Monster Paradise
934 Fight!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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934 Fight!


Seven to eight months ago, Lin Huang did not have the absolute confidence to break through checkpoint 56 since Bai and the rest of his imperial monsters were only on immortal-level rank-9. They would have to bypass the hornet queen and her guardians if they encountered them and try to avoid them as much as they could.

However, Lin Huang's personal combat strength was on immortal-level rank-7 now while all of his imperial monsters had elevated to imperial-level crimson gold-rank which was two ranks above the hornet queen and her guardians. There were seven God Figurines' Combat Souls Lin Huang's body, four of which had a combat strength of imperial-level white gold-rank. They were practically invincible.

Even though the hornet queen and the hornet guardians were advancing with an army of tens of millions of Combat Hornetdemons, they were just free meat to Lin Huang now. He even wanted the hornet queen to bring her entire army. If that happened, the God Figurines' Combat Souls in his body might elevate to imperial-level purple gold-rank without him even using a demigod soul crystal.

"I love those monsters who have self-awareness and lay themselves across my doorstep." Lin Huang grinned as he watched the majestic Combat Hornetdemon army that Bloody projected. "This is going to save so much of my time!"

"In reality, Chan Dou could only run away if he was to encounter such a large-scale bug horde." Even Bloody could not help but pity the hornet queen. "Too bad the hornet queen has made an enemy out of us."

Although there was a massive amount of Combat Hornetdemons coming, Lin Huang's imperial monsters had the upper hand.

One of the reasons for the one-sidedness was the suppression of combat strength. The Combat Hornetdemons could not even break the defenses of Bai and the rest. The other reason was that Lin Huang had an endless supply of Life Power, giving his imperial monsters infinite strength to show their trump cards without having to worry about straining themselves.

If Bai and the rest had their hands tied, Lin Huang would get his God Figurines' Combat Souls to fight. This bug horde were dead fishes on his chopping board. There was no way for them to turn the tables around.

The hornet queen was coming close to where Lin Huang was at with her Combat Hornetdemon army. There were Combat Hornetdemons streaming out of the hornets' nests along the way, joining the army.

Around half an hour later, the hornet queen finally arrived. The Combat Hornetdemon army had grown from 10 million to 50 million along the way.

Watching the arrival of the bug horde, Lin Huang recalled all of the Monster Cards that were fighting out there in a relaxed manner. He then summoned the monsters who were more suitable for mass battling.

"This horde should earn me tens of billions of points."

The Combat Hornetdemons did not attack right away without the hornet queen's order. Instead, they opened a path, letting the hornet guardians escort their queen out.

Lin Huang did not rush into things since the hornet queen did not attack immediately. He wanted to know what she was up to.

After being escorted out by the hornet guardians like it was sitting atop a mini hill, the hornet queen first glanced through the summoning beasts before Lin Huang with its compound eyes before finally resting them on Lin Huang.

"Human, if I'm not mistaken, these imperial-level monsters should be your summoning beasts, am I right?" A voice came into Lin Huang's ears out of nowhere. She sounded like a matured lady.

"Yes. Is there a problem?" Lin Huang raised his brow, surprised that the hornet queen had spoken. It was the first local monster that had ever vocalized anything among all the 56 checkpoints Lin Huang had been on.

"Your summoning beasts killed many of my children just now. How do you want to settle this?" The hornet queen asked.

"How do you want to settle this?" Lin Huang asked her back.

"There's a human phrase that goes 'a murderer must pay with his life'. Give your summoning beasts to us, then we'll forget about what you did. To remedy the loss of your summoning beasts, I'll give you a pass through checkpoint 56." The hornet queen named her request.

"What if I don't agree to that?" Lin Huang asked.

"I admit your summoning beasts are very powerful but do you really think your dozen summoning beasts are a match for my million-strong army? You must be dreaming then!" The hornet queen cackled and reminded Lin Huang, "You must know that there's an end to one's Life Power even if you're an imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouse."

"The reason why you didn't attack immediately is that you sensed my imperial-level aura and you daren't be hasty. You're negotiating terms with me calmly because you know you'll lose badly if you fight me since you found out that all of my summoning beasts are imperial-level crimson gold-rank powerhouses. You just want to take my trump cards that can fight you away, so you're advising me to surrender my summoning beasts as well as offering me a pass through the checkpoint. As soon as I agree to that and give you my summoning beasts, you'll definitely break your promise right away and kill me.

