Monster Paradise
928 Obtaining Two God Figurines
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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928 Obtaining Two God Figurines

The burden in Lin Huang's heart finally lifted when the five-day long auction came to an end.

Although he only sold one out of the two god relics, it was good enough.

Combining the two God Figurines and the one that he already possessed, they were enough to boost his combat strength all the way to immortal-level rank-7.

As soon as Lin Huang's combat strength elevated to high-level immortal-level, the combat strength of Bai and the rest would advance to imperial-level crimson gold-rank.

It would mean that Lin Huang's overall ability would rise to the next level.

Apart from that, he had a surprise reward: the demigod-level soul crystal.

Such a demigod-level soul crystal was sufficient to upgrade any of his imperial-level white gold-rank Combat Souls to imperial-level purple gold-rank.

At night, Lin Huang put the anonymous Emperor's Heart Ring on and saw the unread message from Tang Xu on the communication page.

"Only the sword Frost Flower was sold among the two god relics. The final bid was two God Figurines, one supreme-grade demigod relic, three expert-grade demigod relics, and 20 mid-grade demigod relics. You can choose any demigod relic, but please try to decide within 48 hours."

Lin Huang replied after he was done reading the message. "My first pick for the supreme-grade demigod relic is a battle sword. If not, I'll take armor. I'll get any sword, saber or armor for the three expert-grade demigod relics. As for the 20 mid-grade demigod relics, just pick any that are in higher demand."

Tang Xu replied immediately. It took him less than three seconds after Lin Huang replied. "Understood. May I know when will you pick them up, Sir? Or should we send them to your disciple directly?"

"I'll try to make a trip within three days."

The reason why Lin Huang wanted to go through the trouble was that it would be a problem if someone found out that he had the items with him. However, not many people would plot against a demigod who came for the items himself.

The next morning after the auction ended, Lin Huang left the VIP room with the siblings.

"There'll be an underground auction tomorrow night. You guys could go if you're interested." Lin Huang forwarded the invitation that the Wanbao Auction had sent him to Yi Zheng and Yi Yeyu.

"Judging from your tone, I'm guessing that you're not joining?" Yi Zheng asked while raising his brow.

"I've seen the list. I won't waste my time since there's nothing that I want." Lin Huang shook his head while smiling.

"But such an underground auction usually only reveals half of the real items up for auction on the list. What if there's something that you want that's not included in the list?" Yi Yeyu asked.

"I only need a few specific items now. The first would be God Figurines, the second would be ancient-level or demigod-level soul crystals, thirdly would be God's Crashers and lastly, demigod-level or god-level telekinetic weapons," Lin Huang named the items that he needed. "Apart from this underground auction, please take note of these items for me if you guys are joining other auctions in the future. If necessary, you can bid for me directly and I'll transfer the amount to you."

"Sure, we'll keep an eye out for you." Yi Yeyu nodded.

"So, what's your plan now? Are you going to obtain points on the Genius Union?" Yi Zheng could not help but ask.

"I'll elevate my combat strength further in the coming month. Then, I'll log onto the Genius Union to get some points." Lin Huang gave them a brief version of his plan.

Yi Zheng was speechless upon hearing that. He could not believe that Lin Huang was going to break through his combat strength so soon.

"What plans do the both of you have? Do you guys intend to train together?" Lin Huang asked Yi Zheng.

"I'm planning to bring her around Division 3 after the underground auction ends to familiarize herself. However, I can only be her company for over a month at the most. I'll have to work on my own stuff after that."

"He has a girlfriend now," Yi Yeyu spoke all of a sudden, "He no longer needs his sister."

"What utter nonsense! There's a mission from the Combat God Alliance," Yi Zheng explained immediately.

"Your brother isn't young after all, so it's normal for him to be with his girlfriend. You should learn to understand that," Lin Huang ignored Yi Zheng's explanation directly and comforted Yi Yeyu.

"What do you mean I'm not young anymore? I'm only 23!" Yi Zheng was flabbergasted.

