Monster Paradise
924 Black Jade
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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924 Black Jade

The second demigod relic was a battle sword.

The reason why Lin Huang was auctioning the battle sword off was that it was just a low-level demigod relic.

He had a total of 13 demigod battle sword relics with him, five of which were mid-level demigod battle sword relics and one was a high-level demigod battle sword relic.

The higher level the demigod relic, the more Life Power it would drain during usage. However, that was none of Lin Huang's concern. The Life Power in his body was endless due to his Divine Fire.

To him, he could use the high-level demigod battle sword relic directly after he elevated to imperial-level. At the most, he would put one or two mid-level demigod battle sword relics away as backups and sell the rest.

Yun Mei'er unveiled the red cloth on the stage.

A cool black battle sword was presented before the people. It was as clear as a piece of black jade.

Everyone exclaimed the moment they saw the battle sword. They had an even bigger reaction than the time they saw the mid-level demigod sword relic earlier.

"It's so beautiful! This sword's like a piece of art!"

"I think it'll look great in the living room as decoration."

"The material doesn't seem like metal. Wouldn't it break if it's used in battles?"

Even Yi Yeyu in VIP Room S7 on the third floor could not help but exclaim, "I'm not a sword cultivator, but I'm so eager to buy this sword when I look at it. Just like the saying 'appearances are everything', this saying applies to anything."

"I'm sure this sword will cause a wild fight between sword cultivators." Yi Zheng nodded too. He peeped at Lin Huang but noticed there was no change of emotion on his face. He could not tell what Lin Huang was feeling.

In reality, Lin Huang liked the sword very much but eventually decided to sell it off after some struggling.

He was not like Liu Ming; he never had the habit of collecting swords.

To him, the practicality of a weapon should be prioritized while everything else did not matter. No matter how amazing it looked, there was no need to keep if it was less practical than those mid-level and high-level demigod relics.

On stage, Yun Mei'er did not speak immediately. Instead, she looked across the crowd and only spoke slowly after everyone had their eyes glued to the battle sword. "The name of this battle sword is Black Jade."

"I'm sure many have guessed that the material of this sword isn't metal. It's mainly made of the spine of a demigod-level dragonkin and embellished with crystal tuff essence."

"Everyone might think that this sword's beautiful, but in reality, it's even more beautiful when the light penetrates through it at night." Yun Mei'er clapped her hands twice after saying that.

The auction turned completely dark all of a sudden. Almost at the same time, a white ray infiltrated the transparent case with the battle sword from behind.

The people saw the dazzling golden shimmer being reflected from the body of the sword like sand when the white ray penetrated the battle sword. It was like a sky full of twinkling stars.

Everyone was in an uproar. Many of them launched the camera from their Emperor's Heart Rings and took a photo of the item.

Lin Huang who was in VIP Room S7 on the third floor was dumbstruck.

'People actually do that?!'

A moment later, the ray vanished while the lights were turned on again.

Yun Mei'er only continued to speak in satisfaction after seeing the expression on the people's faces.

"Looking at the historical data, this Black Jade was the early work of an ancient weapon master, Ou Yunming. Sir Ou's early works were known to be extremely exquisite. Although the Black Jade's just a low-level demigod relic, its craftsmanship moved the notorious collection master Luqiu Yu to purchase it at a high price.

"I'm sure everyone's familiar with the name Luqiu Yu. He's the No. 1 collector during ancient times recorded in history books, but many might not know that he was also a virtual god-level powerhouse.

"It was said that Master Luqiu placed the Black Jade in his home as decoration after purchasing it. His nephew, Luqiu Hao, visited and saw it a few years later.

"Luqiu Hao fell in love with the Black Jade as soon as he saw it and told his uncle, 'This is a weapon. Weapons should see blood while fighting their enemies. That's its destiny. You're wasting God's gift by putting it in your room like a toy, which would upset it. If you really want to collect it, you should let it fulfill its destiny by winning battles and experiencing massacres. It'll come back to you when it's done drinking blood.' Master Luqiu then gave his nephew the Black Jade while Luqiu Hao gave life to it.

"There were at least 20 demigod-level monsters that were killed with this sword and countless monsters below demigod-level that died as well. Luqiu Hao died in a war later on. Instead of retrieving the sword, Master Luqiu buried his nephew with the sword as a gift.

"Although the Black Jade's just a low-level demigod relic, its value's much higher than high-level demigod relics. It's comparable with a supreme-grade demigod relic.

"There's only one of this in the entire world. I hope that everyone can seize the opportunity at this auction. There's no second chance ever again if you miss it this time.

"The Black Jade will start at 30 billion Life Crystals and each increment must be at least 1.5 billion Life Crystals!" The screens of the VIP rooms on the second and third floors lit up consecutively as soon as Yun Mei'er named the starting bid.

"VIP Room A32 offers 40 billion!"

"VIP Room A1 offers 50 billion!"

"VIP Room S3 offers 60 billion!"

"VIP Room S8 offers 80 billion!"

The crowd became excited to see the frenzied bid that was increasing.

"Holy cow! A low-level demigod relic's going at a price that's higher than a mid-level demigod relic!"

"The Wanbao Auction has never treated this battle sword as a low-level demigod relic since the beginning. After all, the starting price is already 30 billion Life Crystals!"

"There are so many rich people here! They're competing for a low-level demigod relic like madmen!"

Lin Huang, who was in VIP Room S7, could not understand that.

It was just a low-level demigod relic. Theoretically, it should only be sold at 30 billion Life Crystals at the most, but now it was already at 80 million. Meanwhile, there were people who were still bidding for it.

"Is this what people call 'the rich become stupid when they have too much money'?" Yi Yeyu said while pouting.

"It's more like the happiness of the rich is beyond your imagination," Yi Zheng corrected her while grinning.

After some intense bidding, the battle sword, the Black Jade, was sold to the guest from VIP Room S8 at a whopping price of 160 billion Life Crystals.

The price was on par with a high-level demigod relic.

Yun Mei'er was getting wrinkles around her eyes from grinning so much. She had just broken a second record that day by selling a low-level demigod relic at double the highest price of a low-level demigod relic ever to be auctioned in history. Perhaps nobody would be able to break that record within centuries. For the next century, anyone who would learn about auction would remember this auctioneer named Yun Mei'er who auctioned off a low-level demigod relic at 160 billion Life Crystals.

After the Black Jade battle sword was auctioned off, the demigod relics were sent onto the stage one after another.

There were low-level and mid-level demigod relics. The next five demigod relics were sold at 98 billion Life Crystals, 37 billion Life Crystals, 95 billion Life Crystals, 35 billion Life Crystals, and 110 billion Life Crystals respectively.

Including the three mid-level demigod relics, none of them were sold at a price higher than the Black Jade.

After the seven demigod relics were sold consecutively, the excitement level at the auction peaked because the two god relics would be auctioned next.


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