Monster Paradise
918 The Auction Began
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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918 The Auction Began

After meeting Yi Yeyu and Yi Zheng, Lin Huang had been practicing his sword skills in the room alone apart from the time they spent having dinner together.

On the night before the auction began, he finally learned all of the over 1,300 legendary-level sword skills that he obtained. He had mastered close to 1,600 legendary-level sword skills in total. However, he could clearly feel that his Sword Dao was still very far away from breaking through level-6.

On the 8th of March, the Wanbao Auction finally officially began.

Lin Huang used Lin Xie's identity when he brought Yi Zheng and Yi Yeyu to enjoy the VIP treatment. They went into an S-class VIP room.

However, Lin Huang was put into Room S7 this time. It was clear that there were six VIP members who had come before he did.

'If all six people in the S-class VIP rooms are demigods, there's a high possibility that the two god relics can be sold this time.' Lin Huang began to anticipate secretly.

Yi Yeyu was walking around after getting into the VIP room. She returned to the deck and said to Lin Huang after she was done with her stroll, "My brother told me that you're doing well in Division 3 and I doubted that. It seems like you really are doing superbly. Staying a night in this VIP room is at least three times more than the room we stayed in at Wanguo Hotel. The price isn't the most important part. I'm afraid not any Tom, Dick and Harry are eligible to stay here."

"I've sold something at the auction before, so the owner gave me a VIP card," Lin Huang explained simply.

However, Yi Zheng thought to himself secretly, 'He was selling a few demigod relics, which was why the owner gave him a VIP card, but he said it like it was no big deal…'

"Yi Zheng, you're living in Division 3 too. Look at how great his life is! What about you?" Yi Yeyu turned her head and said to Yi Zheng who was sitting on the other side.

Being dragged into this for no reason, Yi Zheng went speechless as he thought to himself, 'I didn't say anything. Why is this about me now?'

"I came to Division 3 half a year before your brother did after all." Lin Huang tried to get Yi Zheng out of the situation while beaming.

"How was that half a year early? You came in April and he came at the end of August. That's just over four months." Yi Yeyu exposed the true time difference mercilessly.

Yi Zheng felt weary inside. His sister had changed. She used to always cling onto him and call him "Brother". He had always been her role model.

Now, she called him by his name directly and often compared him with others. He missed his sister who was once so naive…

Lin Huang was secretly glad. 'Luckily, my sister isn't like this.'

"The auction has begun!" Yi Zheng finally found the opportunity to change the subject when he saw the auctioneer walked onto the stage. People occupied the hall beneath when it was almost nine o'clock.

Fortunately, Yi Yeyu's focus shifted to the auctioneer and she did not dwell on the previous topic.

The auctioneer of the Wanbao Auction this time was a lady with a sensual figure.

In terms of appearance, she was not considered a top beauty. She had red, wavy hair that reached her breasts. A grayish-black slim-fit shirt hugged her top while the buttons above her breasts were opened. It was pretty revealing as her breasts were half exposed.

For her bottom, she wore a pair of white, slim-fit capri pants. Although her long legs were a little less alluring than Yi Yeyu's, they were almost on the same standard.

There was a pair of red heels on her feet, while a diamond size of an adult thumb and a few small diamonds were mounted on the back of each of her heels.

Yi Yeyu took a good look at the auctioneer up and down and eventually stopped at her breasts. She looked like she had ill intentions.

Her own bust size was admirable, but compared to the lady, she was slightly less impressive.

'Big wavy hair and flashing her boobs on purpose… She's not even wearing a bra. I can tell she's a bimbo!' Naturally, Yi Yeyu did not say that out loud. She was just thinking to herself.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang and Yi Zheng who were sitting next to Yi Yeyu fixed their eyes on the auctioneer. They had not looked away since she went up onto the stage.

Naturally, Yi Yeyu noticed that and she was getting pissed.

The lady auctioneer gave a simple self-introduction on the stage.

"Welcome, all honorable guests to our Wanbao Auction today! My name's Yun Mei'er and I'm the auctioneer of this round. I'll be hosting and showing all of you all kinds of treasures for the next five days. I hope every one of you can bring home the treasures that you desire…"

"This lady seems to be a born sycophant," Lin Huang muttered softly all of a sudden.

It was clear that Tang Xu had put some effort into this auction earlier since he hired an auctioneer who was born an obedient person. He figured Tang Xu must have hired her much earlier before finding out about the opening of the grade-7 ruins in Division 1.

"What does 'born sycophant' mean?" Yi Yeyu, who was sitting beside him, heard Lin Huang's muttering and could not help but to ask.

"It's a unique physique that someone is born with," Lin Huang explained, "People who possess such a physique will attract the attention of opposite sex without trying."

Lin Huang left out a part of the explanation. People who were born sycophants would give an irresistible vibe to the opposite sex as long as there was body contact. They could even cause love at first sight, giving the illusion that one must own them to be fulfilled in life.

People with such a physique would be best at cultivating charm-type methods and skills.

"She really is a bimbo!" Yi Yeyu spat out the comment that she had secretly harboring earlier out loud after hearing half of Lin Huang's explanation.

However, Lin Huang could tell that this auctioneer called Yun Mei'er did not use any charm-type techniques at all at the moment. Her extraordinary physique alone attracted the attention of all males present.

The only people who would not be affected at all would probably be powerhouses above imperial-level.

Yi Zheng only realized that something was off after hearing the conversation between Lin Huang and Yi Yeyu. He just found out that he was attracted by the lady auctioneer without even realizing it. Although it was just affecting him indistinctly, he had his guard up immediately.

"Weren't you indulging in gazing at that lady? Why aren't you staring anymore?" Yi Yeyu teased, noticing that Yi Zheng had snapped back to his senses.

"I'm not interested in this item." Yi Zheng made himself an excuse and implied that he had not been looking at the auctioneer earlier, but the item next to the auctioneer.

Yi Yeyu scoffed and turned to look at the auction beneath instead of dwelling on that.

The first mystery collector's item was finally revealed on the auction stage. It was a notebook that was twice the size of a palm.

"This is the first collector's item we have for today, demigod Song Tiandao's notebook." The auction had officially begun. Yun Mei'er appeared to be tremendously professional as she began to describe the item. "Perhaps many people aren't familiar with demigod Song Tiandao, so I'll give a brief introduction of his life.

"Song Tiandao's real name is Song Wuque. He was a powerful sword cultivator during ancient times. Before failing to elevate to a god, he could only be considered an outstanding sword cultivator. Since he failed in his elevation, he spent a lot of time studying Sword Dao after becoming a demigod and achieved Sword Dao Divinity eventually. It was said that he could kill gods with his body as a demigod…"

Lin Huang could not help but sat up straight when he listened to this narration. He was very interested in the notebook.

Besides Lin Huang, many people clearly had their interest piqued.

"But I must inform you about this before I begin the bid. There's nothing special about this notebook itself. The reason it managed to be kept until now is mainly that it was put away in a wooden box in the storage ring. Secondly, the notebook contents don't include any complete sword skills and neither is there any inheritance. It looks more like a notebook with random scribbles." Yun Mei'er's additional explanation made most of the buyers lose interest immediately.

However, Lin Huang's burning desire in his eyes remained. He wanted to get his hand on the notebook.

"This demigod notebook starts at 100 million Life Crystals and the raise must be at least five million Life Crystals each time!"


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