Monster Paradise
915 Returning to Division 3
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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915 Returning to Division 3

The first class that Lin Xin taught was undoubtedly a success. Despite his worry that she might be overwhelmed by the class, Lin Huang was finally relieved. He then recalled his Divine Telekinesis.

Just when he was ready to practice his sword skills after taking the wooden sword out from his Emperor's Heart Ring, the ring vibrated all of a sudden.

He looked at the communication page. It showed that it was Tang Xu of the Wanbao Auction from Division 3 who was calling.

Lin Huang only picked up the video call after he quickly put a disguise on.

"Sir, didn't you go into the ruins?" Tang Xu seemed to be surprised by the call being picked up.

"No, just say whatever you want to say." Lin Huang's expression was cold.

"I suppose you know that the ruins in Division 1 opened yesterday?" Tang Xu asked.

"I do." Lin Huang nodded and thought to himself, 'Did Tang Xu forget that it was Tang Xu who had informed him about this?'

"I heard this morning that there were many demigods who entered the ruins yesterday," Tang Xu proceeded to say, "I heard that more than 80% of demigods from Division 1 went in while more than half of the demigods in Division 2 and our Division 3 went in."

"Are you trying to say that the auction will be greatly affected?" Lin Huang asked.

"Yes. Judging from the current situation, I think the two god relics would have a higher chance of being bought-in¹ if we carry out the auction as planned."

"It's fine if there's such a case. We'll just sell them again next them. If that doesn't work, I'll put another god relic in next time."

Lin Huang did not want to postpone the auction mainly because he was participating in Dynasty's Royal Trials soon. He wanted to get as many God Figurines as he could before that and try to elevate his combat strength. It would take another month to prepare the auction if it were postponed. He might not be able to go for the Royal Trials if they started the auction after the demigods returned.

Tang Xu raised his brow when he heard that. He was surprised to find that Lin Huang owned another god relic.

The reason he wanted to postpone the auction of the god relics, ignoring his previous announcement was that he wanted to gain fame for the Wanbao Auction using the god relics. However, most demigods were in Division 1's ruins now, so the auction would definitely not turn out as crowded as he expected. As soon as the god relics were bought-in, it would be less attractive if they were put them up for auction them again. Now that Lin Huang said he had more god relics with him, Tang Xu could still advertise a brand new auction with fresh god relics after all of the demigods came out of the ruins. It would not matter if the two god relics in the first auction were bought-in.

"Do you really have another god relic with you?" Tang Xu confirmed carefully.

"I have a few of them," Lin Huang confirmed, "Is there a problem?"

"No, there's no problem." Tang Xu shook his head immediately. "Then, we'll do as you say. We'll run the auction as planned."

After hanging up Tang Xu's call, Lin Huang removed the disguise and proceeded to practice his sword skills.

For the next few days, Lin Huang spent most of his time practicing. Occasionally, he would check on Lin Xin.

On the second day of school, the students from Year 2 Class 1 Sword faculty came to the Firearms faculty when Lin Xin was preparing for her class in the office. The few boys pretended to pass by and checked her out in the office.

Lin Xin noticed the eyes watching her and saw a few familiar people as she lifted her head. She put the documents away and walked out while smiling.

"My old classmates, I guess you guys found out about it, huh?"

"Sir Cao told us yesterday, but we didn't really believe him." Nangong Qing forced a smile. As the second in class, he had always thought that he was almost on par with Lin Xin. Now, it seemed like their difference was like heaven and earth.

"Ling Xue, you're really staying to be a teacher!" A girl was still in disbelief.

"Yes, initially I wanted to contact you guys during the weekend to get together and tell you guys about this."

"I heard from Sir Cao that your combat strength is already on gold-level rank-3." He Lili, who used to stay in the same dorm as Lin Xin, asked with her eyes opened wide.

"Yes, I'm on gold-level rank-3 now."

"I'm sure that Mu Xiao's so mad now. He's just broken through to silver-level rank-3," said a boy while smirking.

Lin Xin only responded with a smile upon hearing that. The fellow who had declared that he would become a transcendent before turning 18 and become No. 1 in Division 7 was destined to have his dreams crushed.

Lin Xin realized it was time for class after chatting with her old classmates for a while. They then ended their conversation.

"I've just accustomed to my job these few days, and it's been rather hectic. Let's get together this weekend. We'll talk more by then."

Apart from this mini-episode, Lin Xin's life was peaceful throughout the past few days.

She would prepare her class well beforehand. Although there was still a lot to improve in her teaching, she was developing each time she taught. Moreover, her students loved her and called her "Senior". Sometimes her old classmates from Year 2 Class 1 of the Sword Dao faculty would do a sit-in.

The teachers who were in the same office took care of this fresh young lady.

Apart from teaching, Lin Xin spent most of her time in the library. She took Lin Huang's suggestion to widen her knowledge every day, hoping that she could do better in teaching.

The staff apartment that she picked was the same block Lin Huang used to live in. The unit that Lin Huang had been staying in before collapsing from the battle and nobody stayed in there ever since it was rebuilt. Although there was nothing that belonged to Lin Huang in there, Lin Xin picked the unit that her brother used to live in without hesitation.

With the Witch and Little 7's company, she did not feel lonely in the apartment. She had her students and old classmates in the college. Furthermore, her life was getting more and more enriching.

Seeing that Lin Xin's life was getting on track gradually, Lin Huang knew it was time for him to leave.

On the 2nd of March, he accompanied Lin Xin around the White Capital for the whole day. They headed out before 8 a.m. and only returned to the hotel past midnight, having bought a bunch of practical and impractical stuff.

Lin Xin knew that her brother was leaving.

On the morning of the 3rd of March, Lin Huang finally told her that he was leaving. "I'm leaving now, silly girl. Take good care of yourself."

"Mmm." Lin Xin nodded lightly. There was not much emotion on her face.

After summoning a dimensional portal, Lin Huang stepped into it and waved at Lin Xin. The dimensional portal closed slowly.

After Lin Huang disappeared completely, Lin Xin tightened her fists. "I'll definitely elevate to the immortal-level as soon as I can!"

Hundreds of kilometers away, Lin Huang got out of the dimensional portal and arrived at the White Capital's long-distance dimensional portal.

Looking at the gravely long queue at the long-distance dimensional portal, he sighed slightly, "I'm too late."

He went into the toilet and disguised as Lin Xie, and spent a few minutes to change into a new set of clothes. When he returned to the queue, he realized it was a couple of meters longer than before now.

He shook his head helplessly, entering the queue as the last person.

Around one and a half hours later, Lin Huang finally stepped into the dimensional portal with another 29 people. They disappeared from a moment later.

Translator's note

¹ Bought-in - If there are no bids on a lot, or if bidding does not reach the reserve price, the lot is "bought in," meaning it is left unsold and remains the property of the owner.


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