Monster Paradise
923 There Are Plenty of Tycoons in Division 3
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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923 There Are Plenty of Tycoons in Division 3

The auction came to an end when it was past five in the afternoon.

The auctioneer, Yun Mei'er, could not help but smirk again when an ancient relic was auctioned off.

"Next up will be the last couple of items that we have for this auction." The crowd became excited as soon as she said that.

The reason being, everybody knew that the collector's items that were coming up next would be the remaining seven demigod relics and two god relics.

Almost all of the guests in the VIP rooms on the second and third floors put down whatever they were doing and focused their attention on the stage in anticipation for the climax of the auction.

"Staff, please bring out the first demigod relic of the day!" As soon as Yun Mei'er commanded, two men in black suits brought a case with a red cloth covering it onto the stage.

"This is the first demigod relic we have for today, which is also the second demigod-level item for the day. I wonder what would it be." Yun Mei'er grinned while holding onto the edge of the red cloth. She paused and scanned across the crowd. Realizing that everyone had their eyes on her, she shook her wrist slightly and unveiled the red cloth.

There was a quaint, long sword with its tip pointing downward in the transparent case. It hovered mid-air and was rotating slowly with the sword ridge as the center point.

The visual effect was caused by the carving of an anti-gravity sigil and a balancing sigil in the case.

"This is a demigod longsword relic. Its name is Hong Ying which sounds like a lady's name. In reality, it first belonged to a demigod sword cultivator named Gu Yu in ancient times. He was a real hunk. He named the sword after his wife who passed away.

"Although Hong Ying's just a mid-level demigod relic, from the historical data that we've read, Sir Gu Yu has killed at least 13 demigod-level monsters with this sword when he was still alive.

"I personally think that this is an excellent weapon that a sword cultivator must own." Yun Mei'er only named the starting price after giving all of the guests a simple introduction, which allowed them to gain an understanding of the longsword.

"The starting price for Hong Ying is 40 billion Life Crystals with at least two billion Life Crystals increment each time!" Screens lit up consecutively on the second floor as soon as she was done speaking.

"VIP Room A2 offers 42 billion!

"VIP Room A11 offers 44 billion!

"VIP Room A23 offers 48 billion!

"VIP Room A41 offers 50 billion!"

The crowd clamored in surprise after Yun Mei'er announced the four bids consecutively. In less than ten seconds, the demigod relic had skyrocketed to tens of billions of Life Crystals.

"I just realized there are so many loaded people after participating in an auction like this."

"Those were just the bids from the A-class VIP rooms. The big bosses in the S-class VIP rooms on the third floor have yet to bid."

"I suppose people who are eligible to compete for demigod relics must be at least imperial-level powerhouses. It's normal for them to be loaded."

"VIP Room A53 offers 52 billion!

"VIP Room S1 offers 60 billion!

"VIP Room S2 offers 70 billion!"

The people exclaimed again as soon as the two bosses in the S-class VIP rooms placed their bids.

"The big bosses on the third floor have finally released their bullets!"

"Their markup in price is insane!"

"They're worthy of being called big bosses. They raised by eight to ten billion each time."

"Tycoons on the second floor, don't give in. Show them what you've got!"

The people on the second floor who were initially participating in the bid became silent as soon as the two big bosses on the third floor named their price. Only one of them offered 75 billion but he was shut down by the big boss from VIP Room S2 immediately at 85 billion. He dared not bid any longer.

"The guest from VIP Room S1 offers again. 90 billion!"

The screen in VIP Room S2 lit up again as soon as Yun Mei'er called the bid out.

"100 billion! The guest in VIP Room S2 has raised by another ten billion. It's clear that he must get his hands on Hong Ying!"

Lin Huang who was in VIP Room S7 teased while smiling, "Seems like the guest in VIP Room S2's a hot-head."

"I think it's a demigod," Yi Zheng, who was sitting aside, voiced his speculation.

Everyone thought the result was decided after VIP Room S2 offered 100 billion Life Crystals. Even Yun Mei'er was ready to announce the final result.

However, VIP Room S1 placed a bid again all of a sudden.

Yun Mei'er was stunned for a moment. She thought she was mistaken, but she soon snapped back to her senses.

"The guest from VIP Room S1 has bid again. 105 billion! It seems like he's not giving up!"

Breaking through 100 billion actually surpassed the maximum price of a normal demigod relic. Never had they expected there to be people who would offer more than that.

'It must be settled by now!' Almost everyone thought the same.

However, the screen in VIP Room S2 lit up again at that moment.

Yun Mei'er's eyes flew wide open. She was surprised that the guest in VIP Room S2 was so determined to get the sword.

"The guest in VIP Room S2 has bid again. He's raised by ten billion again and now the bid stands at 115 billion!"

"Is there anyone who is willing to go higher? If not, this Hong Ying will belong to the guest from VIP Room S2."

A muscular, short-haired girl in VIP Room S2 on the third floor snarled rather fiercely, "I must have this sword!"

115 billion clearly surpassed the maximum price of a mid-level demigod relic. Eventually, the guest in VIP Room S1 did not choose to bid again.

In the end, the first demigod relic on the last day of the auction was successfully auctioned off to the female demigod in VIP Room S2 at an insane price of 115 billion.

The auctioning of the first demigod relic ignited the atmosphere completely.

The people were getting more and more excited about the next item.

Meanwhile, Yi Yeyu, who was in VIP Room S7, was shocked. "People in Division 3 are so loaded! A mid-level demigod relic being auctioned off at 115 billion?"

"Not only Division 3, but many tycoons from Divisions 1 and 2 also came to this auction," Yi Zheng corrected her.

Lin Huang explained while smiling, "There are actually many reasons for people to bid for an item at such high price. However, the main reason is that the guests in VIP Rooms S1 and S2 are eager to get Hong Ying. There was actually heat emanating between both of them at the end of the bid."

"Especially the guest in VIP Room S2, he's clearly a hot-head. He raised by ten billion no matter how much the other guest offered. If not for his way of bidding, the final price wouldn't be as high as it is."

"Actually, I think 105 billion should be the highest price the guest VIP Room S1 is willing to pay. If the guest in VIP Room S2 can calm himself down, the guest in VIP Room S1 shouldn't bid again if he raised by another two billion. He could've bid for the sword at 107 billion, but he wasted eight billion Life Crystals just like that."

The first demigod relic was auctioned off at a high price which was out of anyone's expectations.

Although Yun Mei'er was elated that she had broken the record of a mid-level demigod relic's price in Division 3, that did not delay her job at all. Soon, she got the staff to bring the second demigod relic up.


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