Monster Paradise
946 16 Queen Mothers
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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946 16 Queen Mothers

Checkpoint 63 of the Stairway Tree was crowded today.

There were usually very few people on this checkpoint. There were usually less than 80 people online during the day. However, due to the monster horde, there were more than 400 people online during the day this time.

The quiet checkpoint 63 where one normally would not bump into anyone else had become extremely crowded now.

Many major organizations formed teams to fight the bug horde eagerly. Some of the minor organizations on checkpoint 63 with few members formed teams too.

As they fought the bug horde, the power of hundreds of powerhouses skyrocketed together on the Stairway Tree leaderboard.

The absurd change on Stairway Tree leaderboard grabbed the attention of all members on different checkpoints.

Knowing that a breakout of a monster horde on checkpoint 63 was rare, most of them were dumbstruck to see the skyrocketing points of the hundreds of people.

"What are these people doing? Why are their points skyrocketing during the day?"

"Were they triggered by Lin Xie?"

"Wait, their points are skyrocketing during the day. Did these people discover Lin Xie's secret to obtaining points?!"

"I want Lin Xie's secret to obtaining points too!!"

After some hot discussion in the forum, somebody finally revealed the truth. "There's a bug horde on checkpoint 63 during the day. All of the big bosses on checkpoint 63, fighting the bug horde together."

Another hot discussion broke out after the truth was revealed.

"They're worthy of being called big bosses! They're even fighting a monster horde during the day."

"Why do I have the odd feeling of being envious of such reckless behavior?"

"I, too, am envious of them. I don't usually feel like participating in fighting monster hordes at night. Could it be that the timing of the monster hordes breaking out has gone off?"

"Is this the Stairway Tree's new activity? I want to join too!"

"I want to join this new activity too. Please promote this!"

The bug horde on checkpoint 63 lasted until the sky was almost dark. It was finally gone. The last defense on checkpoint 63 remained standing in the end.

However, a new round of monster horde came after less than ten minutes. This time, besides the bug horde, the monsters from checkpoints 67 and 71 joined too. The overall scale of the monster horde was twice as large as the one during the day.

"Again!? Is there something wrong with the Stairway Tree?"

"There are 24 hours a day and there've been 22 hours of monster hordes now. How are we supposed to go on?"

"Could it be the Stairway Tree system urging us to break through checkpoint 63 as soon as possible?"

Many of the members on checkpoint 63 were exhausted after fighting the bug horde during the day.

However, figuring that it might be the trick the Stairway Tree system was playing, most of them chose to stay fighting the monster horde. Even some of them who went offline logged in again.

The majestic monster army charged once again. Many powerhouses on checkpoint 63 bit the bullet and fought the monster horde head-on.

Naturally, Lin Huang had no idea that he had caused such a thing. He went to sleep directly after washing up as he was done practicing his sword skills until past 11 at night. He did not follow what was happening in the Genius Union.

If the Genius Union system had human emotions, it would definitely be complaining right now.

The fight on checkpoint 63 went on until 6 in the morning the next day. It was disastrous.

Among the 388 participants, only 31 people made it to the end. The rest were sent back to checkpoint 1 of the Stairway Tree.

Some of them climbed up again after they died and fell back to checkpoint 1. Some did not only make it back but even joined the monster horde fight again.

Among the 31 survivors, less than ten of them survived along the way while the rest clambered their way back from checkpoint 1.

The monster horde was finally gone as they watched the sun rising in the distance.

The bunch of powerhouses were either sitting or lying on the ground, no longer caring about their image.

"It's finally over!"

"I know. I'm exhausted!"

"Damn it! I died in the monster horde. This is my first time dying on the Stairway Tree ever since joining the Genius Union."

"Well, I've died twice and I'm not complaining."

"I've never experienced such a tiring battle in my life. I have a sudden realization that it's good to be alive."

"Should we find out the reason why there's a bug horde during the day in checkpoint 63 since there's no monster horde now?" Someone suggested all of a sudden.

Everyone went silent upon hearing the suggestion.

A moment later, the chief of the Hong Alliance, Zhu Hong, broke the silence. "I think it's a great suggestion. There's definitely a reason why the bug horde broke out. We'll have to log out in our current condition if another bug horde happens again two hours later. I think we should take a look since there's no bug horde now."

"I agree with Sister Hong's suggestion. Instead of waiting for things to happen, we should take the initiative to tackle it." The chief of the Tang Alliance, Zhang Xiaoshan, nodded to show his agreement. "We have approximately two hours to look around since there's no bug horde now."

"Of course, I'm not forcing everyone to participate in the investigation. After all, we've been fighting for over 20 hours, so everyone must be exhausted now." Zhu Hong knew some of them were unwilling to participate. "Those who are joining, please raise your hand."

Zhu Hong was the first to raise her hand while Zhang Xiaoshan was the second without thinking much. Some raised their hands later on. They were all members of the Hong Alliance and the Tang Alliance.

The chief of the Heaven Alliance, Chan Dou, had been offline. The deputy chief Jian Fei hesitated for a moment and raised his hand in the end. "I'm in, too!"

The other three from the Heaven Alliance raised their hands immediately upon seeing that.

Divine Alliance's chief Zhong Liyan smiled and said while shaking his head, "I'm lazy to join, I'm too tired. I'll head home to sleep."

Since the four from Heaven Alliance raised their hands, the chiefs from two minor organization raised their hands too.

Just like that, Zhu Hong and the rest gathered 15 people into a group forcefully and headed towards the Stairway Tree's main branch on checkpoint 63.

Around an hour and a half later, Lin Huang logged onto Genius Union after he had breakfast. He summoned Bloody to get the new Queen Mother's coordinates again while he looked at the internal news on Genius Union's website.

A headline title got his attention again.

'The Big Bosses on Checkpoint 63 Are Crying!'

Lin Huang was not sure to laugh or cry when he clicked in and read the article.

What happened was that the bug horde broke out together with a monster horde, causing the monster horde yesterday lasted for 22 hours. Most of the people on checkpoint 63 who thought it was an activity created by the system were fighting forcefully for the entire day. The situation was horrible whereby only 31 people left among the over 400 who participated.

"Do they have to do that?" Bloody suddenly spoke as Lin Huang was done reading the news.

"I found a human team of 15 people. Because of them, the number of Queen Mother had a boost. I did a rough search earlier and already found a few. Including you, I'm speculating there should be 16 Queen Mothers on the Stairway Tree this time…"

"What?" Lin Huang could not help but stunned for a bit hearing the news, "Is that possible?!"


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