Monster Paradise
942 May I Know What Kind of Service Do You Need?
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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942 May I Know What Kind of Service Do You Need?

"Found it!" After close to an hour of searching, Bloody finally found where the Queen Mother was. It then marked the coordinates on the map.

Lin Huang enlarged the map but all he could see was a flatland.

"The Queen Mother and the 12 bug guardians' coordinates are underground. It's a complicated maze hive down there. There are a total of eight entrances and exits. Apart from the Queen Mother and her bug guardians, there are at least over three million Bug Tribe monsters in the hive," Bloody explained immediately.

"Is the exit far from where the Queen Mother is?" Lin Huang asked.

"It's some distance away. The nearest one is over 20 kilometers away and the farthest is over 100 kilometers away."

"Eight entrances and exits…" Lin Huang frowned a little. He was worried that the Queen Mother would escape in the chaos when it found out that something was off.

"Actually, no matter how many entrances there are, they won't be able to run because we're fast enough. We can get to them before they can even respond." Bloody knew Lin Huang was considering guarding the entrances, so it gave him the solution right away.

"You're right." Lin Huang nodded.

After summoning the Herculean King, Lin Huang headed straight to the entrance that Bloody pointed at.

They encountered many Bug Tribes along the way. Bloody cast parasites on the monsters while Bloody controlled them to leave Lin Huang alone.

Around ten minutes later, the Herculean King finally brought Lin Huang to the entrance of the hive.

The entrance was the closest one to the Queen Mother and her bug guardians among the eight entrances.

It looked like a naturally formed cave with an irregular shape. However, the narrowest entrance was over three meters and the widest was more than five meters wide.

Lin Huang recalled the Herculean King and summoned Grimace. He talked Grimace through the mission via voice transmission.

Seeing Grimace's ignorant behavior, Lin Huang thought he would use material wealth to motivate him instead. "If you perform well this time, I'll get you a demigod-level telekinetic weapon relic."

"Deal!" Grimace had a change of expression immediately. Grinning, he was extremely friendly as he offered, "Boss, may I know what kind of service you need?"

'Damn, the change of expression could win Grimace an Oscar!' Lin Huang could not get used to Grimace's sudden change of attitude. 'Indeed, if you have money, you can make the devil push the millstone for you. People in the past were right about this.'

"Do you remember what I said?" Lin Huang asked while raising his brow.

"I do. Bring the Bug Tribe monsters out using illusion and minimize casualties as much as I can." Although the minimization of casualties sounded odd to him, Grimace did not ask about it any further. He was not interested in the mission to begin with; he only agreed to it for the demigod-level telekinetic weapon relic. He would just follow Lin Huang's orders.

After he was done speaking to Grimace, Lin Huang spoke to Bloody, "Bloody, assist Grimace in his mission. Try not to create conflict with the monsters in the hive."

"Understood." Bloody nodded in agreement. It had actually discussed this plan with Lin Huang yesterday. Since the delegation was done, the human and the two monsters began moving immediately.

Grimace opened a path before Lin Huang. An illusion forcefield was formed automatically around Grimace's body, cloaking both Lin Huang and himself.

The inside of the cave was dark and damp, and there was a stench lingering in the air.

Lin Huang went further into the cave, following Grimace. The long cave entrance was winding and it gave him a feeling that they were walking down a slope towards the underground.

The deeper they went, the worse the stench became. The stench smelled like rotten eggs during the summer, disgusting Lin Huang.

After passing through a long path, they arrived thousands of meters below the ground. Grimace finally brought Lin Huang into a vast underground space which looked like an underground cave that was formed naturally. It was massive.

In his field of vision, Lin Huang saw tens of Bug Tribe fighters in deep sleep.

Grimace walked towards them nonchalantly while Lin Huang followed him immediately. The Bug Tribe fighters did not seem to notice the duo as they continued sleeping.

When they walked closer to one of the bug's heads, it twitched its nose and looked at Lin Huang. Just when Lin Huang was ready to pull his sword to kill, it turned around and returned to its slumber.

"My illusion shields the outsiders' sense of us. These bugs can't see us, hear us, or smell us. That single bug just now must have a sensitive sense. It could felt the unusualness faintly but didn't find out about us. There's nothing to worry about.

"My illusion might be limited if we encounter monsters with a combat strength above imperial-level crimson gold rank, but it's impossible for these low intelligence immortal-level bugs to see through my illusion. It's impossible for them to sense us as long as we don't activate any energy," Grimace explained through voice transmission upon noticing Lin Huang looking at the bug with his guard up.

Nodding lightly, Lin Huang did not doubt Grimace's ability at all. After all, Grimace could walk around immortal-level rank-9 monsters with the help of illusion when he was on immortal-level rank-9. Then, he managed to play a fool on the monsters on the same level, what more now that he was already on imperial-level crimson gold-rank.

The bug's response earlier just made him panicked a little.

He was relieved after confirming Grimace's illusory effect while following him deeper into the cave.

The wet ground began to turn sticky. Mugginess stuck on the sole of his shoes with every step he took.

They would see piles of yellow or green semi-transparent goo on the ground occasionally. You guessed it right. Those were a discharge of the Bug Tribe.

"It's hard to imagine a tribe that has their shit all around is a tribe that's as powerful as a Protoss," Lin Huang could not help but comment.

"To be exact, these aren't actually shit, or rather, they're not complete shit." The stone tablet could not help but reveal, "The secretion produces a massive amount of microorganisms that make the environment around more liveable for the Bug Tribe. In addition to that, the microorganisms will dissolve rapidly so there's no need to get rid of them. The few piles that you saw earlier should have been discharged today.

"Also, the stench you smelled doesn't come from the Bug Tribe's secretion. It is the stench produced during the fermentation of the microorganisms."

Lin Huang was speechless by the stone tablet's pretty useless information. He still thought that gooey stuff was disgusting. To avoid vomiting, he put up a shield to block out his ability to smell directly.

"Go to the one on the second left when you come to the six forks in front." At that moment, Bloody's voice piped up all of a sudden. "You'll reach your destination after going approximately five kilometers on the path. The Queen Mother and her bug guardians have yet to notice anything unusual, so we should be able to get them without them realizing!"


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