Monster Paradise
951 I Killed Another Queen Mother Since I Was Bored
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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951 I Killed Another Queen Mother Since I Was Bored

The new rule from the Genius Union that came out of nowhere broke the midnight peace. It was chaos on the forum all of a sudden.

"What happened? Why is there a new rule out of nowhere?"

"The two new rules earlier were caused by Lin Xie's killing spree on the Stairway Tree. Could it be him who's caused this again?"

"If someone's really doing something, looking at the new rule, there should be someone killing the boss on some level. Killing the boss is much more difficult than passing through the level. Who is insane enough to kill the boss over and over again?"

"If someone's killing the boss over and over again, I think the killing machine Lin Xie has the highest possibility of doing that."

"Don't look at Lin Xie so highly. Indeed, he's pretty skilled at killing small monsters, but he's on checkpoint 63 now. Do you guys know how scary the boss on checkpoint 63 is? That Bug Tribe Queen Mother could be a quadruple mutated monster while her 12 bug guardians have the ability that surpasses triple mutated monsters. It's not that I look down on Lin Xie's ability, but in reality, even Chan Dou the Fourth Prince would have to avoid those bug guardians if he ever encountered more than three of them."

"Maybe a rookie on a lower checkpoint is killing the boss repetitively but we didn't notice."


Lin Huang realized that a minority of people suspected it was him who had caused this while most people ruled out the possibility of him doing it. A few big bosses on checkpoint 63 were analyzing how terrifying the Queen Mother and her bug guardians' abilities were.

He received a message from Chan Dou on his communication device just when he was ready to sleep after closing the forum. "Is this new rule about you again?"

Lin Huang thought about it and gave a short reply while smirking. "Take a guess."

"No wonder there are bug hordes on checkpoint 63 every day. You're killing Queen Mothers like it's a game for you. That's insane!" Chan Dou sent a thumbs-up emoticon at the end of his message.

"You haven't been logging in these few days. What have you been up to?" Lin Huang changed the subject.

"I've been shopping around black markets these few days. I have to live up to the act since I'm doing it," Chan Dou replied, "I even asked Tan Lang to go to you a few days later."

"No wonder he isn't here. I've been waiting for him."

"I'll log in tomorrow at eight in the morning. Come log in too. Let's settle the deputy chief thing." Chan Dou sent another message.

"Eight in the morning? That's a little early."

"It's all your fault! There are monsters all over the entire checkpoint 63 for more than 21 hours before it's even 9 a.m. every day. We can only log in between 6 a.m. to 7 a.m."

"Sure, eight it is."

The next morning, Lin Huang woke up early. After breakfast, he logged onto the Genius Union leisurely.

"It seems to be way too early." After logging in, Lin Huang raised his brow upon realizing it was only 7.23 a.m. "I can seize the opportunity to kill the last Queen Mother then."

Lin Huang moved immediately as soon as he made up his mind. Bloody used less than two minutes to locate the Queen Mother.

Zhu Hong and the rest had yet to give up on looking for the god relic, so they came in teams earlier in the morning. Although there were fewer people compared to the day before, there were still over 70 of them.

However, with the new rule, Lin Huang would pass the checkpoint as soon as he killed one Queen Mother despite there being more than 70 Queen Mothers. He would not gain any benefits after killing one Queen Mother.

Lin Huang did not use the old way of getting into the hive this time. Instead, he made a grand entrance by summoning the Destructive Divine Mammoth. The Destructive Divine Mammoth suppressed everyone with its aura, and they ambled in without any obstacles.

Since he would pass the checkpoint after killing the Queen Mother, Lin Huang thought he of obtaining the 10 billion point limit for the day right away.

As the Destructive Divine Mammoth stomped its feet, the Bug Tribe monsters turned into dust. None of them even managed to get closer.

They only used approximately five minutes to get to the core zone of the hive.

