Monster Paradise
920 The Opening Item on the Fifth Day
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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920 The Opening Item on the Fifth Day

The auction went on for the next few days.

However, Lin Huang did not see any collectors' items that he was interested in, so he did not bid at all. On the other hand, Yi Zheng got an ancient sword relic for Yi Yeyu.

Lin Huang had been flipping through Song Wuque's notebook for the past few days and was sure that Sir Song was definitely a traveler.

Moreover, looking at the various details hidden in this notebook, Sir Song seemed to have taken over demigod Song Wuque's body as a soul after Song Wuque failed to elevate to Virtual God.

'This explains why Sir Song only had extraordinary Sword Dao before but became a Sword Dao divinity all of a sudden.' Lin Huang came up with a conclusion.

After all, according to what Xiao Hei said earlier, a real traveler would be given a Goldfinger.

Indeed, a demigod who had a Goldfinger and achieved the true meaning of Sword Dao was nothing remarkable.

Apart from confirming Sir Song's identity, Lin Huang did not find any relevant information on cultivation after flipping through the notebook a couple of times.

The only clue was the few location names in the notes, but those were places in ancient times. He failed to find out anything about the exact location of those places on the Heart Network. He planned to ask someone to find out for him when he had the time. He would find the opportunity to travel to those places if he really found out the coordinates.

Time flew by, four days had passed since the auction began.

Many collector's items broke the record whereby they were sold at a high price throughout the four days. All of the bidders were terribly enthusiastic.

Many people knew that the main reason that caused this phenomenon was because of the sale of the two god relics which attracted many rich bidders. Many of them among the people had no God Figurines, so they lost the eligibility to bid. However, they wanted to see how the legendary god relics looked like and witness the god relics being auctioned off. One must know that it had been over 30 years since Division 1 last auctioned off god relics.

These people were not eligible to bid for god relics, but they were loaded. They wanted to see if there was anything that they were interested in at the auction, so they offered prices as they wished to fulfill their desire to spend.

The situation caught the auctioneer Yun Mei'er a little off guard. She had hosted many auctions and sold over 70% of the items here before. Naturally, she knew the average price of each item. Upon calculating secretly, she discovered that most of the collector's items that were auctioned off throughout the four days were sold at a minimum of 20% more than their average price.

Naturally, she knew her charm was not the selling factor. After thinking to herself, she soon found out that it must be the effect of the two god relics. She could not help but secretly exclaim how tempting god relics were compared to women.

On the fourth day after the auction ended, Lin Huang followed Yi Zheng and Yi Yeyu to dinner. Lin Huang finally put the notebook belonged to that Sir Song away.

"Why did you put it away? Did you find out about something?" Yi Zheng asked rather curiously.

"I didn't find anything at all. It's just a notebook filled with random scribbles no matter how I look at it," Lin Huang said while shaking his head.

"360 million. Man, that's enough to buy a few ancient relics!" Yi Yeyu added fuel to the flame.

"Hey, you supported me on this purchase two days ago!" Lin Huang turned his head to glare at the fickle-minded lady.

"I supported you under the premise that it's useful, but isn't it useless now?" Yi Yeyu was not embarrassed by her firm comment at all.

"It's okay. Study it again and again. Sir Song might have hidden some secrets in there," Yi Zheng comforted.

"I'm afraid that the chances of that are low. I've used my Life Power and telekinesis power on it. The only thing I've not done is disassemble the sentences and decode them like passwords." Lin Huang held no high hopes on that. He had other ways to elevate his Sword Dao anyway. Moreover, he was still far away from breaking through level-6 Sword Dao, so there was no rush about that.

The Wanbao Auction had finally come to an end on the fifth day.

Early in the morning, Lin Huang and the rest had a relaxed breakfast. When they sat down at the deck, there was already a crowd amassed at the auction. It was a full house half an hour before the auction even began.

"Everyone's so enthusiastic today." Yi Yeyu clearly felt that the atmosphere was different from the previous days.

"It's the last day of the auction today. The final items are two god relics, so of course, people are excited." Yi Zheng nodded while smiling.

"It's just like the last few days at work before the New Year whereby people will enjoy ten days of holidays after that." Lin Huang's explanation was more relatable.

After half an hour of waiting, the auctioneer Yun Mei'er finally walked onto the stage. "It's the fifth day of the auction and the last day of the auction. The two god relics will mark today's finale. They'll only be unveiled at the very last moment of the auction today. Are you guys excited?"

"Yes, we are!" Many of the bidders clamored together. Most of them had come for the god relics.

The siblings beside Lin Huang could not help but show excitement on their faces.

"Of course, apart from the two god relics for our finale today, we have one more surprise." Yun Mei'er paused dramatically on purpose as she spoke. She only continued to speak after seeing the surprised and eager faces of the guests below the stage. "We will also be auctioning eight demigod-level items today!"

Apart from the excited crowd, even Lin Huang could not help but raise his brow upon hearing that.

Among the ten demigod relics that Lin Huang had auctioned with the two god relics, three more demigod relics were auctioned as the final items on the first three days of the auction. They were sold at impressive prices. On the fourth day, the final item was a demigod relic that Lin Huang had never seen before. It must be someone else who had put that up for auction.

However, now that Yun Mei'er said there were eight demigod-level items, it would mean that the Wanbao Auction had another demigod-level item apart from the seven demigod relics that he was selling.

'She said eight demigod-level items, not demigod relics which means that the item isn't a demigod relic!' Lin Huang became excited at that moment.

He had not much interest in demigod relics since he had obtained over 400 of them in the Fallen God Land whereby he got a few sets of demigod-level battle swords, armors, and telekinetic weapons. However, a demigod-level item might be useful to him.

"Alright, I shan't ramble unnecessarily. Now, let's get our staff to present the first collector's item of the day!" After piquing everyone's interest, Yun Mei'er looked at the time and realized it was exactly nine o'clock. She did not waste even a minute and introduced the first item immediately.

As the cloth was unveiled, a white, semi-transparent crystal the size of a fist was revealed.

There was a little monster the size of a small thumb floating faintly in the crystal.

It was like a little fish swimming in rather murky water in a small fish tank.

Although he was not paying attention at first, Lin Huang's eyes lit up suddenly when he saw the item. His mood was stirred that second.


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