Monster Paradise
935 The Hornet Queen’s New Order
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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935 The Hornet Queen’s New Order

Lin Huang's points saw a hike by tens of folds on the Stairway Tree leaderboard ever since the hornet queen arrived with her army.

Bloody and the rest fought with all their might as soon as the imperial monsters were replaced with those that were great in mass killing. They had no concern about draining their Life Power. Naturally, their killing speed was faster than before.

Lin Huang's points were rising by 300 to 400 million per minute on the Stairway Tree leaderboard.

The countless Genius Union members who were online were dumbstruck as they watched the numbers fly by.

"What's happening? His points have risen by close to 400 million within a minute!"

"It must be a system malfunction! Maybe Lin Xie's points increased too quickly, causing the Stairway Tree leaderboard to become faulty."

"The tens million points per minute earlier was scary enough and now it's a few hundred million per minute, so was he warming up just now?"

"He has to be cheating! Even if all the monsters that he's killing on checkpoint 56 are on immortal-level rank-9, 400 million points would be somewhere around 156,000 monsters if we're talking about 2,560 points for each monster. How could anyone possibly kill 150,000 monsters within a minute?!"

However, the truth was that there were more immortal-level rank-7 monsters in the Combat Hornetdemon army while there were only some on immortal-level rank-9. Lin Huang's imperial monster army was killing more than 500,000 monsters a minute.

Lin Huang had no idea that the surge of his points had become a hot topic among everyone in the Genius Union once again.

Compared to before, most of the people thought his speed this time was fake because it was just extremely unusual.

Hence, many people reported Lin Huang this time.

In the Heaven Alliance residence on checkpoint 63 of the Stairway Tree, Chan Dou had been following Lin Huang's progress in points. He figured what happened roughly.

"His points are skyrocketing once again. I suppose he encountered the bug army led by the hornet queen!"

"This Lin Xie dares to fight on just like that. One must know that it's a bug horde consisting of tens of millions of Combat Hornetdemons." Chan Dou was sure that he himself would not have such guts. It might be difficult for him to escape as soon as he was drowned by the bug horde. Even if he had an ancient armor relic, each attack would drain his Life Power and he would be dead if his Life Power was completely exhausted.

"The Combat Hornetdemons on checkpoint 56 are just on high-level immortal-level. Obtaining 300 to 400 million points each minute would mean that he'd have to kill 400,000 to 500,000 Combat Hornetdemons per minute. His speed of killing is just terrifying! How the hell is he doing it?!" Chan Dou did not think that Lin Huang was cheating, but he could not figure out how he was achieving that.

The high management of the Hong Alliance and the other organizations were having the same doubts.

They also roughly figured that Lin Huang was fighting with the hornet queen on checkpoint 56 of the Stairway Tree. However, they could not figure out how Lin Huang had managed to achieve such a killing speed no matter how hard they cracked their heads.

Meanwhile, the battle was on-going at checkpoint 56 of the Stairway Tree.

The Combat Hornetdemons were dying by batches just like moths drawn to a flame. It was tragic and devastating.

The hornet queen that was sure that it would win in the beginning was completely dumbstruck as it watched the performance of Lin Huang's summoning beasts. They seemed to have cheat codes in them whereby they threw their trump cards continuously as if their Life Power cost them nothing.

"Is he giving it his all since he knows he can't run?" The hornet queen could not understand that but she pitied its children.

Even she had to admit that the speed of Lin Huang's summoning beasts was terrifying. Over 500,000 of its children were dying every minute.

Looking at the rate things were going, the 50 million-strong army would be decimated within an hour and a half.

However, the hornet queen had no plan of retreating at all. "I want to see how long you guys can take it!"

As time went by, she began to regret a little.

The battle had been one-sided since the beginning. Initially, she thoughts she had the upper hand in numbers whereby she could drain Lin Huang and his summoning beasts' Life Power. As soon as their Life Power was drained, that would spell death for Lin Huang and the rest. How could she have known that those summoning beasts were still fighting with all their might after 20 minutes had passed as if their Life Power was endless?

"Can their Life Power really be infinite?" Suddenly, the hornet queen thought of what Lin Huang said earlier. "Indeed, an imperial-level purple gold-rank would have their Life Power drained but not me!"

The thought only stayed in the hornet queen's head for a flash before it was forgotten. "How is it possible for one to have endless Life Power? There must be a limit no matter how much Life Power one has!"

With that thought, the hornet queen chose to fight Lin Huang head-on. "I don't believe I can't drain all of your Life Power!"

Soon, another 20 minutes passed by. Lin Huang's summoning beasts were having fun throwing their trumps cards like before. None of them looked tired.

The hornet queen was finally shaken.

Among the 50 million Combat Hornetdemons that she had brought, more than 20 millions of them had been killed, which was almost half of them.

"Could their Life Power really be endless?"

Lin Huang had been hovering mid-air, not involving himself in the battle from the beginning. Bloody did not let any of the Combat Hornetdemons go, so there was no chance for Lin Huang to fight at all.

The 40 minutes that had passed not only boosted his points on the Stairway Tree leaderboard, but the combat strength of the three new God Figurines' Combat Souls in his body elevated to imperial-level yellow gold-rank.

Initially, he thought the three new God Figurines' Combat Souls would only get to imperial-level yellow gold-rank after receiving sufficient spiritual energy when he reached checkpoint 63 of the Stairway Tree. How could he have thought that he would achieve it earlier than expected?

Noticing that the hornet queen had given him a massive gift, Lin Huang could not help but begin to like her even now.

"Now, it doesn't seem as ugly as it was before. Maybe this hornet queen's the type whereby the more you look at it, the prettier she becomes!"

However, the hornet queen felt the complete opposite about Lin Huang.

In the beginning, she thought Lin Huang and his summoning beasts were just sitting ducks. She thought that by just sacrificing some Combat Hornetdemons, she would drain this human and his summoning beasts to their deaths sooner or later.

Unfortunately, now, she was tempted to retreat with its remaining army.

If Lin Huang's summoning beasts were to proceed to kill like this, the 50 million Combat Hornetdemons that she brought would be destroyed completely within an hour.

"No, I can't let them kill like this!" The hornet queen was panicking and her eyes soon stared at Lin Huang who had yet to fight since the start. The intent to kill was rising in her eyes.

As long as he died, his summoning beasts would be gone too!

As she thought about this, the hornet queen communicated with the hornet guardians secretly, issuing an order to assassin Lin Huang.

The 100 or so hornet guardians formed a team and scattered away. They rejoined the battle from all directions as individual hornet guardians.

They looked like they were new additions to the battlefield on the surface, but in reality, they were targeting Lin Huang. The hornet guardians hid among the bugs and approached him stealthily.In reality, killing the Imperial Censor would not kill his summoning beasts. They would just lose their contract with the Imperial Censor. However, under the Stairway Tree's rule, the summoning beasts would die with the Imperial Censor as soon as he was killed


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