The Queen Mother and her 12 bug guardians knew they were no match for the Destructive Divine Mammoth as soon as they saw it.

The 12 bug guardians and an insane amount of bugs dashed towards the Destructive Divine Mammoth. Meanwhile, the Bug Tribe Queen Mother disconnected its tail that was connected to the incubator and fled immediately.

Unfortunately, it underestimated the Destructive Divine Mammoth's abilities.

The Destructive Divine Mammoth lifted both of its feet high and stomped onto the ground hard. A circle of black energy wave spread out rapidly. The bug horde, the bug guardians and the Queen Mother… Everything turned into dust instantly wherever the wave passed.

Xiao Hei's notification came into Lin Huang's ears at that moment.

"Congratulations, you've obtained complete Bug Tribe Queen Mother Monster Card (Mythical-level) x2!

"Congratulations, you've obtained complete Bug Servant Monster Card (Pseudo-mythical-level) x10!"

Lin Huang was stunned for a second when he heard the notification about him obtaining complete Bug Tribe Queen Mother Monster Cards. He had never thought he would be so lucky in that single kill to obtain complete Bug Tribe Queen Mother Monster Cards. He did not expect such a thing to happen when he came in this time. After all, he only got the complete Queen Mother Monster Card after killing up to a hundred Queen Mothers.

Lin Huang left the hive happily after getting two Bug Tribe Queen Mother Monster Cards and 10 billion points.

Not long after he left, the remaining bugs in the hive swarmed out as a bug horde.

As he returned to the Heaven Alliance residence on checkpoint 63, Lin Huang finally met their deputy chief, Jian Fei, for the very first time.

Although he had seen his photo before, he did not expect the real person to be fatter in real life.

'I think he's at least 300 pounds! He should be slaughtered and eaten during the New Year,' Lin Huang thought to himself.

Naturally, Jian Fei recognized Lin Huang as the notorious No. 1 on the Stairway Tree leaderboard. He welcomed him immediately, knowing the reason why Chan Dou had gathered them today.

"Brother Lin Xie, I've heard so much about you. We finally meet."

"Chief Jian, I've heard so much about you from the chief. It's nice to finally meet you too." Lin Huang was being polite as well.

"The chief isn't here yet. Let's go into the meeting room." Jian Fei brought Lin Huang into the meeting room.

There were already eight people sitting in the meeting room. They lifted their heads to look at Lin Huang when he walked in.

The eight of them were the high management of the Heaven Alliance. Although their abilities were not the top in the Heaven Alliance, they were talented.

It was their first time seeing Lin Huang, so they were very curious about this young man who ranked No. 1 on the Stairway Tree leaderboard.

"Hi, everyone, my name's Lin Xie," Lin Huang introduced himself. Although everyone knew who he was, he had to show basic courtesy.

"Your combat strength…" A short-haired lady among the eight could not help but exclaim all of a sudden.

Jian Fei and the rest just realized that as well and they had shock written on their faces.

"Yes, I'm on immortal-level rank-7 now," Lin Huang confirmed. He could not lie about such a thing since they were meeting face-to-face. Although he could use his disguise demigod relic to conceal that, he thought it was unnecessary.

'What terrifying combat strength elevation speed!' Although none of them said that out loud, they glanced at each other and knew everyone had the same thought in their heads.

Jian Fei introduced the eight of them to Lin Huang one by one before sitting down.

Since Lin Huang the rookie was there, the rest held back on their topics as it might be inappropriate. They began talking about the god relic that had appeared in the hive recently.

Lin Huang pretended not to know much about it and listened to them talking patiently. Finally, Chan Dou showed up when it was 8 a.m. sharp.

"Yo, everyone's here. Does everyone know who Lin Xie is already?" Chan Dou strolled into the meeting room and walked straight to the main seat.

He did not chat much after taking his seat and went right to business. "I suppose everyone knows why I've gathered all of you here today."

