Monster Paradise
950 Another New Rule is Added
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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950 Another New Rule is Added

"Monster Card: Unnamed

"Rarity: Mythical-level

"Monster Name: Bug Tribe Queen Mother

"Type of Monster: Mother Bug / Bug Tribe

"Nickname: None

"Combat Level: Imperial-level Crimson Gold-rank / Virtual God (Immature)

"Major: Spear Dao, Lightning Element

"Major Skills: Bug Center, Breeding Mother, Genetic Evolution…

"Minor Skills: Bug Tribe Army, Total Control…

"Summon Authority: Denied (To be activated when you reach imperial-level)

"Card Remarks: Great personal ability but encouraged to be cultivated as an army."

Lin Huang looked through the skills one after another and eventually had his eyes on the Bug Center.

"Bug Center: Special ability exclusively for high-tier Bug Tribe. A Bug Tribe that possesses such an ability will be able to hear the voice of the bug horde's will. Only Bug Tribe members that possess such an ability can build their own quantum consciousness network to control the Bug Tribe army.

"Remark 1: The bug guardians will only possess an intelligence close to a human's as well as having learning abilities under that premise when they're connected to the Bug Center. The intelligence of bug guardians that aren't connected to the Bug Center will be oppressed to its minimum whereby they will have almost zero self-consciousness. They will just be puppets that listen to orders blindly.

"Remark 2: The more bug guardians are connected to the Bug Center, the more powerful the Bug Center will grow and the more Bug Tribe fighters it can contain.

"Remark 3: The Bug Center can be taken away by other high-tier Bug Tribes that possess a Bug Center. It can be shared with other high-tier Bug Tribes that possess a Bug Center too.

"Remark 4: The Queen Mother can retrieve information from all the members in the Bug Center network. It can also control the information access of the other members as well as setting their intelligence level."

The first thought Lin Huang had after glancing at the skill description was that the Queen Mother would renegade.

However, he realized that the skill was extremely crucial for the entire Bug Tribe army after reading the many remarks below. Without the skill, the bug guardians and the Bug Tribe fighters would just be a plate of sand. They would not be worthy of being called an army at all.

Moreover, after reading the skill remarks, Lin Huang noticed that the thousands of pseudo-mythical-level bug guardians that he got earlier were just a bunch of stiff battle puppets if they were not connected to the Bug Center.

The reason he did not summon the bug guardians was that he was worried about the stench on the bug guardians which would affect the other hotel guests. He could not help but crush a bug guardian card after reading the description of the Bug Center.

A ferocious bug guardian with six arms made of sabers consolidated before him.

He was relieved that there was no odor coming from the bug guardian.

When it was summoned, the bug guardian that was over three meters tall stood motionlessly where it was.

Lin Huang waved before its eyes and it showed no response as if it could not see.

"Speak. Just say something," Lin Huang ordered.

The bug guardian looked at Lin Huang with its head held low and said nothing.

"Has its intelligence been oppressed so much that it can't even master a language?" Lin Huang frowned deeply.

"This should've been installed in its settings to prevent bug guardians from other tribes from acquiring it and using it as a weapon or to obtain important information. Disconnecting them from the Bug Center would result in their intelligence dropping rapidly whereby they can't even perform basic communication," Bloody speculated.

After carrying out some tests, Lin Huang realized that the bug guardian could only take simple orders. Furthermore, it would attack a specific target with all its might when it was given a slightly complicated order such as 'attack'. It would not be able to avoid the opponent's attacks and carry out an effective defense at all.

"This is so backward. The upper hand of a pseudo-mythical-level is being compromised by its intelligence." Lin Huang shook his head in dissatisfaction. "If they're put in a battle, Bai could fight five to six of them alone at once."

"Luckily, I've got the Queen Mother Card. Otherwise, those bug guardians would just be your puppets," Lin Huang smiled while saying to Bloody.

"I might not be able to cast parasites on them since they're on the same level as I am, which is pseudo-mythical-level." Bloody was taken aback.

Lin Huang shook his head without saying much.

After all, he could not summon the Queen Mother yet and those bug guardians could not be connected to the Bug Center. They were pretty useless to Lin Huang now since they had such low intelligence. He could only put them aside at the time being.

After recalling the bug guardian card, Lin Huang looked at the few new cards that he had just obtained.

"Special Item Card

"Rarity: Mythical-level

"Item Name: Genetic Database

"Function: Database storing various genetic data

"Application Authorization: Passive

"Card Remarks: Good stuff

"Remarks: Must be used in compliance with biomaterial decomposer and gene extractor."

"Special Item Card

"Rarity: Mythical-level

"Item Name: Biomaterial Decomposer

"Function: Decomposes flesh of living beings into various materials as well as separating gene fragments for genetic modification

"Application Authorization: Passive

"Card Remarks: Not bad

"Remarks: Can't be used to decompose living beings."

"Special Item Card

"Rarity: Mythical-level

"Item Name: Genetic Modification Editor

"Function: Modify living beings' genes

"Application Authorization: Passive

"Card Remarks: Good stuff.

"Remarks: Must be used in compliance with biomaterial decomposer and gene extractor."

Lin Huang put all of the cards away after reading the card details and realized that he could not activate them due to the authority restriction. He then began practicing his sword skills.

Meanwhile, it was chaotic in the Genius Union once again.

A bug horde had broken out on checkpoint 63 of the Stairway Tree like never before since Lin Huang had killed 91 Bug Tribe Queen Mothers.

This time, the big bosses on checkpoint 63 hid behind the defense barrier right away after learning their lesson earlier when they saw the bug horde sweeping toward them. With the experience from the day before, very few of them chose to stay to fight head-on this time.

Everyone clearly felt that the bug horde this time was even more terrifying than the day before whereby there were folds of increase in the number of bugs.

Can you imagine tens of billions of bugs in various forms occupying all the buildings with no gaps in between?

One must know that even those bugs which were smaller in size were over two meters long while the bigger ones were hundreds of meters long. Imagine the space that almost 30 billion of those monsters could occupy!

Almost every inch of the ground on the entire checkpoint 63 was covered with bugs. Even the defenses on all of the human residence buildings had bugs crawling all over them. Some even had layers of bugs writhing on them. It was chilling to watch.

Some people took videos and photos of the situation and posted them on the forum. People from other checkpoints began talking about it.

Lin Huang only found out about it when he looked at the Genius Union forum before he went to bed.

As he was reading a few minutes into the thread, a notice came from the Genius Union all of a sudden.

"Notice: A new rule has been added to the Stairway Tree system!

"A player will pass the checkpoint as soon as he kills the boss!

"Every Genius Union member will pass the checkpoint right away as soon as they kill the final boss in the monster stage of the respective checkpoint. The player will not obtain any benefits on the respective checkpoints after the final boss is killed.

"We hope everyone acknowledges this notice."

Almost every Genius Union member who received the notice at midnight were dumbstruck.

"What happened? Why did such a notice appear like that?"

Lin Huang was the only one who realized that the system was directed at him again.

"Luckily, I've already gotten the Bug Tribe Queen Mother!"


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