"In reality, the terms that you gave aren't convincing to me at all. I don't need your permission to pass through checkpoint 56 of this Stairway Tree. Also, I've been waiting for your great Combat Hornetdemon army for a long time. I won't have to waste my imperial monsters' time to go for the nests one by one since you've brought them over. You've saved much of my time and I really want to thank you for that."

"Outrageous!" The hornet queen was completely enraged even before Lin Huang was done speaking.

He did not take the hornet queen or her Combat Hornetdemon army seriously.

"Since you're rejecting my kind advice, then we'll fight! When all of your Life Power has been drained, I'll inject a toxin into you myself and watch you die slowly!" The hornet guardians retreated while carrying the hornet queen as soon as she was done speaking. The sea of Combat Hornetdemons was charging at Lin Huang like a wave.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang shouted at the hornet queen that was already drowned out by the hornets, "I forgot to tell you one thing. Indeed, an imperial-level purple gold-rank would have his Life Power drained, but not me!"

As soon as Lin Huang declared that, Bai and the rest began fighting with the Combat Hornetdemons.

The Warlord could finally release all of his mechanical army without holding back. His 300,000-strong mechanical army fired violently and the Combat Hornetdemons fell onto the ground without having the strength to fight back at all.

It was an imperial-level crimson gold-rank mechanical army after all. Even an imperial-level yellow gold-rank powerhouse would have to avoid them, let alone the Combat Hornetdemons that were only on immortal-level. The tremendous mechanical army was like a gigantic meat grinder on the battlefield. Everything was killed wherever it passed by.

Apart from the Warlord, Bloody finally controlled its parasitic armies to battle. One of the parasitic armies was made of tens of thousands of triple mutated immortal-level rank-9 monsters while another consisted of thousands of imperial-level monsters. Bloody named them his immortal army and his imperial army.

Under the battle formations, the two armies turned into two enormous beasts that rampaged among the bugs. They were invincible.

Meanwhile, Charcoal's killing speed was nothing slower than Bloody's armies. Even the imperial-level yellow gold-rank monsters dared not touch its Dragon Flames. The immortal-level Combat Hornetdemons died as soon as they came in contact with the flames. Unfortunately for the Combat Hornetdemons, they were like moths drawn to flames and turned into dust one after another.

Bing Wang fought with all he had as well. The land turned into ice wherever he passed while countless Combat Hornetdemons turned into crystal-clear ice sculptures.

As Bloody Robe's red robes fluttered, volcanoes appeared out of thin air one after another. Fiery lava was spreading everywhere like water and all of the Combat Hornetdemons were drowned everywhere the lava flowed.

Thunder, on the other hand, flapped its wings while a ferocious gleam sparkled in its eyes. Gray thunder clouds were forming in the sky rapidly and they soon covered half of the sky. Countless purple lightning bolts struck like punishment raining from God, taking out countless Combat Hornetdemons.

Lancelot and the Sword Dominator unleashed their Sword Manipulation to the peak, making countless swords fly among the bugs. The Combat Hornetdemons were pierced one after another continuously.

Grimace was doing a similar thing whereby he was controlling the telekinetic flying daggers to destroy the enemies at lightning speed. His speed was nothing less than Lancelot's.

Meanwhile, the Imp summoned meteorites that fell one after another rapidly like nuclear explosions.

The thumb-sized Eclipse Boa opened its mouth which was like a bottomless black hole. Many Combat Hornetdemons lost control of their bodies and were sucked into its mouth. The Combat Hornetdemons were shrinking at an alarming speed and eventually, they turned into black spots that were the size of sesame seeds before they were eaten.

The Malachian Fiend used Megamorth to boost his body to hundreds of meters tall. It walked around among the bugs like a massive tank.

The Herculean King regained his original size of over 2,000 meters tall. He was a few times bigger than the Malachian Fiend and could kill a bunch of Combat Hornetdemons with one single slap.

Tyrant, who had regained its original size, was more than 20,000 meters tall. Even the great, lush mountain became a tiny slope before him. It was Lin Huang's first time seeing Tyrant's original size since it became triple mutated. Many Combat Hornetdemons were smashed into powder as soon as he stomped his feet.

Bai also held nothing back at all. He had fallen into a frenzy. There was a layer of bloody mist surrounding his entire body. The bloody mist had vine-like tentacles extending out of it and they pierced through the Combat Hornetdemons one by one. The attacked hornets' bodies soon shriveled up as if any liquid in them had been sucked dry. Meanwhile, the bloody mist around Bai's body was getting thicker and its coverage was getting wider. More and more tentacles extended out of the bloody mist.


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