All of them nodded.

"I shall recommend Lin Xie officially to be deputy chief of our Heaven Alliance." Chan Dou glanced through everyone. "Those who agree, please raise your hand. Those who don't, please name the reason for your dissent."

Chan Dou raised his hand as soon as he was done speaking and the deputy chief Jian Fei was the second to follow suit while chuckling. The remaining eight of them raised their hands as well. Nobody disagreed.

Lin Huang could not help but raise his brow. He could tell that Chan Dou was great at ruling.

"Alright, since its unanimous, let's sign our names," Chan Dou spoke and projected an appointment agreement. He projected it to Jian Fei after he signed his name.

Jian Fei did not hesitate and signed it right away followed by the remaining eight.

After everyone had signed it, Chan Dou walked to Lin Huang and projected the appointment agreement. "Please sign your name on the agreement."

Lin Huang nodded and signed it.

After confirming that everyone had signed it, Chan Dou saved the document. He then put it away in the attachment and sent an appointment notice as the chief of the Heaven Alliance.

"Heaven Alliance member Lin Xie is officially appointed as the deputy chief of the Heaven Alliance effective today!"

The notice was sent to every Heaven Alliance member's communication device. Besides those who were on checkpoint 63 of the Stairway Tree, all the Heaven Alliance members in the Genius Union received the notice almost at the same time.

"Huh? Lin Xie's now a deputy chief? Didn't he just break through to immortal-level not long ago?"

"No matter whether he's on holy fire-level or immortal-level, getting to checkpoint 63 is proof of his ability."

"I must admit that the killing machine has the ability to be where he is now."

As the Heaven Alliance members were in a hot discussion, someone posted the notice on the Genius Union forum. The other organizations buzzed with the news as well.

"I think Lin Xie's just on beginner-stage immortal-level now at the most. Is Chan Dou training the next Heaven Alliance chief?"

"It seems like the next Heaven Alliance chief has been decided."

"I think Lin Xie won't be anything less powerful than Chan Dou. As he grows, the Heaven Alliance will rise even higher!"

"With Lin Xie, Heaven Alliance's No. 1 position is even more unshakable now."

Although the meeting in the meeting room of the Heaven Alliance residence had ended, Jian Fei stopped both Chan Dou and Lin Huang who were going to log out of the Genius Union.

"Chief, it's rare that you're here today. Since the new deputy chief is here too, let's discuss obtaining the god relic."

Chan Dou turned to look at Lin Huang with a rather helpless expression on his face. After confirming that the breaking out of the bug horde was related to Lin Huang, naturally, he knew that the god relic was not real.

However, he did not expose Lin Huang instantly because he was not sure if Lin Huang was willing to reveal his abilities.

"Alright, let me explain." Lin Huang took over the subject.

Jian Fei and the remaining people looked at him with an odd expression.

"The god relic's fake. I took the video. It was just a prank," Lin Huang told the truth without flinching at all.

"Huh?" Jian Fei and the rest were dumbstruck by what he said.

"If the god relic doesn't exist, what's up with the bug horde?" Jian Fei could not help but ask.

"That's the side effect of the prank." Lin Huang felt his lips becoming dry.

"Chief Lin, could you explain further about that?" One of them asked.

"Ugh, sure." Lin Huang nodded rather helplessly. "In reality, I've been killing Bug Tribe Queen Mothers these few days. In turn, I caused the bug hordes."

"Huh?!" Everyone was stunned hearing that.

Even Chan Dou was shocked when Lin Huang admitted that himself.

When it became awkward in the meeting room, a harried knock came at the door followed by someone opening the door subsequently. "Chief Jian, there's a bug horde again!"

Later on, everyone saw the crowded bug horde attacking the defense barrier through the meeting room windows.

Chan Dou and the rest turned to look at Lin Huang.

"Um… I had time before coming to the residence, so I killed another Queen Mother since I was bored."


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