Monster Paradise
952 Deadly Ruins
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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952 Deadly Ruins

Deadly Ruins

After logging out of the Genius Union, Lin Huang, who was sitting on the hotel couch, felt relieved.

He thought he would be beaten up by Jian Fei and the rest if he told the truth. How could he have thought that everyone would say politely that it was great to know the truth?

However, he heard that Jian Fei died six times on the Stairway Tree on the first day the bug horde broke out while the other eight of them died at least three to four times.

Meanwhile, the other Heaven Alliance members who participated in the bug hordes died at least twice.

How could he have thought that his ability to kill the Queen Mothers like they were insignificant monsters to be so powerful? Even if Jian Fei and the rest were to attack him at once, they would be beaten and dragged on the ground.

Jian Fei and the rest would only dare to curse him secretly. They would not really do anything to him.

However, Lin Huang's abilities truly shocked everyone.

Jian Fei and the rest thought that Lin Huang would only reach the level that the Five Princes, including Chan Dou, was on when he reached immortal-level rank-9. They never thought that although he was only on immortal-level rank-7, he would have surpassed the Five Princes. He even beat Chan Dou and became the well-deserved No. 1 powerhouse in the Genius Union.

Naturally, under Chan Dou's order, the nine of them present chose to keep it a secret. They did not mention that to anyone, even keeping it from the other Heaven Alliance members.

After all, the more people knew, the more they would talk about it. It was hard to guarantee that nobody would slip it out.

As he looked through the Genius Union forum, the No. 1 hot topic was 'Guess Who is The New the Heaven Alliance Deputy Chief?'.

The threads that were discussing the bug hordes these few days were pushed down to second place.

After reading the comments on the thread, Lin Huang was surprised that not many people raised questions about him being the Heaven Alliance deputy chief. On the contrary, most of them supported him.

"Look at the fame I've obtained from killing monsters!" Lin Huang forced a smile helplessly after reading those supportive comments.

Despite there being people questioning him, there were not many of them. The sceptics basically raised the same question: was Lin Xie's combat strength not too low?

However, most people were alright with his low combat strength as long as he had sufficient abilities.

After quitting the forum, Lin Huang proceeded to practice his sword skills. He did not log into the Genius Union until the next day since he agreed to meet Tan Lang.

Naturally, no bug horde broke out on checkpoint 63 since he did not kill any Bug Tribe Queen Mothers.

Many people found it odd that the bud horde came to a halt all of a sudden after happening for a few days consecutively.

As a result, the halt of the bug horde became a hot topic on the forum. It replaced the topic of Lin Xie becoming the Heaven Alliance deputy chief the day before and got bumped up to become the No. 1 topic.

However, Lin Huang did not follow up on that.

After practicing his sword skills in the morning, he met Tan Lang at a seafood restaurant nearby for lunch.

Tan Lang seemed to be the same as usual, dressed in a black, slim-fit trench coat with the collar standing up. He was skinny as always. Apart from his aura that was slightly more powerful compared a few months ago, there seemed to be no changes in him.

However, Tan Lang was shocked when he saw Lin Huang. He could tell that Lin Huang's combat strength was on immortal-level rank-7 as soon as he saw him.

"Isn't the elevation rate of your combat strength terrifying?! I think it's only been less than three months since we came out of the Fallen God Land, but you've already elevated by four ranks!"

"That's just my luck!" Lin Huang laughed.

"I guess you'll surpass me very soon," Tan Lang teased while smiling.

"It won't be that easy." Lin Huang smiled while shaking his head.

"Oh yeah, I heard from Boss Chan that you're now a deputy chief, eh?" Tan Lang asked rather curiously.

Although his combat strength had elevated to imperial-level, Tan Lang still respected Chan Dou and addressed him the same way.

"Yep, I was appointed yesterday. It's just a title."

"Congrats, congrats!" Tan Lang exclaimed while cupping his hands with a wide grin.

Although he knew that Lin Huang had become the deputy chief of the Heaven Alliance, Tan Lang did not mention anything about the bug hordes and the god relic in the Genius Union. Lin Huang had no idea if he was avoiding the topic intentionally or if Chan Dou had not told him.

They only began ordering after chatting for a while.

Tan Lang only began getting down to business when they were almost done with lunch.

"Boss Chan asked me to pick up something from you. He was so mysterious about it and didn't even tell me what I'm picking up from you. He told me not to ask. He even asked me to drag our meeting on for a few days…"

Lin Huang took out the jade slip while nodding with a smile.

Mr. Fu figured that Lin Huang might have friends who needed those methods, so he made a few copies that were password-protected for him.

Lin Huang said while smiling showing the two-fingers wide jade slip to Tan Lang, "This is it."

"A piece of jade?" Taking it, Tan Lang studied it for a while. He did not find anything after inserting his Life Power and spiritual power in.

"Are you sure this is what he wants?" Tan Lang could not help but begin suspecting that Lin Huang had made a mistake after his failed attempt to find out more about the jade slip.

"Don't worry, this is it. There's no mistake."

"Why didn't you just courier this?" Tan Lang complained while pouting. Subsequently, he recalled something all of a sudden. He turned and looked at Lin Huang to ask, lowering his voice, "Does Chan Dou have a lover here in Division 3? Is this a love token?"

"That's what you said. I didn't say that," Lin Huang raised his brow and replied while smiling.

"I didn't expect that that bushy brow would do something secretive like this. He even hid it from his brother, me!" Tan Lang smirked. "I'll look for him for some hush-up money when I get back!"

'Just wait for Chan Dou to beat you up if you do that!' Lin Huang thought to himself.

After sending Tan Lang away, it was almost 2 p.m. when Lin Huang returned to the hotel.

He took out the wooden sword and proceeded to practice. He only looked at the Hunter Association forum for news when he was in bed at night.

A top headline grabbed his attention immediately.

'More Than Half of the Demigods Died in the Deadly Ruins!'

The news was published at 10 a.m.. Lin Huang had not looked at the forum the entire day and only saw that more than ten hours later. He could not help but frown after clicking on the topic and reading the article.

According to the news, the ruins that opened in Division 1 was extremely dangerous. There were even living virtual god-level monsters in it. Only 58 among the 117 demigods who went in to explore made it out alive.

"Living virtual god-level monsters exist?!" Lin Huang was pretty surprised about that.

Theoretically, a ruins was usually a place with order that had completely collapsed. Nothing could survive in it, let alone breed new lives. Therefore, only spirits and undead monsters could survive in most ruins. However, due to the lack of order, it was almost impossible for those spirits and undead monsters to elevate their combat strength. It was even more impossible for them to grow to virtual god-level.

The Virtual Gods in this ruins must not have elevated at the latter stage. Instead, they existed before the ruins collapsed. There was a high chance that they were severely injured in wars and hid away, going through hibernation until now.

Those demigods had unintentionally interrupted them and woke them up during their exploration since the ruins opened.

Lin Huang winced slightly after closing the forum page. He was not interested in the ruins which was somewhere more than 50 demigods had died. It was not a place he could explore now.

However, the return of the demigods from the exploration of the ruins meant something else to him.

'The Dynasty's Royal Trials should begin soon!'


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