had been suffering in a famine for a long time, he had a smirk at the edge of his lips at the moment.

"I didn't expect to have such great luck to be luring two pieces of meat this day! I should be able to enjoy a feast." As soon as he was done speaking, he pulled a piece of talisman out of nowhere. The sigils and seal script began lighting up as soon as he inserted his power.

"Big guy, I've brought two pieces of meat to your territory. Get ready," said the skinny man to the talisman that lit up.

"Great! Seems like I'll be able to feast today!" A thick voice came from the talisman.

As he put the talisman that was becoming dim away, the skinny man sped forward at an accelerated speed.

Two silhouettes followed the skinny man five to six kilometers behind. They were Lin Huang and Lancelot.

"He accelerated all of a sudden!" Lin Huang could sense the person with his Territory skill now.

"He seems to have found his partner. He's guiding us to that person," Lancelot replied through voice transmission.

"Go after him. See what kind of trick he's playing." Lin Huang smirked slightly. He used his Divine Telekinesis to sense for a bit as soon as the person entered the range of his territory.

Although the person looked like a corpse, the skinny man was clearly very alive. Lin Huang sensed the vitality in the man's body. However, his combat strength was nothing to shout about since he was only on imperial-level black gold-rank.

Such a level of combat strength was nothing to Lancelot. Even the Herculean King could kill with a single slap.

As for the man's assistant, Lin Huang would treat him as a buy-one-free-one promotion.

Perhaps to other candidates, this trial area was extremely dangerous. The candidates' combat strength was only allowed to be on immortal-level after all. Even if one had an ability that was as powerful as Huang Wuji of the Five Princes, people on immortal-level rank-9 would lose more than they would win whenever they encountered an imperial-level yellow gold-rank powerhouse. They would have to flee far away if they were to encounter imperial-level white gold-rank or imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses, let alone others.

However, to Lin Huang, this area was a place for rookies.

The highest combat strength of a convict in this trial space was only imperial-level purple gold-rank. No matter how powerful the convict's ability was, it was impossible for the convict to defeat his God Figurine's Combat Soul. Hence, he was not stressed at all.

The skinny man stopped after less than ten minutes of pursuit.

Lin Huang and Lancelot caught up to him in less than three seconds. They stood still less than 20 meters away from the skinny man who stood with a big guy, rooted to the ground. Instead of running, they began observing Lin Huang and Lancelot.

The big guy was over three meters tall. However, like the skinny man, he was also thin although not as gaunt as the skinny man. One could clearly tell that the big guy had been suffering from starvation for a long time just like the skinny man. They were both malnourished. His combat strength was higher than the skinny man's which was on imperial-level crimson gold-rank.

Their eyes were almost sparkling when they saw Lin Huang. Unable to help themselves, they began drooling in extreme desperation for food.

However, both of them calmed down when they saw Lancelot. They looked at each other knowingly. It was clear that they could tell Lancelot was an imperial monster.

Just when Lin Huang was ready to ask a question, the two silhouettes before them began moving all of a sudden.

The big guy dashed toward Lancelot while the skinny man raced toward Lin Huang at an even higher speed.


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