Monster Paradise
919 The Happy-Go-Lucky Sir Song
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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919 The Happy-Go-Lucky Sir Song

After some intense bidding, Lin Huang successfully bid for the first item at the Wanbao Auction this time at 360 million Life Crystals.

It was proven that this demigod notebook had a high value to sword cultivators. Its bid skyrocketed to a price that was comparable with an ancient telekinetic weapon, but eventually, the other buyers gave up.

"You spent 360 million for a notebook? Man, you're loaded!" Yi Yeyu thought that Lin Huang was definitely wasting his money.

"I think the auctioneer exaggerated about this item. What Sword Dao divinity? I think she's just saying whatever comes to her mind. A demigod killing a Virtual God sounds like nonsense to me." Yi Zheng who was sitting aside was on the same side with his sister this time. "Demigod's just an imperial-level powerhouse with a little Divine Power in their body while a Virtual God's a real god, a whole life on the next level. It's just like how it's impossible for an ant to kill an elephant no matter what."

"Brother Zheng, you're wrong this time." Lin Huang shook his head while smiling. "As long as one can master the right amount of power, not only demigods, but even an ordinary imperial-level powerhouse would be able to kill a god."

"My master once told me that one would reach the true meaning of Martial Dao as soon as one breaks through level-6 Martial Dao. Even most Virtual Gods have never mastered the power with such a condition. It's said that the power not only made killing Virtual Gods possible, but it could also even wound a True God," Lin Huang repeated what Mr. Fu said. "What the auctioneer said about Song Tiandao being a Sword Dao divinity who could kill Virtual Gods with the body of a demigod is possibly true."

"If this Sir Song really did master the true meaning of Sword Dao when he was alive, this notebook of his is worth looking at. I won't be considered to be at a loss if I could learn something from it."

"Did Mr. Fu really tell you that?" Yi Zheng still refused to believe that.

"Do you think there's a need for me to make such a thing up?" Lin Huang retorted.

"One will reach the true meaning of Martial Dao as soon as one breaks through level-6 Martial Dao…" Yi Zheng held his head low and recorded the sentence in the notebook in his Emperor's Heart Ring.

"Lin Huang, which level of Sword Dao are you on now?" Yi Yeyu, who was standing aside, could not help but ask all of a sudden. "I remember you were already on level-4 last year. Did you break through again this year?"

Even Yi Zheng lifted his head to look at Lin Huang hearing that question.

"Do you guys want to hear a lie or the truth?" Lin Huang asked while smirking.

"What would be the lie? Level-4?" Yi Zheng figured faintly that Lin Huang should have broken through again.

"Level-5," Lin Huang answered, wearing a smile.

Hearing that, Yi Zheng figured that Lin Huang must not have broken through and just remained on level-4. It would be best that he did not ask further.

However, Yi Yeyu did not notice that and insisted on probing further, "What about the truth?"

"The truth would be level-6." Lin Huang thought that he had nothing to hide with the siblings.

Yi Zheng and Yi Yeyu were dumbstruck when they heard the answer. Yi Zheng only asked after a moment later, "Are you really on level-6 now?"

"Yes, I've just broken through a few days ago," Lin Huang confirmed.

"No wonder Mr. Fu told you about the true meaning of Martial Dao…" Now Yi Zheng finally believed that Lin Huang did not make up the true meaning of Martial Dao.

"Which means that you'll be able to kill Virtual Gods as soon as your Sword Dao breaks through further?!" Yi Yeyu asked with her eyes wide opened.

"That would only mean I'll have techniques to kill Virtual Gods, but not necessarily have the ability to kill," Lin Huang explained, "After all, powerhouses on demigod-level are so much more powerful than I am in all aspects. My vision might not be able to catch their movements.

"Furthermore, it's extremely difficult to break through from level-6 Sword Dao to grasp the true meaning of Sword Dao. I've no idea how to achieve that at the moment."

"Then, this notebook's the perfect purchase for you. It might really help you to break through if you learn something from it." Yi Zheng took a supportive stance compared to his initial opposition.

"It seems like you must have this notebook no matter if it's useful or not. You'll strike gold if it's useful!" Yi Yeyu changed her mind too.

The auction beneath them proceeded with enthusiasm.

Lin Huang had no interest in that. He paid even before the auction ended and got the staff to send the notebook over.

He began to flip through it and read it as soon as it got into his hands. Yi Zheng and Yi Yeyu joined him to read as well but they soon gave up.

"It really is just a notebook recording the author's daily life." Yi Yeyu was a little disappointed.

"It wouldn't be obvious even if that demigod really hid some secret in this notebook. Otherwise, the auction wouldn't have exaggerated this and sold it like a god relic." Yi Zheng, on the other hand, was patient. "You should look at it again and again when you have the time. You might be able to uncover the secret in this notebook."

Lin Huang stared at the notebook in his hand and flipped it from the first page to the last. He had an unusual feeling. This feeling had nothing to do with Sword Dao but had something to do with the person, Song Tiandao, himself.

'This Song Tiandao seemed to be a traveler…'

The main reason why Lin Huang had such a feeling was that the scribbles in the notebook were like deja vu coming from an online friend.

"The sky's so blue, the air's so fresh. This world's amazing!"

"I saw a person selling pancakes by the road. The pancakes didn't look appetizing at all. I wouldn't have bought any if not for the lady boss's long legs. The pancakes were surprisingly good! I ended up buying all of the pancakes she had. Mmm, so good! What long legs! I don't know what's that. Don't disturb me when I'm eating my pancakes!"

"Met a troll today who insists that demigods can't kill Virtual Gods, I… didn't find any virtual god-level monsters after looking around. I'll show him that it's possible next time!"

"It's the New Year today. I'm so bored. Oh, I saw a dragonkin a few days ago. It's completely red in color and so fat that it looks like a huge koi that weighs millions of tonnes. Now that I think about it, I really shouldn't have eaten it. I might have my luck turn around this year if I had kept it."

"Killed a sea king monster today! I think I had food poisoning from that. I was so high! It felt like my life has reached its climax, kind of like my life has peaked! It's majestic! It's dazzling! It's beautiful!"

However, apart from figuring that the person might be a traveler, Lin Huang did not find anything related to cultivation in this notebook. Besides Sword Dao, Song Wuque mentioned nothing about cultivation in this notebook.

It was all his daily scribbles of his life in this notebook, including some grumbles, complaints and occasionally some artistic, pretentious sentences. It looked more like quotes from QQ or stuff that was written in WeChat's "moments" section.

'It seems like this Sir was really a foodie when he was still alive. Most of the stuff recorded in this notebook has something to do with food,' Lin Huang complained helplessly. Looking at the notes, Sir Song was pretty much a happy-go-lucky person who had zero superiority.

'Seems like my 360 million really has gone to waste this time…'


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