Monster Paradise
947 16 Consecutive Kills
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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947 16 Consecutive Kills

"16 people would mean 16 Queen Mothers, so 100 people would mean 100 Queen Mothers…" Lin Huang's eyes lit up when he heard Bloody's investigation results, but soon he fell into deep thought. "I wonder why did they come into the monster stage. If they come in as a team every day, I'll be able to kill many Queen Mothers and bug guardians, but how do I make them come in everyday?"

"It's easy. Find something that's irresistible to them and lure them in by putting it somewhere unreachable." Bloody could not help but gave Lin Huang a suggestion in response to his soft mutter. "In that case, they'll try to get that item every day."

"Something that's irresistible… A god relic should be a great choice." Lin Huang soon had a plan in his head after hearing Bloody's suggestion. "An unreachable place… The most unreachable place on checkpoint 63 should be where the Queen Mother is, deep in the hive."

After coming up with the two most important points, Lin Huang figured how to implement this plan to bait right away.

Not long later, Bloody had located the coordinates of all the Bug Tribe Queen Mothers. As expected, there were a total of 16 Queen Mothers.

Lin Huang headed toward the first target immediately as soon as they located the closest hive.

When they arrived at the entrance of the hive, he used his old way again. He got Grimace to open a path with his illusory forcefield to get deep in the hive's central zone. They stopped when they were two to three kilometers away from the Queen Mother and her bug guardians.

This time, Lin Huang did not summon the Ninetails Lynx right away. He summoned the Nightmare Tapir instead, telling it what he wanted through voice transmission.

The Nightmare Tapir nodded and hovered mid-air, emitting a squeal with its head up like the sonar roar of a whale. A circle of invisible sound wave spread out like water and soon covered the entire hive.

With the Nightmare Tapir's imperial-level white gold-rank combat strength, he could even make imperial-level purple gold-rank monsters fell into a deep sleep with one roar, let alone these immortal-level rank-9 Bug Tribe monsters.

The Bug Tribe that was already sleepy fell into a deep sleep without any ability to fight back after hearing the Nightmare Tapir's hypnotizing sound wave.

Lin Huang smirked and took out a god relic sword from the storage space in his Emperor's Heart Ring.

It was a sword that was completely black. There was a faint, black mist lingering around it, giving people a terrifying feeling even from a distance.

In reality, the sword was not cursed or anything. The swordsmith must have made that intentionally to give it a cool appearance.

Lin Huang thought the sword was perfect as bait since many people on the Stairway Tree were talking about the monster horde incident during the day on checkpoint 63. With this item, it could coincidentally mislead the people, letting them connect the unusual turn of events on checkpoint 63 to the sword.

Lin Huang appeared next to the Queen Mother that was in deep slumber as he moved. He pierced the god relic sword into the ground before the Queen Mother so that only half of the sword was showing.

After setting it up, Lin Huang retreated almost three kilometers away and activated the video recording function in his Emperor's Heart Ring. He did not speak during the course of the video recording. All you could hear was his soft breathing.

The video began with a glance through the situation inside the hive and panned where the Queen Mother and her bug guardians were. After the image was focused on the Queen Mother and the bug guardians, he zoomed in and focused on the black sword before the Queen Mother.

The image of the black sword lasted for less than a second. Then, Lin Huang got the Nightmare Tapic to wake one of the bug guardians up from its sleep. It opened its eyes slowly and soon stared at Lin Huang's direction.

Lin Huang shook the video a little, then it became a black screen after that.

The bug guardian that noticed Lin Huang just got a look of him before it felt an intense hit of drowsiness. It fell asleep again without even being able to fight back.

After shooting the video, Lin Huang looked at the recording while standing where he was. He then walked to the Queen Mother and pulled out the black sword and put it away into his storage space after making sure the video was good to go.

He retreated two to three kilometers away before he crushed a Lucky Card and a Double Reward Card. He then summoned the Ninetails Lynx. In the next second, the Bug Tribe Queen Mother and the 12 bug guardians turned into pieces and disappeared.

Lin Huang heard Xiao Hei's notification almost at the same time.

After recalling the Nightmare Tapir, Lin Huang projected the map of checkpoint 63. He pointed at the coordinates Bloody had marked; it was the area where the second Queen Mother was.

"Ninetails, bring us to the area directly. You don't have to be accurate with the exact coordinates. Just bring us to the area."

The Ninetails Lynx placed its claws on Lin Huang and Grimace's shoulders. In the next second, including Bloody that was in Lin Huang's sleeve, the human and the three monsters vanished from the hive.

What he had no idea about was that the bugs that were in deep sleep in the hive slowly awoke after the Nightmare Tapir disappeared for close to half an hour.

As the Ninetails Lynx brought them to the area near the second hive, Lin Huang found the entrance in less than two minutes. He went into the hive in the same way he always did.

When they arrived in the area where the second Queen Mother was, he did not summon the Nightmare Tapir this time. Instead, he got the Ninetails Lynx to attack directly. Immediately, it completed the harvest.

Lin Huang then told the Ninetails Lynx to send them to the area close to the hive where the third Queen Mother was.

After spending almost two and a half hours, Lin Huang finally killed 16 Queen Mothers and 192 bug guardians.

Apart from spending some time shooting the video in the first hive, he spent most of the time traveling from the entrance of the hive to the Queen Mother. Lin Huang completed the journey on foot due to the complicated hive structure and the Ninetails Lynx's inability to teleport them to the exact coordinates since it had never been there.

He was not terribly pleased after completing the 16 consecutive kills and signing out of the Genius Union because the 16 Queen Mother kills did not get him any complete Queen Mother Monster Card.

"You've obtained Bug Tribe Queen Mother Card Pieces (Mythical-level) x32!

"Congratulations, you've obtained Bug Servant Complete Card (Pseudo-mythical-level) x384

"Congratulations, you've obtained Bug Tribe Incubator (Mythical-level) x4

"Congratulations, you've obtained Bug Tribe Genetic Optimizer (Mythical-level) x6

"Congratulations, you've obtained Gene Extractor (Mythical-level) x2!"

After glancing through the notification from Xiao Hei, Lin Huang took out the eight new cards and studied the details.

"Special Item Card

"Rarity: Mythical-level

"Item Name: Bug Tribe Genetic Optimizer

"Function: Performing genetic optimization on Bug Tribe fighters using the most compatible genes in the gene database following the direction of the chosen genetic evolution.

"Application Authorization: Passive

"Card Remarks: Pretty good special item.

"Remarks: Only for the use of the Bug Tribe Queen Mother"

"Special Item Card

"Rarity: Mythical-level

"Item Name: Gene Extractor

"Function: As long as there's sufficient flesh, it can be used to extract the respective genes as well as detaching the gene the user desires and put it into the genetic database.

"Application Authorization: Passive

"Card Remarks: Pretty good special item.

"Remarks: Must be used in compliance with the genetic database."


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