Monster Paradise
926 Bought-in?!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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926 Bought-in?!

"The starting bid is two God Figurines! Each bid would have to be an item nothing lower than demigod-level."

Almost everyone there was dumbstruck when Yun Mei'er announced the starting bid.

'What's this God Figurine?' Almost everyone had the same question flashing in their heads.

Even Yun Mei'er, who was a professional auctioneer, had only heard about what a God Figurine was a few days ago.

In reality, hardly anyone knew about God Figurines apart from demigods.

Tang Xu did not announce the bidding condition when he spread the news out earlier. However, those demigods who were interested in purchasing the god relics contacted the Tang Clan and found out that the starting bid was two God Figurines.

At that moment, most of the crowd, including most of the people in the VIP rooms on the second floor, had confusion written all over their faces. Many of them knew that nobody would trade Life Crystals with god relics. There must be a strict bidding condition, but never had they thought that the item to be traded in exchange for the god relics was something they had never even heard of.

Yi Zheng and Yi Yeyu were both dumbstruck in VIP Room S7.

"What's a God Figurine?" Yi Yeyu asked her brother.

"I've no idea." Yi Zheng then turned his head to look at Lin Huang. "Lin Huang, you should know about it, shouldn't you?"

Lin Huang nodded while beaming. "A God Figurine is actually the remnant of a god."

"A Gods remnant? What is the use of it? To be made into a puppet?" Yi Yeyu was even more confused now.

"It can be used as a Combat Soul carrier for demigods or Virtual Gods. Driving a God Figurine with a Combat Soul could result in a person achieving invincibility in flesh." Lin Huang did not bother hiding the fact.

"So, it has to be activated with Divine Power?" Yi Zheng had a better understanding now.

"To be exact, it can be activated with any god-level energy," Lin Huang confirmed.

"If it can only boost the Combat Soul's flesh, it should be pretty limited to a boost in the Combat Soul's overall abilities. It seems like this thing is pretty useless. I think it's a great loss for one to only trade two God Figurines for one god relic." Yi Yeyu lost interest in God Figurine right away.

"No matter what, a God Figurine is a god-level item and the amount is limited. It's pretty challenging to trade a god relic with two God Figurines." Lin Huang smiled while shaking his head.

Yun Mei'er waited for a moment on the stage. She became a little concern upon seeing no screens lighting up on the second and the third floors. However, since she was an experienced auctioneer, she began to buy time immediately.

"Perhaps many of you have no idea what a God Figurine is. Well, I'll give you a simple explanation. A God Figurine is a Gods item. To be exact, it's the remnant of a god after his death."

Yun Mei'er spent one to two minutes explaining, but nobody was bidding. It hit her that this god relic might be bought-in.

"This is a god relic spear, Ba Huang. The starting bid is two God Figurines! Each increment must be an item nothing lower than demigod-level."

"If nobody's bidding, then this collection item will be bought-in."

"Wait!" At that very moment, a voice came from VIP Room S4 on the third floor. "Since nobody's bidding, could I ask if the person-in-charge to contact the seller to change the bidding condition? I really don't have any God Figurine with me."

"Please give me a moment, Sir. Let me talk to the boss." Yun Mei'er was finally relieved that the situation had turned around.

Tang Xu, who had been sitting on the first row at the auction, walked onto the stage and discussed with Yun Mei'er with their backs facing the audience.

Observing that, Lin Huang, who was in VIP Room S7, removed the anonymous Emperor's Heart Ring he had on his finger quietly and put it away into his storage space.

A while later, Tang Xu got off the stage and attempted to contact Lin Huang's 'demigod master'. However, he realized that he could not reach him.

Feeling helpless, he called Lin Huang instead. His call was not rejected.

"Kid, is it possible for you to contact your master?" Tang Xu asked rather anxiously.

The reason for his anxiety was the guest in VIP Room S4, who coincidentally was the demigod, Chu Yang. He was rather close to the patriarch of the Tang Clan.

"My master told me that he might be busy these few days. If you guys have failed to contact him, I'd probably face the same challenge too," replied Lin Huang.

"Could you take the liberty to change the bidding condition?" Tang Xu asked again.

"This belongs to my master. Since he said that a God Figurine is the only thing he wants, he won't accept other items in exchange." Lin Huang shook his head and declined right away. "I'm sorry. I really can't help you."

Tang Xu could only accept the truth helplessly. After hanging up the call, he walked onto the stage, looking terrible.

"I'm sorry to the Sir in VIP Room S4. We've contacted the seller, but he doesn't accept any other trading conditions."

"Alright then." Demigod Chu Yang accepted the outcome anyway. After all, he could not force things to happen.

The auction went on after the tiny episode.

Although Yun Mei'er maintained a grin on her face, she felt morose inside. It seemed like the very first god relic that she was auctioning was destined to be bought in.

"The god relic spear, Ba Huang, for two God Figurines… Going once!"

"God relic spear, Ba Huang, for two God Figurines… Going twice!"

"If nobody's bidding, then it'll be bought in!"

"God relic spear, Ba Huang, for two God Figurines… Last call!"

"It's a bought-in for the god relic spear, Ba Huang!"

The resounding knock of the hammer echoed in the room and an uproar broke in the crowd.

"What? A bought-in?!"

"I can't believe that a god relic that was so hard to come by has become a bought-in just like that!"

"I thought we have many big bosses in our Division 3 these few days, but now I realize they're just pretending to be big bosses."

"The bidding condition's too strict, I guess. We've never heard of such a thing called a God Figurine before this. I suppose nobody knew what it was apart from the demigods."

"If the bidding condition remains the same, wouldn't the second god relic end up in the same situation too since the first one was bought in?"

In VIP Room S7, Lin Huang scowled.

Although Tang Xu had told him before that there might be a bought-in at the beginning, Lin Huang was quite upset seeing it happen on the spot. Moreover, he was a little worried that the second god relic would also be bought in since the bidding condition would remain the same.

"I can't believe it's bought in!" Yi Yeyu had shock written all over her face.

"Perhaps there aren't many demigods in Division 3. It should've been sold easily if the auction were to be in Division 1," said Yi Zheng who was sitting aside.

However, Lin Huang shook his head. "It would be almost the same outcome if the auction happened in Division 1. This has nothing much to do with the division. Under normal circumstances, basically, demigods who use similar weapons wouldn't miss it for the world as long as there are god relics in the auction. However, there's a new grade-7 ruin that opened in Division 1 earlier, so more than 70% of the demigods of the entire continent are exploring the ruins now, causing a drastic drop of demigods participating in the auction this time."

"I see." Yi Yeyu and Yi Zheng finally understood the real reason for the relic being a bought-in.

After putting the case on the stage away, Yun Mei'er regained her normal expression, but she was secretly panicking now.

'Please don't let the second god relic be bought in. If that happens, I'll really be the laughing stock of the auction history.'

After calming herself down by gulping a deep breath, Yun Mei'er then nodded at the staff below.

"Let's bring in the final item of the day!"


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