"A man turns into an uncle once he passes 20," Lin Huang said at ease because he was only 18 in this world.

"He's not just an uncle. He's an old uncle now," Yi Yeyu added.

Yi Zheng could not argue back because he really was an uncle at home. His cousins already had children of their own. He was eager to say to his sister "you're an aunty too" but he lacked the guts in the end.

All he could do was murmur secretly, "Why are other people's sisters so cute, obedient and gentle?"

"I'll get Chan Dou to arrange your application for the Genius Union." Lin Huang recalled that when Yi Zheng mentioned the Combat God Alliance. "However, I would like to be clear about this. Although the Heaven Alliance's a powerful organization in the Genius Union, your development in Division 3 will be ordinary and there aren't many resources as well. You'll have to fight for whatever you want. You're only on immortal-level rank-1 now, so I think you should focus mainly on combat strength elevation and train your battle ability. When your ability advances, you'll be able to enter ruins and secret zones for more resources."

Yi Yeyu nodded quietly. Reflecting on Lin Huang's transformation, she was excited to join the Heaven Alliance.

After breakfast, the siblings returned to Wanguo Hotel.

Lin Huang, on the other hand, found a professional cultivation room.

Such a cultivation room was a branch of hotels because the hotel's usual building was for light use only and could be easily damaged by cultivators.

However, cultivation rooms were made of special materials and fortified with various sigils. On one hand, it was highly durable and on the other, it gave one a certain boost in cultivation.

Although the environment was simple, business was usually good.

The reason Lin Huang wanted to book such a room was mainly that he needed a very long time to visualize his True Spirit Guide and could not be interrupted during the period of time.

Naturally, he did not visualize the True Spirit Guide on the first day of checking in. Instead, he practiced his sword. Skills. He still had two God Figurines pending and planned to only visualize the three God Figurines together when he gathered all of them.

At past ten at night, Lin Huang sent Tang Xu a message using his anonymous Emperor's Heart Ring. "I'm on the way. I'll be there in five minutes."

He used a Transformation Card to turn into a specter and got out of the cultivation room. In a secluded area, he used a Disguise Card to change into a demigod and put on a black robe. He then summoned the dimensional portal and appeared at the entrance of Wanbao Auction directly.

Tang Xu was already waiting for him at the hall as soon as he stepped in.

"Sir!" Tang Xu welcomed him immediately upon noticing his arrival. "I've prepared everything. Please check it through."

The only item that was not sold, the god relic spear Ba Huang, was placed at the most obvious spot.

The rest were the items traded for Frost Flower: a supreme-grade demigod battle sword, three expert-grade demigod relics including a sword, a saber and armor, and 20 mid-grade demigod relics which were basically common swords, sabers, spears, and armors.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang soon had his eyes on the two God Figurines. Among the two, one had the form of a roaring devil while the other was clearly a plant. However, Lin Huang could not tell what kind of plant it was.

Lin Huang put all of the items away without saying a word. Tang Xu then handed over a thumb-sized chip. "These are all of the Life Crystals obtained from the auction. We've deducted the handling fee. The rest is in there."

Lin Huang took the chip and transferred the amount to the anonymous account. The figure came up soon, and Lin Huang raised his brow looking at it. "722 billion? You didn't charge a handling fee for the auction of the god relic?"

"Sir, you showed your trust by letting us, the Wanbao Auction, sell your god relics. To us, auctioning god relics is a boost to our fame. Hence, you've done us a huge favor. This will never, ever change. We won't charge any fee as long as you bring us god relics," Tang Xu said while smiling. For the future of the Wanbao Auction, he had sacrificed a whole lot of benefits that were presented before his eyes.

"You're too kind." Lin Huang did not say much after that. He knew that it was difficult for him to return the favor when Tang Xu had given him the demigod-level soul crystal a few days ago. There was no major difference in where to auction the god relics, but at least, now it seemed that Tang Xu was a trustworthy person to deal with. He was one to collaborate with for the long term.

Tang Xu said nothing about the next auction from the beginning until Lin Huang left with the items.


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