Monster Paradise
921 Extremely Strict Bidding Conditions
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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921 Extremely Strict Bidding Conditions

"The first collector's item that we're auctioning today is one of the eight demigod-level items that I mentioned earlier." The auctioneer Yun Mei'er smirked as she knew that some of the people already recognized the item.

However, most of the people at the auction had no idea what it was. All they heard was that the first opening collector's item was a demigod-level item which attracted their attention even without them trying.

The auction that was initially noisy became completely silent now. Everyone had their eyes trained on the timer next to Yun Mei'er. She then began to introduce it while smiling.

"I'm sure some of our honorable guests already recognize this. Yes, it's a soul crystal. To be exact, it's a demigod-level soul crystal."

Most cultivators knew what a soul crystal was. There were very few items that could replenish spiritual power in this world and soul crystal was the most well-known one.

However, while most cultivators had only heard of such a thing called soul crystal, they had never seen the real thing before. The reason being, the probability of soul crystals dropping from monsters was extremely low. It was much lower than the probability of imperial-level monsters dropping ancient relics from their bodies after they died.

Ever since Lin Huang began cultivating, he had killed at least tens of millions of monsters throughout the three years but he had never experienced any monsters having soul crystals dropping from their bodies. That proved how low the probability was.

Due to the scarcity and the benefit of soul crystals, most people were unwilling to sell it even if they obtained them from killing monsters. Even if they were to sell them, they would do so within their own organizations. It could hardly be found on the market.

That applied only to ordinary soul crystals. It would be even more scarce to find high high-quality ancient-level and demigod-level soul crystals.

Lin Huang figured that it was pretty impossible for the demigod-level soul crystal on the stage to come from an outsider. It might be Tang Xu who got it from the Tang Clan for the auction this time.

Tang Clan was an ancient family, so it was normal for them to possess such a demigod-level soul crystal.

After she was done with the introductions, Yun Mei'er finally named the condition of the auction. "This demigod-level soul crystal won't be sold using Life Crystals. The seller has named this bidding condition: a mid-level demigod archery relic."

Almost everyone who was eager to bid for this item had their hopes crushed as soon as Yun Mei'er named the condition. There were extremely few archery weapons around mainly because there were only a handful of cultivators who focused mainly on archery.

Since demand was low, production was also naturally low. There were limited archery weapons itself, let alone demigod archery relics.

The seller of the demigod-level soul crystal had imposed an extremely strict bidding condition.

However, Lin Huang smirked upon hearing the condition. He happened to have an archery relic in his storage space. that fitted the condition.

'If we're talking about this demigod-level soul crystal's actual value, it's equivalent to the price of a low-level demigod relic. However, since this item's so rare, it will be sold at least 100 billion Life Crystals at auctions. It's reasonable for a mid-level demigod relic to be auctioned at seven to eight billion Life Crystals. I won't be losing anything by trading a mid-level demigod relic with this archery.

'But does Tang Xu not want to sell this soul crystal, which was why he came up with such a strict condition? Maybe he just included the demigod-level soul crystal just to get an auspicious number.' That thought popped into his mind but soon flashed by and was forgotten. 'Who cares? I have an item that fits the condition with me. I'll pretend that I've no idea about his trick and I'll just bid directly. Let's see if he really sells it or not.

'This soul crystal's sufficient for me to elevate one God Figurine to imperial-level purple gold-rank. It's an opportunity that's hard to come by.'

After Yun Mei'er named the condition, nobody made a peep in the entire auction for a while. Just when Yun Mei'er thought the collector's item would be a bought-in, the screen in the 7th VIP room on the third floor lit up.

A voice came from Room S7. "Since nobody's bidding, I'll take it then. I happen to have a mid-level demigod archery relic with me."

Many people looked towards the VIP room where Lin Huang was. Although they could not see anything through the window, they were discussing among themselves.

"Everyone in S-class VIP rooms is really loaded. They even have such rare demigod archery relics."

"Someone who can whip out a demigod relic so easily must be a demigod himself."

An old man with white hair and a beard in Room S1 on the third floor frowned. "I wonder who is in VIP Room S7. I hope we have different goals."

In VIP Room S2, a muscular, short-haired lady narrowed her eyes slightly. "VIP Room S7… Hmm, might be a strong opponent."

The owner of the Wanbao Auction, Tang Xu, who was backstage, had a complicated expression on his face.

Just as Lin Huang expected, Tang Xu had indeed borrowed the demigod-level soul crystal from his family. He wanted to gather eight demigod-level items to make up an auspicious number.

He set the bidding condition to be a mid-level demigod archery relic on purpose, thinking that there should be nobody who could fulfill such strict criteria. If that was the case, the soul crystal would naturally be a bought-in and come back to him again.

How would he have thought that somebody would really have a demigod archery relic that fitted the condition?

What troubled him even more was that the bidder was the disciple of the man who auctioned the two god relics. He could discuss it with the bidder after the auction ended if someone else were to offer a certain amount of compensation and call the deal off. However, he was really reluctant to offend the man's disciple.

If the young man called Lin Xie complained to his master when he returned, Tang Xu would lose his god relic resources completely. He might even lose his demigod relic resources altogether.

He wanted to bring fame to his Wanbao Auction with the man's resources, so he definitely could not afford to offend the disciple.

After some deep thought and struggling, Tang Xu finally made up his mind. He was giving up on the demigod-level soul crystal.

On the stage, Yun Mei'er responded immediately when she noticed the screen of Room S7 light up on the third floor.

"The guest from VIP Room S7 has placed a bid with a mid-level demigod archery relic."

"Is there anyone who wants to raise?" Yun Mei'er looked across everyone and proceeded to speak upon seeing no bidder, "From what I know, this is the first time in the history of Division 3 that a demigod-level soul crystal is being auctioned. The person who gets this soul crystal will have his name etched in the history of Division 3's auction."

Many of them felt moved to hear her declaration, but they were helpless. The benchmark of the bidding condition was too high. They had no way of competing with Lin Huang.

Yun Mei'er waited for a while after she spoke. Seeing that nobody else named their price, she knew there would not be a second bidder. After all, demigod archery relics were limited.

She did not bother wasting any more time. "Since nobody has come up with a higher bid, this demigod-level soul crystal now belongs to the guest in VIP Room S7."


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