Monster Paradise
912 Ancient-level Soul Crystal
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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912 Ancient-level Soul Crystal

For the next few days, Lin Huang's life returned to its original discipline whereby he spent most of his time practicing his sword skills.

He could clearly feel that the more sword skills he mastered each day, the closer he was getting to level-6 Sword Dao gradually. However, he was the only who could feel the boost while outsiders had no way of sensing it at all.

Meanwhile, Lin Xin spent three days to finish building the Flying Power.

It was not that she was dumb, but she had never worked with sigils before.

After obtaining the sigil from Lin Huang, she spent three days studying it on her own. She only went to Lin Huang on the third afternoon and asked more than 30 questions that she had accumulated all at once.

Lin Huang gave her a detailed explanation for each question.

After getting the answers, she returned to her room and completed building her power within an hour and a half.

She then flew from the window of the second floor in excitement. However, she fell onto the ground before she could fly ten meters away. Her head plunged into the snow.

She stood up in the snow immediately so that she would not embarrass herself in front of Lin Huang. After looking around and seeing no one, she crawled quietly back to the second floor and into her room through the window.

Naturally, that little embarrassing incident of hers could not escape from Lin Huang's territory. He shook his head while smiling. He decided to pretend that he had no idea about it.

After the past few days, Bloody and Grimace finally finished working on the exclusive combat skills for all the imperial monsters.

Bai obtained a set of combat skills combined with weapons including swords, sabers, spears, and so on. The set of combat skills was pretty straightforward but each and every one of them was a sure-kill.

Tyrant got a set of mixed close-distance combat skills and a set of cultivation methods. Bloody combined up to 1,000 close-distance battle methods to come up with this.

Similar to Tyrant, the Herculean King and the Malachian Fiend received a set of cultivation methods and a set of close-distance combat skills. The difference was that those methods and skills were adjusted following their respective battle styles.

On the other hand, the Death Knight and the Fallen Knight would be cultivating the same spear combat skill.

Meanwhile, Charcoal, Thunder and the rest of the monsters that were not humanoid were unable to cultivate combat skills. Bloody picked the inheritance that suited them most from the various inheritances its parasitic monsters had obtained and shared it with them.

After completing the building of her Flying Power, Lin Xin only spent half a day familiarizing herself with flying.

However, Lin Huang did not let her rest just yet. He passed the Sword Dao inheritance that he had mastered to her.

Lin Xin cultivated mainly in firearms and minored in Sword Dao. She was not sure what would happen to her when she was done digesting the Sword Dao inheritance Lin Huang had given her. However, the inheritance alone could keep her cultivating for a long time.

On the second day, Mr. Fu came with a piece of news when Lin Huang was guiding Lin Xin on Sword Dao.

Seeing that it was Mr. Fu calling on the communication page, Lin Huang returned to his room and picked up the video call.

"Master, has it been decided?"

"Yes. Though I'm not exactly satisfied with the results, it's considered acceptable," Mr. Fu said.

"Which condition did the Union Government agree with?" Lin Huang asked immediately.

"First would be all of the permits into all union organizations' ruins. Second would be the level-one reading authorization and a 10-day VIP pass to all union organizations' libraries. The third one would be the level-one authorization for all union organizations' information channels. Fourth would be the permit into No. 0 Safe Zone while the last one would be the ancient-level soul crystals that you want. They're giving 30,000 ancient-level soul crystals."

"I asked for a few demigod-level soul crystals for you, but those fellas were unwilling to give them up no matter what." Mr. Fu had upset written all over his face.

However, Lin Huang was pretty shocked to hear that.

The four authorizations that Mr. Fu had asked for him were basically for demigod-level. Naturally, such a privilege was not even given to demigods from union organizations, but demigods who were unofficial personnel and collaborated with them. All union organization demigod-level powerhouses had VIP passes.

"Permit into all union organizations' ruins…" Lin Huang raised his brow. "Including the ruins that just opened in Division 1?"

"Let's not go to that one," Mr. Fu warned him immediately, "Going into an unknown ruin that has yet to be explored is the most dangerous choice you can make. Even Virtual Gods might die in this virgin exploration, let alone demigods. It's even more dangerous than the Fallen God Land."

"I'm just asking for fun." Lin Huang looked guilty. He did not want to die for no reason.

"Just wait patiently for the Royal Trials from Dynasty to open. Don't go around before that. Try your best to improve your abilities," Mr. Fu advised again, "These authorizations should be activated, at the latest, within 24 hours and the soul crystals will be transferred to your account in your Emperor's Heart Ring."

Lin Huang was rather satisfied with the deal this time around after he hung up Mr. Fu's call.

No matter whether it was the permit into the ruins or the library as well as the level-one authorization for the information channel, none of them could be bought with money. Especially the permit into No. 0 Safe Zone, one could usually earn it only when one had made sufficient contribution to the Union Government. Even a majority of the higher management of the Union Government did not have such a privilege.

What mattered the most to him were the ancient-level soul crystals.

There was an extremely low chance of obtaining ancient soul crystals from hunting imperial-level monsters. The probability was much lower than obtaining ancient relics.

Nobody knew how a soul crystal was formed, but most of the powerhouses knew that such a thing contained an insane amount of spiritual energy which could be used to recover from spiritual damage.

That was the reason why such an item was being sold at a ridiculous price. It was sold at 100 million Life Crystals and was in high demand, so it was priceless. 30,000 of them would be equivalent to three trillion Life Crystals.

Naturally, Lin Huang did not want them for himself but to feed those Combat Souls.

It was extremely difficult to elevate the combat strength of God Figurines' Combat Souls in his body.

The spiritual intensity of the God Figurines' Combat Souls were tens of folds higher than others on the same level. Furthermore, with the filter through the Divine Fire, the spiritual energy was all gone.

They would need to kill thousands of imperial-level white gold-rank monsters for the Divine Sun Tree and the rest to elevate from imperial-level yellow gold-rank to imperial-level white gold-rank. If they were killing high-level immortal-level monsters, they would have to kill millions of them in order to elevate.

However, with the ancient-level soul crystals, he would only need 3,000 to 5,000 of them to elevate one imperial-level yellow gold-rank God Figurine's Combat Soul to imperial-level white gold-rank.

It was great that Mr. Fu managed to get 30,000 soul crystals for him.

"I'll elevate the few God Figurines' Combat Souls to imperial-level white gold-rank when the soul crystals are transferred to my account tomorrow." Lin Huang made up his mind.

The next morning, he received a notification from the Union Government.

All of the authorizations that Mr. Fu had requested for him had been activated officially. He had also received the 30,000 ancient-level soul crystals in his account.

Lin Huang dropped by the Credit Bureau and withdrew half of them at once.

He summoned his four God Figurines' Combat Souls as soon as he arrived home and began feeding them.

Due to the massacre in the Fallen God Land, they had accumulated a certain amount of spiritual energy which caused a mediocre draining of soul crystals for the four God Figurines' Combat Souls.

When Lin Huang was done feeding less than 10,000 soul crystals, all four of his God Figurines' Combat Souls had elevated to imperial-level white gold-rank.

His trump card was boosted once again!


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